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Web Development:  Top Skills  You Should  Master

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Web developers use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, with HTML providing site's structure, CSS controlling presentation, formatting, and layout, and JavaScript controlling element's behavior.

JS Libraries and Frameworks

JavaScript libraries contain complete functions an application can use to accomplish tasks; JavaScript frameworks allow developers to edit and use functions as needed, and build device-responsive applications.

Backend Tech

Backend Developers develop backend functionality for web applications, including APIs, code to interact with databases and libraries, business processes, and more.

Web Hosting

Web hosting allows web developers to store files like CSS files, HTML files, JS files, photos, and databases on a server and access these resources through the Internet.   

Version Control System

Web developers must know how to use version control systems to track, regulate, and revise code changes, like Git that help identify and solve problems quickly.

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