What Are The Most In-Demand Java Skills Today?

Basic Skills: System Design And Architecture

Java developers will be able to create better solutions if they are familiar with Java design patterns, which are tried and true methods for solving common problems.

Basic Skills: Object-Oriented Programming Concepts

Java developers should be well-versed in OOP Patterns and Concepts such as encapsulation, polymorphism, abstraction, and so on, as they form the foundation of the Java programming language.

Basic Skills: Java Build Tools

Java developers should be familiar with Java build tools like Maven and Gradle, which automate the production of executable applications from source code.

Core Java Skills: DevOps Tools

As part of top Java skills, developers need to know Docker, Chef, Kubernetes, Maven, and Jenkins to streamline the software development life cycle.

Core Java Skills: Web Frameworks

Java web frameworks like Spring MVC and Play are used by a lot of mobile apps these days, so it's important to know a lot about them.


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