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What Is the Average Web Developer Salary? 

1. Based on Experience

High level of experience will bring you more money;   Early-level Web Developer (1-4 yrs experience) – ₹305,745/yr  Experienced Web Developer (10-19 yrs experience) –  ₹850,000/yr

2. Based On Location

Web Developer's salary varies based on location and living expenses.   Bangalore - ₹398K/yr  Pune - ₹307K/yr  Mumbai, Maharashtra - ₹339K/yr Chennai, Tamil Nadu - ₹314K/yr

3. Based On Employer

Web Developer Salaries can vary greatly from one company to another.   Accenture - ₹266k – ₹979k/yr  Amazon Inc. - ₹403k – ₹2m/yr  Infosys Limited - ₹354k – ₹590k/yr Cognizant - ₹245k – ₹2m/yr

4. Based On Skill Set

Web Developers in India are paid according to their expertise and willingness to learn new skills.    JavaScript - ₹340,623/yr  Web Development- ₹318,497/yr  PHP-  ₹261,671/yr

5. Based on Job Positions

With so many career options, Web Developer salary will vary depending on the role he/she chooses.     Front-End Developer - ₹487,802/yr Back-End Developer - ₹393, 054/yr

How much does a Web developer make in other countries?

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