Programming Questions  are asked to an Experienced Java Developer?


Add two Binary Strings and return a Binary String as a result. The addition should be performed as per the rules of binary addition.


You are given 2 strings as input. You have to check whether they are anagrams or not.


Find the index or insertion point of a unique element in a sorted array, maintaining the array's sorted order, with O(log2N) time complexity & no extra space used.


You are given a 2-D array of size N x N. You have to print the elements of the array in diagonal order as given.


Write a program in Java to show multiple inheritance.


Write a program in Java to show the Diamond Problem.


Write a program in Java to show isAlive() and join() operations in multithreading.


Write a program in Java to create a user defined exception and also show it working means when it throws an exception.


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