What You Need To Know About  C Language:  TOP FEATURES

C provides programmers with robust set of in-built operators to create basic and advanced programs with ease. Depending on the operands, operators can be arithmetic, logical, etc.

1. A Vibrant Set of Inbuilt Operators

2. Dynamic Memory Allocation

C supports dynamic memory allocation, i.e., size of data structures can be altered during runtime. Calloc(), malloc(), and realloc() are memory management functions built into C.

3. High Modularity

As a highly modular language, C has header files, libraries (Cranium, Debug), functions, and modules, allowing beginners and experienced developers to create programs with ease.

4. Follows the Procedural Programming Paradigm

C follows procedural programming, which simplifies the implementation of algorithms, increases code reusability, and improves clarity, development time, and quality of programs.

5. Middle-Level Language

As a middle-level language, C allows direct access to the computer's hardware, allowing direct manipulation of hardware, as well as incorporating features of high-level language.

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