Where  to Learn Python Online for Free?

Top Courses

Master Python essentials with this free certification course! From variables to OOP, gain the skills needed for AI, ML, Data Science, & more. Join now & build your confidence in Python!

1. Free Python Certification Course by Scaler Topics

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2. Google’s Python Class

Google's Python Class offers hands-on practice for students with programming experience. Explore strings, lists, files, & more. Just dive in & level up your Python skills!

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3. Python for Everybody Specialization by the University of Michigan

It covers data structures, SQL, & beyond. Pay a fee for the entire program & earn a completion certificate. Learn at your pace & get ready for a rewarding hands-on project!

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4. Introduction To Python Programming by Udemy

This course provides a strong foundation. Learn scripting & functions with bite-sized video lectures. No prior knowledge needed. Get equipped for Python exploration!

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5. Introduction to Python Programming by the Georgia Institute of Technology

From principles to algorithms, skilled instructors guide you through video lessons and exercises. Get a certificate for your resume and LinkedIn page!

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6. Analyze Data with Python by Codecademy

Analyze Data with Python on Codecademy gamifies your learning journey. Visualize and interpret data sets, run A/B tests, & gain practical skills for real-world scenarios.

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7. Learn Python 3 by Codecademy

Learn Python 3 from scratch. From syntax to logical operators, build a solid foundation in just 30 hours. Showcase your skills to employers like IBM and NASA!

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8. Learn Python for Total Beginners by Udemy

This course teaches Python 3.6 & Anaconda 5.0.0 using Jupyter Notebook. Explore data structures, loops, functions, & more in just 7 hrs. Interactive exercises included!

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9. Introduction to Python on DataCamp

Join the course & dive into exciting datasets from MLB & FIFA. With a touch of comedy, learn data analysis using NumPy. The first section is free, & more awaits with a DataCamp subscription.

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10. Introduction to Python Programming on Udacity

Whether a beginner or a seasoned problem solver, this course is for you. Explore data storage, conditionals, loops, & more. Work at your pace with interactive quizzes.

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