Why Are You Interested in this Position? - The Best Way to Respond

Point 1: Read the Job Description Carefully

Consider the company's job description carefully, and note any special requirements you may wish to highlight in your resume to stand out.

Point 2: Describe What Makes You a Good Fit

Consider examples that demonstrate how you can meet the company’s needs, and try to outline scenarios in which you've learned something and implemented it.

Point 3: Three to Five Reasons Why You're Interested

Provide at least 3-5 reasons based on the job description, the skills needed, your ability to demonstrate those skills, and alignment with the company's mission statement.

Point 4: Show You Understand Their Needs with Your Response

Consider what they are looking for in a candidate, and tailor your response accordingly; if the job requires analytical/presentation skills, your resume and cover letter should reflect that.

Point 5: Show How Your Expertise Will Contribute to Their Growth

Describe how you will contribute to the company's growth, for example, if they are looking for a data scientist, tell them how you made raw data easier to interpret for the team.

What You Shouldn't  Say When Asked  "Why Are  You  Interested  in This  Position?"