Why Strassen’s matrix algorithm is better?

A Quick Guide

What makes Strassen's matrix algorithm better than normal matrix multiplication and how to multiply two matrices using Strassen's algorithm?

Problem Statement

This method is time-consuming, especially for large matrices. It involves multiplying each element of one matrix by each element of the other.

The Traditional Matrix Multiplication

Strassen's algorithm breaks down matrices into smaller sub-matrices and solves them through a series of clever calculations.

Strassen's Algorithm- A Smarter Solution

How does it work?

It uses a divide-and-conquer approach, reducing the number of calculations needed to multiply matrices. It's an efficient & effective solution.

1. Divide matrices into submatrices of size N/2 x N/2.  2. Calculate the submatrices recursively.  3. Combine them into a new matrix C.

Algorithm of Strassen’s multiplication

Worst case time complexity: O(n^2.8074)   Best case time complexity: O(1) Space complexity: O(logn)


Strassen’s Method is not preferred for practical applications. But Why?  Check out the challenges and limitations of Strassen's algorithm.


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