Pan India coding contest
Witness a competition of thousands of best Coders from universities across India.
July - October 2020
Coming Soon
Prizes & Goodies

  • Cash prizes totalling INR 2,00,000 for the top performers.
  • Internship and placement opportunities at InterviewBit and our partner companies.
  • Goodies for regional winners.

About CodersBit

CodersBit is one of a kind national coding contest for Indian college students that spans 3 months, from July to October 2020, and sees contestants from across 1000+ colleges.

The contest will test the tech skills required in the industry today by our hiring partners. By competing, and excelling, you will put yourself on the radar of tech recruiters.

The contest will comprise several prelim rounds for different colleges that will span across July August and September. The top 1000 performers from these prelim rounds will compete in the CodersBit grand finale in October for huge cash prizes and opportunities to get hired by the top tech companies!

Registrations for your college will be open on this landing page shortly.

For any questions, please email us at