InterviewBit Weekly Hiring Contest

Starts At - 15 Dec 2018 1:30 PM IST | Duration: 2 days
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Free mock interviews

Get an opportunity to do a practice interview with experienced interviewers from companies like Facebook, Google etc.

Get referrals

Get referred to the top tech companies in the US. 

InterviewBit Goodies

Flaunt your programming superpower with our cool InterviewBit T-shirts. Every week, 5 top participants get the InterviewBit T-shirts.


 InterviewBit partners with more then 500 companies across the world, to help them hire the top tech talent. Some of the companies hiring from InterviewBit are listed below.

About the test environment

1. This is a programming contest.

2. There will be 3 programming problems in the contest.

3. You can use any of the languages from the below list to solve the problems:

         C (gcc-4.8)C# (gmcs 3.2.8)C++11 (gcc-4.8)GO (1.8)Java7 (open-jdk-1.7.0)JavaScriptSwiftObjective-C (clang 3.3)Python (python-2.7)Python 3 (python-3.5)Scala (scala-2.11.4)Java 8 (array support)Java 8 (oracle-jdk-1.8)Ruby 2 (ruby-2.0)MySQL (MySQL 5.6)Bash (bash 4.0.35).

4. We run a proprietary plagiarism check on each submission. Please refrain from submitting code which is not written by you.

Ranking Criteria

1. The person with higher score will rank higher. 

2. Incase there are multiple people with the same score, the first person to reach the said score ranks higher. 

3. The rank list is not final until the contest has ended. InterviewBit team will then review the submissions of top participants for plagiarism and then freeze the final rank list within 48 hours of contest end.  

About Challenge
  • Top 5 performers in the contest get free mock interviews and referrals to top tech companies.

  • Top 5 performers get InterviewBit T-shirts every week.
  • Eligibility : The participants should be currently residing in the United States to be eligible for prizes. 
  • The problems in the contest will be very similar to the kind of problems you will face in real tech interviews. So, practice well and all the best! :-) 
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