Hotel Bookings Possible

A hotel manager has to process N advance bookings of rooms for the next season. His hotel has K rooms. Bookings contain an arrival date and a departure date. He wants to find out whether there are enough rooms in the hotel to satisfy the demand. Write a program that solves this problem in time O(N log N) .


First list for arrival time of booking.
Second list for departure time of booking.
Third is K which denotes count of rooms.


A boolean which tells whether its possible to make a booking. 
Return 0/1 for C programs.
O -> No there are not enough rooms for N booking.
1 -> Yes there are enough rooms for N booking.

Example :

Input : 
        Arrivals :   [1 3 5]
        Departures : [2 6 8]
        K : 1

Return : False / 0 

At day = 5, there are 2 guests in the hotel. But I have only one room. 
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