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Math methods in JS

In JavaScript, we have math methods that can be used without actually creating them. It allows us to perform mathematical tasks on numbers.

Example: Math.LN2
It returns the natural logarithm of 2.

Some of the math properties(constants) are:

 Math.E        // returns Euler's number
Math.PI // returns PI
Math.SQRT2 // returns the square root of 2
Math.SQRT1_2 // returns the square root of 1/2
Math.LN2 // returns the natural logarithm of 2
Math.LN10 // returns the natural logarithm of 10
Math.LOG2E // returns base 2 logarithm of E
Math.LOG10E // returns base 10 logarithm of E

Some of the Math methods are:

abs(x)        // Returns the absolute value of x
cbrt(x) // Returns the cubic root of x
ceil(x) // Returns x, rounded upwards to the nearest integer
clz32(x) // Returns the number of leading zeros in a 32-bit binary representation of x
exp(x) // Returns the value of Ex
expm1(x) // Returns the value of Ex minus 1
floor(x) // Returns x, rounded downwards to the nearest integer
fround(x) // Returns the nearest (32-bit single precision) float representation of a number
log(x) // Returns the natural logarithmof x
log10(x) // Returns the base-10 logarithm of x
log1p(x) // Returns the natural logarithm of 1 + x
log2(x) // Returns the base-2 logarithm of x
pow(x, y) // Returns the value of x to the power of y
random() // Returns a random number between 0 and 1
round(x) // Rounds x to the nearest integer
sign(x) // Returns the sign of a number (checks whether it is positive, negative or zero)
sqrt(x) // Returns the square root of x
trunc(x) // Returns the integer part of a number (x)
max(x, y, z, ..., n) // Returns the number with the highest value
min(x, y, z, ..., n) // Returns the number with the lowest value

Example: Suppose we want to find the max among 1,7 and 77, then Math.max(1,7,77) will give us the required results.

Some of the Trigonometric methods are:

acos(x)       // Returns the arccosine of x, in radians
acosh(x) // Returns the hyperbolic arccosine of x
asin(x) // Returns the arcsine of x, in radians
asinh(x) // Returns the hyperbolic arcsine of x
atan(x) // Returns the arctangent of x as a numeric value between -PI/2 and PI/2 radians
atan2(y, x) // Returns the arctangent of the quotient of its arguments
atanh(x) // Returns the hyperbolic arctangent of x
cos(x) // Returns the cosine of x (x is in radians)
cosh(x) // Returns the hyperbolic cosine of x
sin(x) // Returns the sine of x (x is in radians)
sinh(x) // Returns the hyperbolic sine of x
tan(x) // Returns the tangent of an angle
tanh(x) // Returns the hyperbolic tangent of a number

Try the following example in the editor below.

You are given an integer N, you have to print the nearest integral value for the base-2 logarithm of N.

Sample Input:


Sample Output:


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