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Validating Email Address using Filter

Problem Description

We had discussed about filter. Let's try a question using it.

You are given an integer N followed by N email addresses. Your task is to print a list containing only valid email addresses in lexicographical order.

Valid email addresses must follow these rules:

  • It must have the username@websitename.extension format type.
  • The username can only contain letters, digits, dashes and underscores.
  • The website name can only have letters and digits.
  • The maximum length of the extension is 3.

Input Format

The first line of input is the integer N, the number of email addresses.

N lines follow, each containing a string.

Output Format

Output a list containing the valid email addresses in lexicographical order. If the list is empty, just output an empty list, [].

Example Input


Example Output

['brian-23@scaler.com', 'brute_54@scaler.com', 'sara@scaler.com']
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