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Software Development Life Cycle:

The Software Development Life Cycle is a process used in the software industry to produce and design high-quality software. The SDLC follows certain stages of designing, developing, testing software before launching it.

A typical SDLC life cycle is as follows:
There are various types of SDLC modes. Some of the popular SDLC models are as follows:

Software Prototyping

  • The process in which developers create a model of the actual software.
  • The intention behind creating this model is to get the actual requirements more deeply from the user.
  • Prototyping helps a lot in getting feedback from the customer.


Process of software prototyping

  1. Initial requirements identification
  2. Prototype Development
  3. Review
  4. Revise

Types of prototyping

  1. Rapid Prototyping/Throwaway: In this type, we build a prototype with very little effort to get the requirement from the user after getting the requirements, we throw away this prototype and start building the actual software.
  2. Evolutionary Prototyping: The prototype on the top of which we can build the whole actual system.

Testing in Software Engineering 

  • At different stages of software development, we need to test what we develop.
  • When we develop a unit, we test it when we integrate it with other units.
  • Also, it needs to be tested before giving the software to the customer.
  • In some testing types, we directly deal with the code, which is known as white box testing.
  • In some other cases, we do not have to look at the code and it is known as black-box testing.
  • A mixture of these two is known as gray box testing.


Unit Testing

  • Testing a single unit of the software is known as unit testing.
  • In this testing, we will test an isolated unit of the software, which contains lots of the units.


Integration Testing

  • Here, the testing of a few units of the software is done separately. Now, after testing, those units are integrated.
  • After integrating those units, it is again tested.
  • This is known as integration testing.


Regression Testing

  • Here, a new module is made and it is added to the software.
  • Whenever a new module is added to the software, it is tested to check whether the software is working fine with the change.
  • This is known as regression testing.


System Testing

  • The complete software is ready and working as a system.
  • In this testing, the focus is the entire software. The testing is done based on Evolutionary are input and output.
  • Software compatibility is tested on different kinds of OS.
  • Testing the software comes under the black box testing category.


Stress Testing

  • The software is tested under unfavorable conditions.
  • In this testing, the software is pushed to its maximum limit to check whether any failure occurs under some unfavorable conditions.




Identify which of the following life cycle contains the phases: test case design, test execution, defect tracking, maintenance.


Identify the incorrect phase of STLC(Software Testing Life cycle).


What does the RAD software process stand for?


Identify the simplest model of SDLC?


Which is the following is the most important feature of the spiral model?


Which of the following is the first step of SDLC?


Identify the incorrect black box technique?


Identify the term which is known as a variance from software product specifications?


Identify the type of integration testing which uses stubs.


Identify the correct functional requirement.


SDLC stands for _______________


Identify the fault-based testing technique.


Which of the following are types of code review?


The full form of ITG is?


What does FAST stand for?


Total phases of RAD software model is-


Choose the correct option among the following. What does the software consist of?


Identify the stage in which test cases are designed?


Select the best time when regression testing should be done?


When can white-box testing be started?


For which of the following reasons is the waterfall model not suitable.


By whom is unit testing done?


Identify the term which is used to define testing?


Choose the correct option which does not relate to the Evolutionary Process Model?


Black box testing is also known as


Identify the model which is also known as Verification and Validation Model?


Which of the following models will not result in the desired output, when the user participation isn’t involved?


Which is not true in the case of Unit testing?


For how many lines of code(LOC) is the Build and Fix model suitable for programming exercises?


When can white-box testing be started?


Identify the two dimensions of the spiral model.


Identify the incorrect type of Prototyping model.


Choose the advantage of the Iterative model among the following.


Identify the correct measure for correctness.


In which of the following categories can white-box testing be classified?


When is the ‘risk analysis’ In the spiral model performed?


The SRS document is also known as _____________ specification.


Identify the environment in which we can perform alpha testing?


What is cyclomatic complexity?


Identify the testing which cannot be performed on the first build of the software?


Identify among the following which is not a type of incremental testing approach.


Choose the correct option which represents the key objective of integration testing?


Choose the option which does not apply to agile software development?


Identify the correct option among the following which is not included in SRS?


Select the correct defect rate for Six sigma?


Select the correct option. Agile development testing is not treated as a separate phase.


The full form of SPICE is?


Choose the correct option among the following which is involved in the system planning and designing phase of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)?


Identify the incorrect testing technique.

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Get Placed at Top Product Companies with Scaler Know More 
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