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Shopify Cheat Sheet

Last Updated: Jan 04, 2024

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The liquid is a template language developed by Shopify. It is available as an open-source project on GitHub and is used by many different software projects and companies. We can also modify our output by creating a marked logic or changing it directly with a filter. Items and properties of an object are extracted using one of six basic data types. Liquid also integrates sensible and comparable basic operators for use with tags.

Template language allows you to create a single template to handle static content, and enter information by force depending on where the template is provided. For example, you can create a product template that handles all of your typical product specifications, such as a product image, title, and price. That template can provide those attributes with relevant content, depending on the current product being viewed.


The handle is used to access the signs of a liquid. By default, it is the subject of a small capital letter with any spaces and special characters replaced by hyphens (-). Everything in Liquid (product, collection, blog, menu) has a handle.

A product labelled ‘shirt’ will automatically be provided with a catch shirt. If you already have a product with a ‘shirt’ handle, the handle will automatically adjust. In other words, all the 'shirt' products created after the first one will get a handle on shirt 1, shirt 2, and so on.

Shopify Tutorial: Basic to Advanced

1. Basic Commands

== Equals (comparison)
{% if book.title == 'Hello World%}
  These are awesome!
{% endif %}
!= Not equals
{% if book.title != 'Hello World%}
  These are awesome!
{% endif %}
Greater than
{% if student.age>35%}
{% endif %}
<  Lesser than
{% if student.age<18%}
{% endif %}
>= Greater than and equal to
{% if student.age>=35%}
{% endif %}
<= Lesser than and equal to
{% if student.age<=35%}
  Young Adults
{% endif %}
or Condition A or Condition B
{% if student.age<=35 or student.age>=18%}
  Hello World
{% endif %}
and Condition A and Condition B
{% if student.age<=35 and student.age>=18%}
  Young Adults
{% endif %}
contains Checks for the presence of a substring
{% if ‘Hello’ contains 'ello' %}
  Hello has ello
{% endif %}
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2. Data Types

Strings {% assign str = 'Hello!' %}
Numbers {% assign intg=35%}
Boolean {% assign var=true %} or {% assign var=false%}
{% for var in product.var %}
  {{ var }}
{% endfor %}

3. Tag Commands

Variable Tags are used to create new Liquid variables.

Assign Creates a new Variable   {% assign var = 5 %}
Capture Selects the string inside of the opening and closing tags and assigns it to a variable.
{% capture var%}Hello world.{% endcapture %}
{{ var }}
Increment Increments the variable every time it is called. {% increment var %}
Decrement Decrements the variable every time it {% decrement var %}
If Executes an if block statement.
% if student.age>35%}
{% endif %}
Else If Executes an Else if the block.
% if student.age>35%}
{%else if student.age<18%}
{% endif %}
Case Creates a switch clause to compare a variable with different values.
{% assign handle = 'ice' %}
{% case handle %}
  {% when 'ice' %}
  This is ice
  {% when 'water' %}
  This is water
  {% else %}
   This is vapor
{% endcase %}
Unless Similar to if, but executes block only when conditions are not met.
{% unless product.title == 'Hello world' %}
  Bye World
{% endunless %}
For Executes a block of code continuously.
{% for product in collection.items %}
  {{ items.title }}
{% endfor %}
For Else Else block if For condition fails.
{% for product in collection.items %}
  {{ items.title }}
{% else %}
  This collection is empty.
{% endfor %}
Break Stops the loop from iterating in the middle.
{% for i in (1..5) %}
  {% if i == 4 %}
{% break %}
  {% endif %}
{% endfor %}
Continue This causes the loop to skip the current iteration and proceed with the loop.
% for i in (1..5) %}
  {% if i == 4 %}
{% continue %}
  {% endif %}
{% endfor %}
Cycle Loops through a group of strings. Each time cycle is called, and the next string that was passed as a parameter is returned as the output. {% cycle 'one', 'two', 'three' %}
Table Row Generates an HTML table.
  {% tablerow item in collection.items %}
{{ items.title }}
  {% endtablerow %}
Comments Part of a code which is never rendered.
y name is {% comment %}Liquid{% endcomment %} Hello World.
Liquid Allows us to write multiple tags under a delimiter.
{% liquid
case section.blocks.size
when 1
  when 2
when 3
endcase %}
Echo Outputs an expression when rendered in HTML in a liquid tag
{% liquid
if product.image
  echo product.image | img_tag
  echo 'prod-1' | placeholder_svg_tag
endif %}
Raw Allows output of Liquid code on a page without being parsed.
{% raw %}{{ B | comes after : A }}{% endraw %} is the Alphabets.
Section Inserts a section from the sections folder of a theme.  {% section 'header' %}
Style Renders an HTML style tag in Liquid
{% style %}
  .section-header {
color: #dddddd;
{% endstyle %}
Whitespace control Using hyphens, the assigned statement doesn't output a blank line. {%- assign my_variable = "tomato" -%}
You can download a PDF version of Shopify Cheat Sheet.

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4. Theme Tags

{% include %} Inserts a snippet from the snippets folder of a theme.
{% form %} Creates a form element in HTML with necessary attributes.
{% paginate %} Works in conjunction with for tags to split the content into numerous pages.
{%render%} Renders a snippet from the snippets folder of a theme.

5. Filters

Font Face Returns a CSS font face declaration to load the chosen font.
  @font-face {
font-family: "Neue Haas Unica";
font-weight: 400;
font-style: normal;
src: url("..”) format(".."),
     url("..") format("..");
Font Modify It takes two arguments. The first indicates which property must be changed and the second one indicates what modification must be made.
{% assign bold_font = settings.body_font | font_modify: 'weight', 'bold' %}
h2 {
  font-weight: {{ bolder_font.weight }};
Font Url Returns a CDN URL for the chosen font. It returns woff2 by default. { settings.type_header_font | font_url }}
Date Converts an existing date to another format. {{ article.published_at| date: "%a, %b %d, %y" }}
Default Sets a default value no value is assigned to a variable. Dear {{ | default: "student" }}
Default Errors Outputs default error messages for the form.errors variable.
{% if form.errors %}
  {{ form.errors | default_errors }}
{% endif %}
Default Pagination A set of links for paginated results are created. {{ paginate | default_pagination }}
Format Address Prints the elements in an address according to their locale. {{ address | format_address }}
Highlight Words are wrapped inside search results with HTML <strong> tag with highlight class. {{ item.content | highlight: search.terms }}
Highlight Active A tag link is wrapped in a span with the class active.
{% for x  in items.tags %}
{{ tag | highlight_active | link_to_tag: x }}
{% endfor %}
JSON Converts a string to the JSON format. var content = {{ | json }};
Placeholder_SVG_Tag Takes a placeholder name and outputs a placeholder SVG illustration. {{ 'clctn1' | placeholder_svg_tag }}
T(translation) It uses a translation key to access the locale file for the active language and returns the corresponding string of translated text in the locale file. { 'products.product.sold_out' | t }}
Weight with unit. Formats the weight. {{ product.variants.first.weight | weight_with_unit }}
String Concatenation Merges an array with another array. {% assign str3 = str1 | concat: str2 %}
Join Joins the elements in an array based on a character passed as a parameter. {{ product.tags | join: ', ' }}
First Returns the first element in an array. {{ product.tags | first }}
Index Returns the item stored at a specific index. {{ product.tags[10] }}
Last Returns the last element of the array. {{ product.tags | last }}
Map Accepts an array element value as a parameter and makes a string out of each array element’s value. {{ collections | map: 'name' }}
Reverse Reverses the array. {{ arr| reverse | join: ", " }}
Size Returns the length of an array. {{ arr | size }}
Sort Sorts the array. {% assign arr = collection.products | sort: 'title' %}
Uniq Removes duplicate elements. {{ array | split: ' ' | uniq | join: ' ' }}
Where Creates an array will all values based on a certain condition. {% assign array = collection.products | where: "type", "ABC" %}
Metafield Tag Generates an HTML element depending on the meta field. {{ product.metafields.instructions.wash | metafield_tag }}
Metafield Text Generates a text version of Metafield. {{ product.metafields.instructions.wash | metafield_text }}
Currency Selector Displays a drop-down menu for customers to choose a particular currency.
{% form 'currency' %}
  {{ form | currency_selector: class: 'my_special_class', id: 'Submit'  }}
{% endform %}
Img_tag Creates an image tag. {{ 'penguin_gnome.gif' | asset_url | img_tag }}
Payment Button Creates a checkout button. {{ form | payment_button }}
Payment Terms Renders the Shop Pay Installments banner for a product. {{ form | payment_terms }}
Payment Type SVG Returns SVG tag for a requested payment type image.

{% for type in shop.enabled_payment_types %}

  {{ type | payment_type_svg_tag, class: 'custom-class' }}

{% endfor %}

Script Tag Generates a script tag. {{ 'store.js' | asset_url | script_tag }}
Stylesheet Tag Generates a link that refers to a given stylesheet. {{ 'store.css' | asset_url | stylesheet_tag }}
Time Tag Converts a time to an HTML time tag. {{ form.published_at | time_tag }}
Money Format the value based on the ‘HTML without currency’ setting. {{ 200 | money }}
Money with currency. Format the value based on the ‘HTML without currency’ setting. {{ 2.95 | money_with_currency }}
Money with trailing zeros Excludes the decimal point and trailing zeroes. {{ 90.00 | money_without_trailing_zeros }}
Money without currency Formats the price based on decimals. {{ 2.59 | money_without_currency }}
Abs Returns the absolute value. {{ -99 | abs }}
At least Limits a number to the least value. {{ 4 | at_least: 10 }}
At most Limits a number to a higher value. {{ 4 | at_most: 10 }}
Ceil Rounds the number up to the nearest int value. {{ 4.2 | ceil }}
Divided by Divides the output by a number {{ 200 | divided_by: 10 }}
Floor Rounds the output down to the nearest int value. {{ 4.2 | floor }}
Minus Subtracts a value. {{ 200 | minus: 10 }}
Round Rounds the output to the nearest integer to a specified number of decimals. {{ 3.14159 | round: 2 }}
Times Multiplies by a number. {{ 200 | times: 10 }}
Modulo Returns Remainder after division. {{ 200 | modulo:10 }}
Append Appends chars to a string. {{ 'store' | append: '.txt' }}
Camel Case Converts a hyphenated string to camel case. {{ 'shopify-liquid' | camelcase }}
Capitalize Capitalizes the first letter of each word. {{ 'upper case' | capitalize}}
Downcase Converts a string to lowercase. {{ 'LOWERCASE' | downcase }}
Escape Escapes a string. {{ "<p>text</p>" | escape }}
Handleize Formats a string into a handle. {{ '100% M & Ms!!!' | handleize }}
New Line to br Inserts a page break. {{ array | newline_to_br }}
Pluralize Returns a singular or plural version of the string based on the number. {{ cart.item | pluralize: 'item', 'items' }}
Prepend Prepends a character to an existing string. {{ ‘day’ | prepend: ‘Have a great ' }}
Remove Removes an occurrence in a substring. {{ "Hello, world. Bye,Bye." | remove: "world" }}
Replace Replaces all the occurrences of a particular string. {{ product.title | replace: 'Clothes', 'products' }}
Slice Returns substring specified at an index. {{ "shopify" | slice: 1, 4 }}
Split A substring is used as a delimiter. {% assign words = "Hi, how are you?" | split: ' ' %}
Strip Strips tabs, spaces, and newlines from left and right. {{ '   too many spaces  ' | strip }}
Lstrip Strips tabs, spaces, and newlines from left. "{{ '   too many spaces       ' | lstrip }}
Rstrip Strips tabs, spaces, and newlines from right. {{ '          too many spaces  ' | rstrip }}
Strip HTML Strips all HTML Tags. {{ "<h1>Shopify</h1> Liquid" | strip_html }}
Upcase Converts string to uppercase. {{ ‘uppercase’| upcase }}
Brightness Difference Calculates the perceived brightness of two colors. {{ '#fff00f' | brightness_difference: '#0b72ab' }}
Color Brightness Returns the perceived brightness of a given color. {{ '#7ab55c' | color_brightness }}
Color Contrast Calculates ratio between two colors. {{ '#495859' | color_contrast: '#fffffb' }}
Color Darken Increases the darkness of the input color. {{ '#7ab55c' | color_darken: 10 }}
Color Desaturate Desaturates the input color. {{ '#7ab55c' | color_desaturate: 10 }}
Color Extract Extracts a component from the given color. {{ '#7ab55c' | color_extract: ‘blue’ }}
Color Lighten Lightens the input color. {{ '#7ab55c' | color_lighten: 10 }}
Color Mix Blends two colors. {{ '#7ab55c' | color_mix: '#ffc0cb', 50 }}
Color RGB Converts a CSS string to CSS rgb(). {{ '#7ab55c' | color_to_rgb }}
External Video Tag An Iframe is generated that contains a youtube player.
{% if product.featured_media.media_type == "external_video" %}
  {{ product.featured_media | external_video_tag }}
{% endif %}
Image Tag Generates an image tag for the media’s preview picture.
{% if product.featured_media.media_type == "model" %}
  {{ product.featured_media | img_tag }}
{% endif %}
Media Tag Generates a tag for media.
{% if product.featured_media.media_type == "model" %}
  {{ product.featured_media | media_tag }}
{% endif %}
Model Viewer Tag Generates a google model viewer in 3D.
{% if product.featured_media.media_type == "model" %}
  {{ product.featured_media | model_viewer_tag }}
{% endif %}
Asset Image URL Returns asset URL of an Image. {{ ‘shopify.png' | asset_img_url: '100x' }}
File Image URL Returns the Image URL. {{ 'shopify.png' | file_img_url: '100x' }}
File URL Returns URL of a file. {{ 'shopify.pdf' | file_url }}
Customer Link Login Generates a link to the login page for customers. {{ 'Log in' | customer_login_link }}
Global Asset URL Returns Global Asset URL. {{‘shopify.js' | global_asset_url | script_tag }}
Link To Generates a HTML hyperlink. {{ 'shopify' | link_to: '', ' link to Shopify' }}
Link to Tag Generates a link for all products in a collection.
{% for tag in collection.tags %}
  {{ tag | link_to_tag: tag }}
{% endfor %}
Payment Type Image Returns URL of payment SVG Image.
{% for tag in collection.tags %}
  {{ tag | link_to_tag: tag }}
{% endfor %}
Shopify Assets URL Returns the URL of a global asset that is found on Shopify’s servers. {{ 'shopify.js' | shopify_asset_url | script_tag }}

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6. Objects


All Products Returns a list of all products.                                                                                                                                            {{ all_products[‘shopify store’].title }}
Articles Returns a list of all the blog articles in a store. {% assign article = articles['news/shopify'] %}
Current Page Returns the page number you are in, in paginated content. { {page_title }} - Page: {{ current_page }}
Page Description Returns description of a page, collection or product. {{ page_description }}
Page Title Returns the title of a page, collection or product. {{ page_title }}
Pages Returns a list of all the pages in your store. <h1>{{ pages.about.title }}</h1>
Settings Returns a list of the settings in your published theme.the 
{% if settings.use_logo %}
  {{ 'shopify.png' | asset_url | img_tag: }}
{% else %}
  <span class="no-logo">{{ }}</span>
{% endif %}
Collection All products Returns the number of products in a given collection. {{ collection.all_products_count }}
Collection All Tags Returns a list of Tags in the collection. {{collection.all_tag}}
Collection All types Returns a list of all product types.
{% for product_type in collection.all_types %}
  {{ product_type | link_to_type }}
{% endfor %}
Collection Description Returns description of a collection. {{collection.description}}
Collection Handle. Returns the handle of the collection. {{collection.handle}}
Collection ID Returns the unique ID of the collection. {{}}
Collection Image Returns the collection Image.
{% if collection.image %}
  {{ collection.image | img_url: 'medium' }}
{% endif %}
Collection Title Returns Collection Title. <h2>{{ collection.title }}</h2>
Collection URL Returns URL of collection. {{collection.url}}
Content for header Dynamically loads all scripts required for Shopify into doc head. {{ content_for_header }}
Content for Index Contains dynamic sections to be rendered on the home page. {{ content_for_index }}
Content for Layout Similar to content for the index but for collection.liquid or cart.liquid. {{ content_for_layout }}


Contents and settings are represented by a single block in an array of section blocks.

Syntax Description Returns a unique and dynamically allocated ID generated by Shopify.
block.settings Retrieve the settings of a block using its block id.
Block.type Returns the type defined in the block’s schema.


Contains information about customer accounts.

Syntax Description
customer_address.first_name Returns the first name of the customer.
customer_address.last-name Returns the last name of the customer.
customer_address.address1 Returns the value of the address1 field.
customer_address.address2 Returns the value of the address2 field.
customer_address.street Returns the value of the street field. Returns the value of the company field. Returns the value of the city field.
customer_address.province Returns the value of the province field. Returns the value of the zip code field.
customer_address.country_code Returns the value of the country code field. Returns the value of the phone number field. Returns the id of the customer address.


Contains information about all the discounts available and applicable.

Syntax Description
discount_allocation.amount The discount amount is to be deducted.
discount_allocation.discount_application The discount application allocates the amount on the line item.


Represents an individual value from a filter object.

Syntax Description Returns a Boolean value. Checks if the filter value is active.
filter_value.count Returns how many results are related to the filter value.
filter_value.url_to_add Returns the current page URL.


Represents a single line of items in a shopping cart.

Syntax Description
line_item.final_line_price Returns the price of the line item including all line-level discount amounts.
line_item.fulfillment Returns fulfilment of line items.
line_item.grams Returns the weight in grams.
line_item.image Returns the line item image. Returns the id of the line item.
line_item.key Returns a unique identifier for each item in the cart.
line_item.message. Returns the discount message.
line_item.original_line_price Returns the original price of the line.
line_item.product Returns the products in the line.
line_item.product_id Returns the product ids of items in the line.
line_item.quantity Returns the number of products in each line.
line_item.title Returns the title of the line.
line_item.url Returns the URL to the product page.
line_item.vendor Returns the name of the vendor.


Syntax Description
fulfillment.tracking_company Returns the name of fulfilment services.
fulfillment.tracking_number Returns a fulfilment’s tracking number
fulfillment.tracking_url Returns the URL for the tracking number.
fulfillment.item_count Returns the total number of items in the fulfilment.


The location object contains location information for stores.

Syntax Description Returns the location ID
location.latitude Returns the latitude of the location.
location.longitude Returns the longitude of the location. Returns the name of the location.


Used to make a menu on the navigation page.  

Syntax Description
linklist.handle Returns the handle of the link list.
Linklist.level Returns the number of nested levels.
Linklist.links Returns the array of links.
linklist.title Returns the title of the link list.


Syntax Description
Country.currency Returns the currency used in the country.
country.iso_code Returns the iso code of a country. Returns the name of a country.


Syntax Description
video.alt Returns the alt tag of a video.
video.duration Returns the duration of a video. Returns the id of a video.
video.position Returns position of video in the product.
Video.source Returns the source of the video.


Syntax Description Returns the transaction ID.
transaction.amount Returns the transaction amount. Returns the name of the transaction.
transaction.status Returns the status of the current transaction.
transaction.created_at Returns the timestamp when the transaction was initiated.
transaction.receipt Returns the payment receipt of the transaction.


Syntax Description
variant.available Returns a Boolean value based on the availability of a variant.
variant.barcode Returns the barcode of a variant.
variant.compare_at_price Returns the variant compare at price.
variant.matched Returns whether the variant has been matched. Returns the id of the variant.
variant.image Returns the image of the variant.
variant.incoming Returns true if a batch of inventory is incoming
variant.unit_weight Returns unit of weight.
variant.url Returns the variant's absolute URL.
variant.unit_price Returns the unit price of a variant.
variant.title Returns the concatenation of all the variant’s option values.
variant.taxable Returns whether a variant is taxable or not.
variant.selected Returns true if the variant is selected.


Syntax Description Returns the theme id.
theme.role (deprecated) Return(s) the role of a theme. Returns the name of the theme.


Syntax Description
tax_line.title Returns the title of the tax
tax_line.price Returns the amount of tax.
tax_line.rate Returns the rate of tax.
tax_line.rate_percentage Returns rate of tax in a percentage format.


Syntax Description
request.design_mode Returns true if a request is being made from the theme editor. Returns which domain the customer is accessing from.
request.locale Returns shop locale of the current request.
request.path Returns a path to the page.


Syntax Description
shipping_method.handle Returns handle of shipping method.
Shipping_method.original_price Returns original price of shipping method.
shipping_method.price Returns the price of the shipping method.
shipping_method.title. Returns title of shipping method.

18. CART

Syntax Description
cart.attributes Captures information about the cart page.
cart.currency Returns the currency of the cart.
cart.item_count Return the number of items in the cart.
Cart.note Allows capturing more information on the cart page.
cart.original_price Returns the original price of products in the cart.
cart.total_discount Returns the total discount
cart.total_price Returns the total price of products in the cart.
cart.total_weight Returns the total weight of the cart.


Syntax Description
product.available Returns true if the product is available for purchase
product.collections Returns an array of collections of all products.
product.compare_at_price_max Returns the highest compared to price.
product.compare_at_price_min Returns the least compared to price.
Product.tags Returns an array of all product tags.
Product.template_suffix Returns the name of the custom product template assigned.
product.title Returns the title of the product
product.type Returns the type of product.
product.url Returns URL of the product.
product.vendor Returns the vendor of the product.
product.url Returns the product ID
product.content Returns the description of the product.
product.price Returns the price of the product
product.price_max Returns the maximum price of the product
product.price_min Returns the minimum price of the product.


Used to create Dynamic URLs for the storefront.

Syntax Description
routes.account_url Returns the account URL
routes.account_login_url Returns the login URL
routes.account_logout_url Return the logout URL
routes.account_recover_url Returns the account recovery URL
routes.cart_url Returns the cart URL
routes.cart_clear_url Returns a URL that clears the cart.
routes.root_url Returns the root URL
routes.search_url Returns the search URL.


The checkout object can be accessed on the orders page.    

Syntax Description
checkout.attributes Returns the attributes of checkout
checkout.billing_address Returns the billing address.
checkout.customer Returns customer’s name
checkout.customer Returns the discount applied for checkout Returns email ID used during checkout Returns checkout ID.
checkout.order_name Returns the name of the order
checkout.requires_shipping Returns whether the checkout as a whole needs shipping.
checkout.shipping_address Returns the shipping address.
checkout.order_number Return the order number.
checkout.shipping_method Returns the method of shipping.
checkout.shipping_price Returns the checkout price.
checkout.tax_lines Returns tax lines of checkout.
checkout.tax_price Returns the total cost of tax per checkout. Returns the total price of checkout.


Syntax Description
order.attributes Returns custom cart attributes for the order.
order.billing_address Returns the order billing address.
order.cancelled Checks whether the order is canceled or not.
order.cancelled_at Returns the timestamp when the order was canceled.
order.cancelled_reason Returns the reason for order cancellation.
order.cancel_reason_label Returns the translated output of an order’s order.cancel_reason
order.created_at Returns the timestamp of when the order was created.
order.customer Returns customers associated with the order.
order.customer_url Returns the url of the customer's account page.
order.discount_applications Returns an array of discount applications. Returns email id associated with the order. Returns the financial status of the order.
order.location Returns the destination location of the order. Returns the name of the order.
order.note Returns the note linked with the order
order.order_number Return the order number.
order.shipping_address Returns the shipping address of the order.
order.shipping_price Returns the selling price of the order
order.tax_lines Returns the tax variable.
order.tax_price Returns the order’s total tax.
order.total_discounts Returns the total discount on the order.
order.total_price Returns the total price of the order.
order.transactions Returns array of transactions.


SYNTAX DESCRIPTION Returns the full name of the author of the article.
article.comments Returns the published comments of the article.
article.comments_count Returns the number of published comments.
article.comment_post_url Returns the URL of the post.
article.content Returns the content of an article.
article.created_at Returns the timestamp article was created.
article.excerpt Returns to the excerpt of the article. Returns the ID of the article
article.image Returns the image of the article.
article.url Returns the relative URL of the article.
article.user Returns an object with author information. Returns bio of the author. Returns the email of the author.
article.user.first_name Returns the first name of the author.
article.user.homepage Return to the homepage.
article.user.last_name Returns the Last name of the author.


Like any template language, Liquid acts as a bridge between an HTML file and a data store; in our case, the data is a Shopify store. This is accomplished by giving us easy-to-use and readable access to variables from within a template or Liquid file with user-friendly syntax.

By going through this cheat sheet, you would have gotten a decent understanding of Liquid by Shopify and how to implement it.

Important Resources

Shopify MCQ Questions


If an admin wants to display the cost of a product(s) by removing unnecessary trailing zeros in the float value, which of the following commands will help her do so?


Which of the following is a tax line command

a. tax_line.title

b. tax_line.price

c. tax_line.rate

d. tax_line.rate_percentage

e. tax_line.rate_cost


Which of the following is not a datatype in liquid?


Which of the following is not found in an order tag?


Which of the following is not found in the colour tag?


Which of the following is not included in the product tag?


Which of the following is true about Line Items?


Which of the following is true about liquid?


Which of the following syntax returns the URL of payment SVG?


______ returns the cost of a product.

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