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Instructions from InterviewBit:

1. This is a programming test.

2. The code area contains the function signature, just complete the function alone, we will take care of the main function, headers. etc

3. Use 'Test' to run your solution against sample test cases before submitting it.

4. Use Test with custom input to run your solution against your custom test cases.

5. We run a proprietary plagiarism check on each submission. Please refrain from submitting code which is not written by you.

  • This test will be active from 11 Sep 2020 9:00 PM IST to 31 Dec 2021 9:00 PM IST. You will have 90 minutes if you start before 31 Dec 2021 7:30 PM IST.

  • You are free to choose any language from Python (python-2.7), C (gcc-4.8), C# (mono 6.12), Bash (bash 4.0.35), PHP (php 5.5.9), JavaScript (ES6), Scala (scala-2.11.4), MySQL (MySQL 5.6), Swift (5.5), Objective-C (clang 3.3), C++17 (gcc-9.2), Java7 (open-jdk-1.7.0), Text (text 6.10), GO (1.17.4), Python 3 (python-3.8), R (R-3.5.1), Java 8 (array support), Java 8 (oracle-jdk-1.8), Ruby 2 (ruby-2.0).

Please refrain from performing the following restricted events:

Text Selection, Copy & Paste, Right Click, Opening Inspector, Debugging Console, Browser Settings, Switching Tabs, Closing the Session Tab

*These instructions will be available to you throughout the session.

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