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Hear what some of the people who got their dream jobs after preparing on InterviewBit have to say about the learning experience.

Kritika Agarwal

I had joined Scaler mainly for learning. And the one thing that kept me motivated throughout was seeing the hard work all teachers put, taking classes everyday tirelessly late into the night.


I got a job as a Web Developer 2 in Media.net. They were quite happy with my performance during recruitment. Even though I only had 6 months experience, they considered me on par with someone with at least 1.5 years. I was able to build this kind of knowledge and understanding with help from the team at Scaler Academy.

Akash Jain

The curriculum is on point and consists of data structures, low-level and high-level design. But what is most important is the structure and the practice you get which is difficult in self-study, along with good quality instructors and a mentor.

Nikhil Bhargav

Hi Tarun (Scaler instructor) - This is Nikhil from September ‘19 batch. I just wanted to thank you. Your DP, Graph and HLD classes were really helpful, and with all the guidance from Scaler and you, I was able to get offers from Walmart / Groupon / PayTM for SE-3/SDE-2 role. I really wanted to thank you personally, all this was really helpful!

Yash Sarda

The best thing that Scaler did was provide a structure to follow when it came to learning what I needed to succeed at the highest level… My mentor Kushal sir’s patience and constant backing helped me get over [my] jitters at solving problems [in front of someone] and things got better.

Sandeep Sinha Mahapatra

Making myself good enough to move from a service-based company to a consumer-facing product company was my main goal. Scaler helped me skill-up and grow as a software engineer.

Raghu Ram Karra

What separates the programme from similar products out there is that it is hardcore learning-focussed. And the mentor is a priceless addition. My mentor Raghavendra Singh was extremely helpful, setting everyday targets and helping me pay attention to detail.

Subham Das

The course of Scaler Academy is really a very well structured one. I would advise anyone wanting to make a switch or start off with a good product based company, surely one good solution would be to get into Scaler Academy.

Surbhi Jain

I had always struggled while implementing the algorithms and the Scaler Academy helped me gain confidence in this area. I also learned development skills and system design which are also important to know not just for the interviews but also for the overall understanding of a technical product.

Vinamer Goel

Along with the content, what really helped me was the instructors and their training methods. When I felt that there was no way to solve a question, they taught me that there was always a way. My Student Success manager was another key person. She guided me about HR interviews - how to crack them, ask the right questions and negotiate a salary.

Rishi Prakash

If I have to describe my experience with Scaler Academy in just one word, I’d say terrific. Terrific because of the confidence I have, that yes, I can now achieve better things in life... My mentor sessions too have been really helpful to me, in terms of clearing doubts, both technical and non-technical.

Rahul Raj Yadav

Mentorship is the best part of the programme. I could ping my mentor Sumit anytime! Initially, I was weak in problem solving skills. But his kind efforts, including when he would teach all concepts while driving home from the office, is something I’d always remember.

Tarun Reddy

The way the problems for each topic have been segregated into assignment and homework was beneficial. They helped me not just in learning how to implement the problems that were discussed in the class but also gave new problems on each topic that tests our understanding towards the topic.


Thank you Abhimanyu for making me interview, I would have been in a shell otherwise. Thank you Anshuman for the timely moral support and paying attention to my long conversations… Thank you Scaler Instructors for teaching DS Algo to a front-end guy. When I solved a backtracking question in 10-12 minutes, I had them (interviewers) there.

Suraj kumar Awasthi

Scaler was my first encounter where I got to know about problem-solving, data structure and code optimization, before that I was more into learning framework, language-specific constructs and grammar. Do you know how in school having one thing to look forward to makes even 9 am classes worth it? Scaler was that guiding hand for me.

Baishali Ghosh

I want to thank my mentor Pragy Agarwal for keeping me motivated and Scaler Academy for making me believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel... Whether it is for upskilling or for a better opportunity, if you commit to this course, the learnings that you take away are worth a lifetime.

Mohini Bansal

I want to thank Sneh Vyas for being a wonderful mentor. He always motivated me, shared his feedback about my performance and told me how to improve. He encouraged me to give interviews frequently and always kept me positive even if things were not going in the right direction.

Devendra Verma

I would attend classes after office, but it never felt like a burden. I looked forward to learning more every day. I would keep solving questions on the Scaler website even in my office breaks. I learnt more at Scaler than I had even in college.

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