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Web Technology MCQ

The method by which computers communicate with each other through the use of markup language and multimedia is known as web technology.

Web technology is a collection of Technology used for the World Wide Web. The focus of web technology is creating maintenance and development of web-based applications.

Web Terminology:

  • Web browser
  •  W3C
  •  Network
  •  Internet
  •  Email 
  • MIME

Protocol governing web

  •  Application layer protocol:
    • HTTP: The hypertext transfer protocol used is by WWW and it is used to define how messages are formatted and transmitted.
    •  FTP:  while transfer protocol is a standard internet protocol for transmitting files between two computers on the internet
    •  TELNET:  telecommunication network used to connect computers localhost to the remote host. 
    • SMTP, IMAP, POP.
    • DNS:  DNS or domain name system is a way that internet domain names are located and translated into IP address
    • SSL: Secure socket layer. 

Java is a high-level, general-purpose, object-oriented programming language.

It is easy and used to develop any kind of program.

Apart from this, it can also be used in Android development.

Java Architecture

Java Architecture consists of mainly three components:

  • JVM: One of the main features of Java is Write Once Run Anywhere, i.e. it is platform-independent. It can run on any OS irrespective of the environment because of Java Virtual Machine.
  • JRE: Java Runtime Environment provides an environment for the Java programs to be executed.
  • JDK: It is the software development environment that is mainly used in the development of Java applications and applets.

Java Servlet:

  • Simple java programs that run on servers are known as servlets.
  • Servlets and most commonly used with HTTP and hence also known as HTTP servlets.
  • Servlet technology is robust and scalable because of the Java language.
  •  there are many interfaces and classes in the servlet API such a Servlet, GenericServlet HTTPServlet, ServerletResponse.

Web Technology MCQs


Which of the following can read and render HTML web pages


Identify the range of byte data types in JavaScript.


Among the following operators identify the one which is used to allocate memory to array variables in JavaScript.


The latest HTML standard is


Why were cookies designed?


What are variables used in JavaScript programs


Simple network management protocol uses which of the following port number


Identify the incorrect HTML tag among the following


Full form of W3C is _____________


Identify the empty or void element in HTML.


Which of the following attribute is used for merging two or more adjacent columns?


Which of the following is used to transmit information on the world wide web?


Among which of the following is HTML a subset.


When is the body tag used?


To establish the base URL which of the following is used?


On which model is www based upon


Identify the container among the following


Which of the following attribute defines the relationship between the current document and  URL?


The MIME text file is saved with which of the following extension


Why is XPATH used?


Identified among the following which creates push button


Choose whether true or false:  The tag elements in XML are case-sensitive.


How many sizes of headers are available in HTML by default?


What are the types of lists available in HTML?


HTML files are saved by default with the extension?


What is the effect of the \<b> tag?


Which of the following tags doesn’t require a closing tag?


What are the attributes used to change the size of an image?


Which attribute is used to provide a unique name to an HTML element?


What is the function of the HTML style attribute?


Which HTML element is used to define description data?


Which of the following properties is used to change the font of text?


Where is the map definition file generally stored?


Choose whether true or false:  XML is an imperative language.


What is Document Object Model(DOM)?


Identify the function in JavaScript which is used to send messages to users requesting for text input?


Identify the method which is used to specify a container's layout in JSP.


To get the current system date which of the following function is used in ASP?


The full form of DOM is?


Identify the total standard color names that HTML supports.


Identify the tag used to give paragraph


Identify the tag which is used to define a concept in HTML.


Identify the standard network protocol used to transfer computer files between a client and server on a computer network.


Choose among the following, which is the most common internet protocol.


Choose the port number of FTP.


What does MIME stand for?


Which of the following is used to allocate and manage resources for a network?


Identify among the following servers which allow LAN users to share data.

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