Top Features You Should Know

New HTTP Client API in Java speeds up sending requests/receiving responses, support WebSockets, and execute requests without blocking current thread using  async API/callback.

1. New HTTP (and WebSocket) Client

2. Nested Classes Attributes’ Visibility Management

JDK 11 simplifies the connection between nested classes and hosts by adding two new attributes, NestMembers and NestHost, and three new methods to java.lang.Class.

3. Epsilon: A No-Op Garbage Collector

JDK 11 introduces Epsilon GC, which manages memory allocation, but not memory reclamation, so if the Java heap runs out, resulting in an OutOfMemoryError, the JVM will shut down.

4. New Characters, Scripts, and Blocks

As part of Java 11, there are 19 new symbols, 128 new emoji characters, compatible with 4K TV and Bitcoin signs, as well as 18 new blocks, and 10 new scripts (Newa, Soyombo, Osage, etc.).

5. Java Flight Recorder

A profiling tool like JFR analyzes, resolves errors, gathers diagnostics and records data at runtime, and makes the data available in a file for successive evaluations.

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