Top ASP.NET Projects With Source Code [2023]

ASP.NET Projects


ASP.NET is an open-source web framework created by Microsoft. It is used to build modern web apps and services with .NET. ASP.NET is cross-platform and runs on Windows, Linux, macOS, and Docker. It is mainly used to design dynamic web pages and web applications and services. ASP.NET is a server-side web development model. 

The first version of ASP.NET was released in January 2002 and was based on Windows Programming. Various versions of ASP.NET have been released so far. They are as follows:

  • Version 1.0 was released in January 2002 with the release of Visual Studio .NET
  • Version 1.1 was released in April  2003 with Visual Studio .NET 2003 and Windows Server 2003
  • Version 2.0 was released in November 2005 with Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005.
  • Version 3.0 was released in November 2006
  • Version 3.5 was released in November 2007 with the release of Visual Studio 2008 and Windows Server 2008 and later Version 3.5 Service Pack 1 was released in August 2008
  • Version 4.0 was released in April 2010
  • Version 4.5 was released in August 2012 with Visual Studio 2012 and Windows Server 2012

ASP.NET offers 3 frameworks for creating web applications. These frameworks are

  1. ASP.NET Web Forms
  3. ASP.NET web pages

All the 3 frameworks are quite stable and mature to create great web applications.

ASP.NET Project Ideas

Since you are learning ASP.NET, developing projects give hands-on practice and confidence in any technology. So, we are going to discuss some of the great projects that you can make if you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced ASP.NET programmer. 

Best ASP.NET Projects For Beginners

Let us see some of the best projects that are suitable for beginners in ASP.NET.

1. Appointment Scheduler Project

Basic Idea behind the Project: We know that in companies and big organizations and businesses, there are a lot of appointments on a daily basis. So, it becomes very difficult for the business person or employees of these organizations who are responsible for keeping a record of all the appointments and daily meetings. So, an Appointment Scheduler can be a web-based software application that can help these people in the effective management of their time and keeping records of all the appointments and meetings.

Project Description: This is a web-based project and allows the users to log in to the web page. After logging in, the users can add, edit or even delete the appointment schedules. The feature of SMS sending should be a must in this project to remind the user of an upcoming appointment with its date and time. In order to make this more complete and advanced, authentication while logging in should be added to make it more secure. Some of the key features of this project are

  1. Users can Log In and Log Out of the application.
  2. Logging in requires a user id and password. The user ID should be a valid email ID and the password is of the user’s choice. There should be authentication and security while Logging In and an option to change passwords should also be provided to the users.
  3. Adding new appointments and deleting some of them. Auto-deletion of the appointment after the time has passed can also be an interesting feature.
  4. The list of all the upcoming appointments and the feature for searching for an appointment should be there.
  5. Sending SMS to the user prior to the appointment time.

The link to a sample Appointment Scheduling Project along with its source code is given. You can take inspiration from it and try to create your own appointment scheduler using ASP.NET. 

2. Cab Management System Project

Basic Idea behind the Project: The travel agencies have to manage a lot of cars/buses with the details of drivers and a lot of passengers. So, managing this data manually is a tedious task. The Cab Management System is a web-based solution for this manual tedious work and helps the agencies manage the data very easily.

Project Description: This project is a web-based application to handle a variety of branches and departmental work for a particular car agency. The aim of the project is to provide the best car services to the clients of the car agency. The following are the functionalities of the project (project modules):

  1. Administration Department: Again, this project is also designed solely for the administration side. The admin has to log in first via a valid e-mail ID and password and also the option to change the password should be provided. The admin should be given the option to add as many managers as he/she wants to. Admin should have full access to add, delete or modify manager records.
  2. Finance Module: The finance manager is required to log in to the application via the credentials and the manager should also be given the option to change the password. All the financial tasks such as updating the vehicle billing details, payments, etc. should be done by the finance manager.
  3. HR module: This module requires a Human Resource Manager to log in using the credentials. The HR manager should get all the options to add, remove, and edit the details of the employees. There can be various employees in the car agency like receptionists, drivers, cleaners, etc.
  4. Travel Module: This module requires a travel manager to log in using the required credentials. The options available to the travel manager should be like allotting the routes to the drivers, allotting the cars to the drivers, estimating the travel cost for a journey, etc. Vehicle maintenance can also be done by the travel manager only.

The Link for a sample Cab/Travel Management System with its source code is given below. You can take inspiration from it and try to create your own version of it.

3. Discussion Forum Project

Basic Idea behind the Project: The discussion forum is nothing but a web application where users can put up their questions and other users can answer those questions. For example, Quora, and StackOverflow are very good examples of discussion forums. So, we can build a discussion forum of our own.

Project Description: This forum will be just like any other typical discussion forum available on the internet. There are majorly 2 modules:

  1. Administration Module: The admin can enter the application using the login credentials and have complete control over the application. The admin can have various functionalities like adding some latest topics of discussion, updating the policies of the discussion forum, etc. The admin also should have the access to delete a discussion post if the admin finds it inappropriate. Also, the admin can delete the account of users who he/she might find inappropriate.
  2. User module: The user also has to log in via valid credentials. However, the user should not have that much control over the application. Users should be able to add a question, leave a like on a discussion post, and comment his/her own answer. Users can also be given the feature to report another user and the admin can then look over it.

The Link for a sample Discussion Forum Project using ASP.NET along with its source code is given below. Try to create your own version of the Discussion Forum by taking inspiration from it.

So, we have discussed some of the project ideas for beginners to develop projects in ASP.NET. Let us now move on to some other exciting project ideas.

Intermediate ASP.NET Projects

Some of the interesting project ideas for intermediate ASP.NET programmers are given below:

1. Mailing System

Basic Idea behind the Project: There are a lot of large consultancy services that need a proper mailing list management system so that they can use it to find job vacancies in various departments, fields, and branches and can send emails to their users notifying them about these jobs and the skills in demand. 

Project Description: So, our mailing system provides the same. Also, when a client of the consultancy service is mailed about such a job posting, the client can upload his/her resume and send it to the consultancy service. The user will be emailed back with further notifications if he/she is suitable for the job. There are 2 basic modules in this project:

  1. Administration module: The administrator has to log in via valid credentials and has full control over the entire mailing system. Administrators can create new user profiles, see the existing user profiles, and ensure that there are no duplicate emails. Also, they can edit, remove or add email addresses to the mailing list.
  2. Users: Users are job seekers or email receivers. They do not have any control over the mailing list and system as a whole. They can only send the documents in reply to the mail and their data will be stored in the database.

The link for a sample Mailing System Project using ASP.NET along with the source code is given below. You can refer to it and create your own Mailing System.

2. IT Service Help Desk

Basic Idea behind the Project: Networking is a very important part of the software and IT industry. Without proper communication among various departments of an organization, it is impossible to complete a given task on time. So, for networking and installation-related issues, companies hire special engineers and this task of ensuring smooth networking and communications between various departments of the organization is called a “Help Desk” assignment. So, we have the Online IT Service Help Desk i.e. a web application which is a very interesting support/communication system.

Project Description: Our online help desk web portal will help in transferring complaints or requests from one department to the other easily. The following are the modules of the project:

  1. Admin Module: The admin of this system should have a unique ID and password which is required for only the admin to enter the application. The admin can change the password later on. The admin should have the option to create, delete or modify employee and employee records, work on a master page, update and view a profile, etc.
  2. Team Lead: A project manager or a team leader should have access to a particular project. They should be able to add action, reject action, add a team member, remove a member, track project branches, etc for their own project only.
  3. Team Member: A team member should also be able to log in via his/her email ID and password (which can be changed later). Also, a team member will be able to see the branches of the project they are added to. They should be able to add requests, delete requests, and work on the section of the project they have been assigned to.
  4. Network Manager: A network manager can also log in via his/her own credentials and should be responsible for managing the entire system as a whole.

The Link for a sample Help-Desk Project called Quick-Desk is given below along with its source code. You can make changes to this project according to your needs and create your own version of it.

3. Online Job Portal Project

Basic Idea behind the Project: A job seeker has to struggle a lot in searching the job portals of hundreds of companies. So, we have our Online Job Portal Project which is a free portal where people seeking jobs can apply their resumes/CVs for different jobs and can get hired via our platform.

Project Implementation: So, this project is just like any other online job portal like LinkedIn, InstaHire, etc. There are 2 major modules that we can divide the project into

  1. Administration Module: This module will be used to enter the recruiter’s records such as type of jobs, description of needed candidates, etc. The administration should manage the entire system as a whole. Admin will have some advanced features inaccessible to the users. For instance, the admin can make changes to the entire database which the user does not even have viewing access to.
  2. Employer/Recruiter: They also have to log in using their email ID and password and should be able to create job posts with descriptions and a number of openings, etc.
  3. Jobseeker: They will also have to log in using the credentials and will also have to update their profile and resume from time to time.

The Link to a sample Job-Portal Project using ASP.NET is given below. You can take inspiration from it and make your own hiring portal.

So, we have now seen some very interesting project ideas for intermediate-level ASP.NET developers. Finally, let us see some more ideas for advanced ASP.NET developers.

Advanced ASP.NET Projects

Let us now have a look at some advanced project ideas in ASP.NET.

1. Client-Server Communication System

Basic Idea behind the Project: For the successful completion of a project on time in the software industry, it is very important for the administration, project leaders, and team members, i.e. the programmers should have smooth and regular communication among themselves. So, it becomes really important to have a platform to do so. Hence we have our Client-Server Communication System.

Project Description: A web-based project developed in ASP.NET, allows the administrator to communicate between the project leaders and programmers and allows them to maintain the login and logout time. The project also maintains offline messages, i.e. the messages that were sent online, can be viewed even when you are offline, but obviously, you cannot send any message when you are offline. The main features of the Client-Server Communication system are

  1. Sending Messages: The project leader can interact with each and every programmer using this software.
  2. Chatting: Communication with a colleague will be made easy using the chat option.
  3. Login and Logout Time: When a programmer logs in, the login time is recorded and also the logout time is recorded. This report will be sent to the project leader so that they can ensure that everybody is working fine. Also, the login and logout times of the project leaders will be visible to the admins. Hence, admin is the highest in the hierarchy, and then comes the project leaders, and the lowest level in the hierarchy is that of the programmers.

The Link to a sample Chat-Application (example for Client-Server Communication) along with its source code is given below. You can refer to it and make your own version of it.

2. File Sharing System Project

Basic Idea behind the Project: Security is a major concern nowadays. We see some security breaches daily in big companies during the file-sharing process. Secured and fast file sharing from one department of a company to another is very important because of the simple fact that it is essential for the smooth working of the organization. The traditional file-sharing methods can be slow because of the slow downloading and can have limited access to say one user at a time. So, we have our file-sharing system project.

Project Description: Our file-sharing system will be an intranet-based file-sharing client application that will provide support for group-related operations and maintenance as well. The users can create groups among themselves and the files can be shared with these groups rather than sending the files individually to one another. Also, the access granting permissions can also be set for a user so that he/she should not be able to view/edit the file. There are majorly 3 modules in this system:

  1. Administration Module: The admin has full control over the entire application. An admin can manage user details, edit user profiles, accept/reject a user to be a part of the system, etc.
  2. User Module: The users of this web application have to first register themselves using the email ID and password and the admin decides whether the user should be allowed or not. They can upload, share and download files once they are allowed to do so. They can edit their own profile details.
  3. Automatic Mailing System: As soon as a file is uploaded, the corresponding users receive an email regarding the same.

The Link to a sample File Sharing System Project along with its source code is given below. You can take help from this project and create your own File Sharing System.

3. Online Text Editor

Project Description: This is not a very difficult project but it is kept in advanced projects because of the high usage that this project can get. The project will require the user just to log in and then the user can create, edit and delete documents just like they can do in Google Docs. The important thing to note here is that one can download their own document too from anywhere if they simply log in to the application.

Main features of text-editor

  • We can write comments in the document
  • We can edit the data
  • The document will be automatically saved and once you log in, you can see all your saved documents.
  • The documents can also be saved locally by downloading them.

The Link for a sample text-editor Project along with its source code is given below. Please refer to the same and try to create your project based on the above ideas and taking inspiration from the below project.

So, these were some of the major project ideas on ASP.NET.


These were the 9 project ideas that we had for you. However, creativity, imagination, and skills have no limits. You can try to get some more ideas like you may make your own virus detector using ASP.NET, or your own mobile recharge application and whatnot. So, keep trying and learning.


Q1. Is ASP.NET easy?
A. ASP.NET is a very high-speed and low-cost programming language which is very easy to learn. Moreover, it just requires some minimal setup and resources.

Q2 Is ASP.NET the future?
A. We all know that cloud computing is going to be the next big thing. It is already rising day by day and is growing to become more popular. ASP.NET Core and Web API are going to be a part of .NET 5 to build web and cloud applications. Hence, yes, ASP.NET is the future.

Q3. What is ASP.NET best for?
A. ASP.NET is one of the best frameworks for developing websites and web applications.

Q4. How long will ASP.NET be supported?
A. Well, to give a particular deadline would be wrong, as this is the technology and it might stay a lot longer than anyone can expect, or it might even be obsolete tomorrow. However, Microsoft will be continuing to support ASP.NET Webforms because much of its functionality is based on the core. Also, since it is being used to develop cloud applications, it should be supported for quite some time from now too.

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