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full stack developer salary

Money or Passion – The rightful cornerstones of debate while choosing a career for oneself. Likewise, this is the feeling of any aspiring full-stack developer will be too. So, did you ponder these questions?

Is a full-stack developer a good career choice?

What is a better job opportunity, full-stack developer or back-end developer?

Can I find a better salary as a full-stack developer abroad?

Well, if you are anywhere near this debate in your head, this post is right on for you. This blog post will highlight the tip to the bottom of a full-stack web developer’s role, salary, scope, skills required, and job opportunities in India and other countries. 

Introduction to the Field of Full Stack Development

Every single person knows that anything can stay stagnant but technology. It has been evolving since time immemorial. Even in times of upsurge, the tech sector not only did survive but instead passed out with flying colours. 

While this pandemic was affecting many, it certainly boosted the field of full-stack development. Full-stack development refers to software development that focuses on both front-end (client-side) and back-end (server-side) portions of the web application. Front-end is the visual side of an application where a user can interact while the back end or server side is about building and maintaining the behind-the-scenes functionality of the website that a user cannot see. 

Full Stack Developer Salary in India

Ultimately, the worth comes down to the pay scale. 

Here is everything to know about the full stack web developer salary. 

In India, the average base salary of a full-stack developer is ₹582,659/year.
This number could go as high as INR 1400 K to a low of 300K. 

The breakdown of salary according to payscale is as follows:

The rank of a full stack developer in India is surely among one of the highest-paid jobs positions. However, it is to be noted that the salary has many affecting factors ranging from experience, skills, location and employer. 

1. Salary Based on the Employer

Different companies have different pay structures according to their ideologies. 

Here is a list of Top recruiters for full-stack developers in India and their estimated base salaries.

RecruitersAverage Salary
Tata Consultancy ServicesINR 452846 per annum
IBMINR 659371 per annum
Vassar LabsINR 785542 per annum
NucleiINR 10,55,280 per annum
Report GardenINR 809013 per annum
AccentureINR 530241 per annum
GALE PartnersINR 818863 per annum
InfosysINR 335000 – INR 424000 per annum
Cognizant Technology SolutionsINR 240000 – INR 625000 per annum
WiproINR 420826 per annum
OracleINR 1390000- INR 1693000 per annum
SchlumbergerINR 168000- INR 2117000 per annum
TapzoINR 1100000- INR 1210000 per annum
Posist TechnologiesINR 834000- INR 995000 per annum

2. Salary Based on Experience

There is never an argument for the fact that experience plays a key role in defining your salary. A definitive experience with a good company gives you an edge over many new aspirants. 

A full stack developer’s salary in India for a fresher is ₹375,000.

Source: PayScale

A full-stack developer with early-level experience of 1-4 years earns a standard of ₹553,006 annually.

Source: PayScale

An employee with mid-level experience of 5-9 years can secure about INR 12-14 lakhs.

Source: PayScale

3. Salary Based on the Place of Service

Big cities inclusive of Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, and Delhi are the headquarters of many top recruiters in India. This allows significantly affects a full-stack developer’s salary in India. 

The estimated average full-stack web developer’s salary with early-year experience in these locations is as follows:

CitiesAverage Salary (INR)
Bangalore₹702K / yr
Hyderabad₹704K / yr
Pune₹702K / yr
Chennai₹600K / yr
Delhi₹651K / yr
Kolkata₹479K / yr
Ahmedabad₹606K / yr
Mumbai₹738K / yr


4. Salary Based on Your Skills

A full-stack web developer’s salary is influenced in many ways by the number of skills a developer is trained in. It simply is not just the number but the qualitative aspect as well. Within the category of skill set, many factors come into play to decide upon a full-stack web developer’s salary in India.

  1. The average salary for a Full Stack Web Developer with JavaScript  is ₹596,018
  2. The average salary for a Full Stack Web Developer with React.js skills  is ₹562,493
  3. The average salary for a Full Stack Developer with Python Skills  is ₹337,037
  4. The average salary for a Full Stack Web Developer with Angular Skills is ₹926,653
  5. The average salary for a Full Stack Developer with Node.js skills is ₹599,993

    It can be concluded that Skills in JavaScript, Node.js and Angular are correlated to pay that is above average. Skills that pay less than the market rate include Python and React.js.

Source: PayScale

Who is a Full Stack Developer?

A Full Stack Web developer is an expert who has the knowledge and understanding of both sides of development; front-end and back-end programming. 

The developer has a wide area of knowledge with the ability to create a complete web application. However, the most significant part is s/he understands the boundaries between each of the varied roles they perform. 

The name ‘full-stack’ justifies itself as a full-stack developer should have the understanding of all the layers in any of the stacks preferred by the developer like The MEAN Stack, The MERN Stack, and The LAMP Stack.

  • Front-End: Also known as the client-side of the web application that the user interacts with. The developer will focus on the coding of the user interface. 
  • Back-end: Server-side or back-end of the web application is everything that goes behind the scenes. A back-end developer is responsible for the base functioning of an application or website. 
  • Database: The database is a place to store the data for any of your project or application you are working on. Some popular databases are MYSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, etc. 
  • DevOps: It is a methodology wherein the gap between the development and operations teams is bridged. They work together as a team to deliver faster, more reliable, and better results while creating an application. 

The clear remarkability of moving beyond just a speciality is why a full-stack developer’s salary in India is included among the highest-paid jobs in the country.

Full Stack Developers Job Roles and Responsibilities

There has been a constant debate over what role and responsibility a full-stack web developer in India entails.

Should I be the front-end master?

What should I know more about – database or DevOps?

If I have to do everything, why hire a different front-end and back-end developer? 

A full-stack developer does not need to be that superhuman person who knows everything and can solve everything. Their role stands out from other specialised developers, not in terms of speciality but, proficiency. 

The employers that hire full-stack developers have different job roles for them but they all keep the common ground for the versatility and efficiency of a developer. They will expect you to have a balanced understanding of user-side development as well as server-side development (i.e. frontend and backend). 

Therefore, before the definite role description, you should be ready for what position you’re entering into and the commitment it requires. 

Their core roles and responsibilities are :

  • Procuring project requirements from clients and stakeholders
  • Developing the server side of the application
  • Studying project requirements and creating solutions
  • Develop front-side of the application
  • Creating databases and servers
  • Development Testing for bugs in code
  • Modifying codes using hardware and software
  • Using methodical testing processes for problem-solving
  • Cross-platform optimization

With the specific roles and responsibilities ruled out above for a full stack developer, it is quite clear that one could explore many job positions in their professional career. The diversity of your skills will help you find varied job roles with a better pay structure. 

Some of the great job roles which you could find yourself suitable in are the following

  • Project manager
  • System architect 
  • Team Leader
  • Database Engineer
  • Development operations engineer 

What Skills are Required to be a Full Stack Developer?

Is it really hard to be a full-stack developer? is one of the frequently asked questions among peers. It is not baseless either. The vagueness and the ‘know-it-all’ quality of a full stack developer seem to confuse many developers. 

However, you need to understand that every role comes with certain responsibilities and expectations. The same is necessitated for a full-stack web developer. 

The required skills are : 

  • Knowledge of essential front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • At least one server-side programming language like Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, etc.
  • Database management and caching mechanism
  • Server and configuration management
  • Version control systems like GitHub, GitLab, BeanStalk
  • Basic UI/UX design
  • Project management skills
  • Security awareness
  • Agile development approach to carry out the vision with multidisciplinary tasks without any hurry or disturbance. 
  • Generate a MVP (minimum viable product) 
  • Problem Solving Skills for you will be expected to be the go-to person during any technical difficulty while creating an application. 

Besides the hard skills, a diversified full stack developer should have the following soft skills as well:

  • Flexibility will go a long way: Now as you have understood the expectations from a full stack developer, there is no denying in expecting a flexible attitude from you. The rigidness to stick to specialization will surely not work for this career option. 
  • Open to learning and Upskilling: A person in whatever field should never disrespect learning. Learning, rightly said, never stops and so you should treat it as a force of nature as well. Be flexible towards always learning new things as you are not a specialist in one field rather a master of everything. 
  • Attention to Detail: In order to achieve your accuracy and proficiency in full-stack development one needs to keep a thorough check on the minutest details. Coding has always been about preciseness, so this is something a must-have for every full-stack developer. 
  • Time Management: As a full-stack developer you will have to juggle various roles and responsibilities simultaneously. The key to shining through your role is significantly dependent on your time management skills. You cannot deliver good results if managing time is not in your favoured skills. 
  • Communication: A pivotal position always demands good communication skills. Being a full-stack developer makes it all the more necessary because you are linked to both sides of the development. So keep your communication friendly, direct, and assertive. Be in the power of your situation. 

Read More – Skills Required For A Full Stack Developer

Career Scope of a Full Stack Developer in India

You would be surprised to know that when people in the 2020 lockdown were out of jobs, full-stack developers were in full demand. 

According to the HackerRank Developer Skills Report 2020, 2020’s most in-demand talent pool: full-stack developers. 

“38% of hiring managers say it’s the #1 role to fill in 2020. “

What’s in the future for a full-stack developer in India?

If you are a fresher in this field and are fighting in your mind about the fact that there are not many jobs for a full-stack developer, then we have a fact check for you.

According to only monster.com there are approximately 20,000 Full-stack Developer’s Jobs available in India. And this is just monster.com, wherein there are so many great other websites to explore including naukri.com, indeed, LinkedIn and so much more. 

The massive demand and adaptable role of this position open many doors for the employer as well as the employee. This career option has the advantage of the following factors:

  1. Multifaceted Market: Earlier small companies only were sticking to full-stack developers. But, now the market for them has expanded. Big MultiNational Companies want to hire developers who work beyond one simple specialization for which full stack developer is the best. 
  2. Greater Responsibility= Greater productivity: Working on both sides of the end, the client-side, as well as the server-side of the application, gives them an edge over other developers. Makes you a jack of all trades allowing you to understand many concepts at once which equates to better productivity. 
  3. Growth is perpetual: The irony of this ever-changing, ever-evolving role is growth is something constant here. As a full-stack developer is not a specialized developer, there will always be points and opportunities for learning. This will equip you for better productivity, and versatility, and open you to more job options.

Key Factors to Choose Full Stack Developer as Your Profession

1. High Market Value

The role of a full-stack developer is the emerging face of web development and technology. The whole tech sector is growing upon this job position and so every great marketer wants to hire a full-stack developer, a ‘know it all’ for themselves. Their diversified nature is in full demand. 

2. Good Paid Job In India

There is no denying in the escalated graph of a full stack developer salary. Employers understand their wide range and expertise in working which requires great pay. Hence, the money and passion debate will not be much of a big problem in this field. 

3. Limited Workforce

Many developers put themselves under the category of a full stack developer but quite few could actually perform this versatile job. Therefore, if you feel you are good at it all, there are not many of you. So go for this position where people are willing to hire you. 

4. Productivity at Par

Diversified Skills= Many Responsibilities=High Productivity

The versatility in this field is a catalyst for growth and upskilling. So if you are a true learner, explore this field for daily growth prospects and a better future ahead.

Full Stack Developer Salary in Other Countries

The country also plays a major role in defining the salary of a job profession. Let’s check out the salary range of a full-stack developer in other countries. 

CountryAverage Base Salary (Currency)
The United States$75,057
The United Kingdom£35,504
New ZealandNZ$70,076



A full-stack developer’s salary in India for a fresher or experienced employee is at its prime with varied job options. Explore to your extent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1: How much can a full-stack developer earn?

Ans: A full-stack developer’s salary in India for freshers can be a minimum of INR 3,00,000/yr. The average highest salary range for a full-stack web developer in India could go up to INR 14,00,000. This pay scale can vary according to various deciding factors like skillset, location, employer, experience, and job role. 

Q.2: What is the demand for a full-stack developer?

Ans: The full-stack developers are the unicorns of the technical field. They are the ‘know it all’ which results in high demand for such developers. Their adaptable and flexible attitude towards learning and working adds to the advantage of employers and hence, makes them one of the highest-paid professions in India.  

Q.3: Which full stack is best?

Ans: Full-stack development is all about covering all the basics of web development from the user side to the server side. Therefore, different frameworks can be known to full-stack developers according to their interests and purpose.  Some which are the best frameworks are 

  • LAMP Stack
  • MEAN.js Stack
  • MERN Stack
  • Django Stack

Q.4: Is it hard to become a full-stack developer?

Ans: If learning different things than inclining towards specialization is what is of importance to you in technology, then NO, full stack development is not a hard job to do. 

However, it requires determination, constant eagerness towards upskilling oneself and most importantly the patience to do multitask. This sounds hard but if you put your mind to it, this can be the best job for you with one of the highest pay scales as well. 

Q.5: Is a full-stack developer a good career?

Ans: Absolutely, it is a good career choice. A full-stack developer is the future of the technology industry. The high level of responsibility is what makes it one of the most productive jobs for a person. It will drive you towards constant growth that could lead you to opportunities surpassing your expectations. 

Q.6: Is full stack developer a good career in 2023?

Ans: Full-stack development is especially a good career choice in 2023. 

You could work from home, with a good average base pay structure in India, with fewer competitors and more demand, it is the diamond of technical jobs. If coding and varied working interest you, go for full-stack development. 

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