50+ Good Questions to Ask in an Interview [2023]

Questions to Ask in an Interview


Preparing for an interview always includes getting ready to face every question the interviewer asks and answering them righteously. However, what many people don’t consider important is that asking the right questions in an interview is also as crucial as giving the right answer.

When it’s your turn to ask questions during an interview, you should really make the most of it! Moreover, the type of questions you ask speaks a lot about you and your interest in the position. Therefore, it’s quite significant to ask the right questions.

In this article, we’ll be discussing a lot of remarkable questions to ask in an interview. Let’s get started!

50+ most common job interview questions: Sample Questions

Questions To Know More About Your Job Role

When given the opportunity to ask questions, you must show great interest in your job role and position. This way, you’ll be able to know more about your day-to-day job responsibilities both right after joining and in the future.

Here are some remarkable questions to ask in an interview to know more about your job:

  1. Can you discuss a couple of projects I’ll be working on immediately after joining in? — Answering this question will help to get an idea of your starting responsibilities in your new job. 
  2. What are the skills that you think your new recruitment must possess? — Get an idea of the skills that they are seeking and work on sharpening them.
  3. According to you, what might be the biggest challenge that I would face in this position? — It will help you to be already prepared when a challenging situation arrives.  
  4. According to you, what’s the one quality that your ideal candidate possesses? —  Find whether you come into their category of an ideal candidate or not. If not, you know what to work on! 
  5. Will I be joining in a new role or be a replacement for an ex-employee? — This question allows you to know about your position’s past.
  6. What trait one must have to get success in this position? — Understand how you can achieve success in your job.
  7. How much does this position put up to the overall success of the company? — This question will help you know about the importance of your role.
  8. Can there be any changes in my job role after some time in future? — Find out about future opportunities. 
  9. Can you please tell me something about the team I’ll be joining? — Knowing about the team you’ll be working with is important.

Questions To Build Rapport With The Interviewer

In order to build a strong rapport with your interviewer (who’s also going to become your co-employee later), it is crucial to show interest in him as both a professional and a person.

Here are some good questions that you can ask in an interview to bond with the interviewer:

  1. What’s the thing that you find the best about this organization? – Asking this question helps in knowing the organization better.
  2. What one piece of advice would you like to give me for working with this organisation? — Such a question makes the interviewer feel like you respect their advice.
  3. Where did you work before joining here? — Know how experienced your co-employees are!
  4. What is the one obstacle that you regularly face in this organization? — Knowing such a thing is important as you might also face the same obstacle later.
  5. Will I be joining you with any project right after joining? — Build a rapport with your interviewer with such questions.
  6. Has your work role changed from what it was when you joined? — Such a question will also give you an idea of what to expect from your job role after a few months.
  7. Why did you join this company? — Answer to this question might also make you eager to join the company.
  8. What’s the one skill that you have mastered? I would really be hoping to learn that from you. — This question will show your respect towards your senior or co-employee.
  9. What’s the upcoming project that you are really excited to work on and will I also be a part of it? — Show interest in your interviewer’s work and build a bond of trust.
  10. What’s the one skill that you would like to see in your new employee? — It’s obviously better to know what your interviewer wants.

Questions To Ask In An Interview About The Company

Before joining any organization, it is important to know about the company and the values its employees share.

Here are the best questions to ask in an interview to know the company you are going to join:

  1. The HR already told me a lot about the company, however, would you like to tell me something significant about the organization? — Get to know about the company from the interviewer’s point of view.
  2. What are the company goals for the next five years? — it’s important to know about the company’s vision.
  3. Can you please tell me about the company’s ongoing and future major projects and products? — Get an idea of what type of projects you will working on after joining.
  4. What are the current goals or objectives of the company and what are the objective-oriented key results? — Knowing the objective and key results is absolutely important as it helps you analyse if you will fit there or not.
  5. Is there anything that you are the most thrilled about? — Let them share their excitement with you and get more bonded with the company.
  6. What are the company and employee values? — Probably the most important thing to know about a company and its employees.
  7. Who will I be reporting to? — Such questions will give an impression to the interviewer that you are seriously looking forward to work.
  8. What are the working hours? — A simple but quite crucial question as one must not have any doubts about working hours.

Questions To Ask About Future Growth Opportunities

Knowing about future growth opportunities is crucial before joining an organization. After all, you would not want to be in a place without any scope for success and growth.

Here are some good questions to ask in an interview to know about future growth opportunities:

  1. Does the organization reward employees for extraordinary work? — Ask this question and show that you are all ready to work hard.
  2. How do you see my position growing in the next few years? — Let the employer speak about your position.
  3. Will I be given any training first? — Ask this question to know about your first couple of weeks at the new job.
  4. What are the professional growth opportunities at this company? — Answer to his question will probably end your doubts regarding professional growth.
  5. Do you see the company growing? — It’s always good to hear honest answers from the interviewer about the company’s growth.
  6. Is there any upcoming project that will significantly help me in upscaling my skills? — It’s always better to join such organizations where growth projects are a regular thing.

Questions To Ask About The Work Culture

You really don’t want to work at a company where the work culture is only limited to drinking during happy hours.  Therefore, it’s always beneficial to ask a few questions about the work culture of the organisation.  

Here are a few good questions to ask in an interview about the work culture:

  1. According to you, how’s the work culture here at this organization? — Sometimes it’s better to straight-up ask what you want to ask.
  2. Are there any activities that we perform as a team for a stronger bond? — It’s important to know what activities you’ll be doing as a team! 
  3. I would really love to listen to the last company event you guys did as a team. Can you please share the memory? — Knowing about their last event can significantly help you to predict the work culture. 
  4. Is there anything specific thing about the company culture that you love the most? — Hear what your interviewer like the most, it might be the most thrilling thing to know.
  5. How would you categorize the work culture here, collaborative or independent? — Answer to this question will help you know whether you are going to work alone or as a team.
  6. Do our team also meet outside the office for casual lunch or dinner activities?  — Another important question to find out whether you’ll be making good friends or not.
  7. Do our department or team also meet and enjoy activities with other department members? — Understand how your relationship is going to be with the members of other departments.
  8. What essence of this company’s work culture makes it different from the rest of the companies? — This question will help you find the unique thing about the work culture you are seeking.
  9. Does this company also allow a remote working culture? — Find whether you’ll be able to work from home on certain days or not?
  10. Do I also have to handle juniors under me? — Knowing whether you’ll be having a team under you or not is crucial as it tells you a lot about work pressure.
  11. How many paid leaves am I allowed to take in a month? — Usually, the HR and interviewer tell you about leaves without asking. However, if they forget about this, it’s your duty to ask such an important question.

Questions To Ask About The Next Steps

When it’s time to say goodbye, make sure that the interviewers know everything they want to know about you. And also, don’t leave the interview wondering what’ll be the next step. 

Here are some good ending questions to as in an interview about the next steps: 

  1. Are there any other final questions or things that you would like to know about me? It’s important to clear all the doubts of interviewers before leaving.
  2. If I get selected for this interview, what’ll be my next step? 
  3. Is there any specific thing about my profile that concern you? Ask this question to find out if the interviewers have any doubts about you. Make sure to clear them up! 
  4. Is there anything that I should know about your company but didn’t ask about? A final attempt to know the company!
  5. If you were to rate my interview performance out of 10, how much would you give? While it might be a funny thing to ask, a positive answer to this question will give you a significant confidence boost.
  6. Would you like to give me any advice on my interview performance? Doesn’t matter whether your interview goes well or bad, a piece of advice from seniors is always great.

Questions Not To Ask in An Interview!

Well, enough about what questions to ask. Let’s now focus on some questions that you must avoid asking! 

  1. What does this organization do? — Do not show that you came to an interview without researching the company. 
  2. Am I selected? — Quite a straightforward question that shows your impatient nature.
  3. Can I get work-hour flexibility after joining this company? — Ask such questions in an interview typically depicts that you might be the “Not-on-time” guy! 
  4. Will my performance be regularly supervised? —  You may ask this question because of curiosity but it could give an impression of insecurity to the interviewer.

Guidelines For Asking Questions In An Interview

Here are some points to consider while figuring out your interview questions! 

  1. Employers can tell you are a good candidate by how well your talk about yourself, your motivation, and your passion for the job. During an interview, focus on telling stories that explain why you would be successful in the role they want to fill and why you want to work there. Show them what makes you unique and how you can add value to their company.
  2. Ask questions that give you insight into the hiring manager and your potential colleagues.
  3. Make sure the questions you ask are relevant to the job and to the person or persons you are interviewing.
  4. Keep in mind that there is no one set of questions for every kind of job, industry or situation.
  5. Avoid asking questions that can be answered by looking at the website or the company’s recent press releases.


While preparing the answers for your job interview, do not forget to prepare some good questions to ask in an interview too. While asking questions allows you to know more and more about the company, it also allows the interviewers to know you. Hence, make sure you are precise with not only your answers but questions too. 

Let’s conclude this article with a few quick tips for your interview: 

  • Know how to properly pronounce your interviewer’s name.
  • Do not hesitate in building a rapport.
  • Have patience, let your interviewer talk about the salary first. 
  • Be honest.

We certainly hope that the questions mentioned in this article will help you significantly to prepare for your job interview.

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