Top Software and IT Companies In India

IT Companies In India


Indian IT-BPM industry holds 45% of share in Indian Export Services.
A fastest growing sector in India with a rate of 2.3%.
More than 8% share in the Indian GDP.
IT Industry revenue around $170-$200 billion in Indian Market.

If these stats are not enough, then do not know what is?
The IT sector of India is a competitive global industry soaring high worldwide.
You must be wondering what these companies are like, and what their work culture is like.

You are at the right place. This article will explore the Top IT companies in India, the growth of the industry in India, the IT market for software engineers and so much more.

India’s IT Service Industry is one of the flourishing industries providing its clients with the finest informational technology services.

IT companies are now a significant part of big businesses as the world is all about everything digital nowadays. From insurance slips to medical reports; from payroll to customer services; from call centers to legal systems to education, every industry is thriving in the market through technology and software.

IT companies in India provide their clients with expertise in maintaining and monitoring the technical department. Services could range from hardware services to cloud computing, cybersecurity to network infrastructure. The function of an Indian IT company is not limited to a single definition. It is diversified and comprehensive.

IT Functions can be categorized into three departments –

  • Infrastructure: This function is inclusive of all the components of hardware, software, and network resources that are significant for the existence and operation of an IT firm. Some services are Networking, platform management, security, storage architecture, etc.
  • Governance: IT Governance is the function that uses IT systems and new methodologies to incorporate efficient evaluation of a business or any other individual client. As a part of the IT governance team, they focus on delivery, risk management, resource management, strategic alignment, and performance management.
    Some IT governance companies are COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies), and ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library).
  • Functionality: SaaS (Software as service) or FaaS (Function as service) is a department of IT services that provides a platform for companies to run, develop, and manage functionalities of applications. Some of the examples are cloud computing, database management, etc.

Growth of the IT Sector in India

IT Companies

The explosive growth of the IT Industry of India has left many people amazed. The rising Industry flourishes to grow beyond just a service. It is now a significant business in itself. With a growth rate of more than 5% in the coming years, McKinsey suggests that IT companies will be a billion-dollar industry with a revenue touchdown to $300-$350 billion. Such remarkable growth has exponentially enhanced the better work opportunities for many people in the tech field. 

Big tech companies like Microsoft, Wipro, TCS, and Google have strong foundations in India owing to their success in the sector. 

The country that used to be known for its agriculture industry is now running on a knowledge-driven industry that has changed the course of business for many. 

But with such a massive growth rate, everybody seeks reasons and facts, why, and how there is such a boom in the IT Industry of India. 

Here are some of the reasons for such an explosive and consistent rise in IT companies

1. Highly Skilled Human Resources

To maintain a better standard of living, Indian Parents have highly regarded science as the best field. From the intellectual point of view to the financial point of view, Science is favoured by many parents. All of this is consequential in giving India some of the great software and development people. The human power of the IT sector has a vast number of people within their community with proficiency and expertise. This is a core reason for making the sector not just grow based on outside policies and strategies but with the internally talented pool of people working in this domain. 

2. Era of Digitalisation

The breakthrough for the IT and software companies is affected significantly by the digitalization of businesses. From an individual shop owner to a big company, everyone wants a website, an application, or software that requires a digital medium to connect and build an audience.

For example, digitized payments, online bookings, etc. As per current status and reports, digital services account for approximately 30% of IT industry revenue. This percentage is expected to go as high as 50% in the coming years. Therefore, the digitalization of services seems like a significant factor in the growth of this industry.

3. Modern Day Technologies

In the past few years, we have seen a new set of technologies being introduced in the IT domain to benefit the working of an application or software. Some of those technologies were the cloud, Artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, Big Data, etc. The adoption of these modern-day technologies by some of the big ventures has opened new opportunities and growth mediums for the IT industry. 

4. Government Policies

Besides internal factors, the government can highly affect an industry’s growth as well. Likewise, with Government’s SEZs which are Special Economized Zones provides many companies area to operate and function with tax subsidies. This is one of the vital reasons for the growth of the hub for IT startups. 

5. Low operational cost

In comparison to the west, big or small companies get the IT services outsourced from India due to lesser amounts paid as an operational cost. The Labour Cost Unit in India is quite low as compared to other countries. Such low operational costs and supportive policies play a major role in affecting the growth of software companies in India. 

Well, besides all these factors, the pandemic is for sure the catalyst for the future growth of IT companies. In the pandemic not only every business requires a digital mode of working, but, it needed smoother functioning as well. All of this is possible with the efficient services provided by the top IT companies in India. 

IT Companies In India

To understand the buzz around the IT domain and working, let’s have a look at the Top 10 IT companies in India.

IT sector in India can be divided into Service-based and Product Based companies. Let us have a look at a few Product Based companies below –

Product Based Companies

Product-based companies are driven by a plan to introduce products that have good market value and satisfy a wide range of customers.

  1. Adobe
  2. Amazon
  3. Facebook
  4. Google
  5. Microsoft
  6. Hewlett-Packard (HP)
  7. Intel
  8. Paypal
  9. Salesforce
  10. Flipkart
  11. Oracle

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Service Based Companies

A service-based company is one that provides customers, clients the ultimate solution to their requirements or a service to another company.

  1. Tata Consultancy Service
  2. Infosys
  3. HCL Technologies
  4. Wipro Limited
  5. Redington India Ltd.
  6. Tech Mahindra Limited
  7. Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited
  8. Larsen and Toubro Limited
  9. Mphasis Limited

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The IT sector has given society so much in terms of efficiency, quality, speediness, and agility. With the adoption of new technologies into business models, the analytics field, IT has changed our working systems. In times of the Pandemic when everything was dripping to a low scale, the IT sector’s technologies like telehealthcare, virtual classes, online consulting, etc were a major reason to keep the industry on a fast-paced growth rate. This highlights the potential of the IT industry in India as capable of contributing a large share in the Indian economy as well as giving employment opportunities to many aspiring engineers.

Working in this field would not just be a means to earn money or practice your skills. As a developer, engineer, system architect and so many other related job roles in the IT domain, you could offer services that change the world we live in.

Working in this sector means growing exponentially, being a part of game-changing projects and intellectual minds that help you understand perspectives unheard, and unseen by you. There is no denying that this sector is not diminishing any time soon and instead, a thriving place to be in.

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Q.1: What is an IT company?

Ans: An IT company is an organization with people who have expertise in building, maintaining, and managing technology-oriented services and solutions.

Q.2: Which is the biggest IT company in India?

Ans: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is considered to be the largest IT company in India in terms of Revenue and Captial.

Q.3: Is Google an IT company?

Ans: Yes, Google is a multinational IT company providing services and products to transform business and clients’ journeys to success.

Q.4: Do freshers get paid well in IT companies?

Ans: The average base salary for freshers in IT companies can approximately be Rs.300K per annum. This amount can vary according to the job role you are applying for, your experience, your skillset, and your employer.

Q.5: Which IT company gives the highest salary in India?

Ans: TCS, Infosys, and HCL Technologies are some of the companies that offer fairly good pay structures to freshers or experienced employees in the IT sector in India.

Q.6: Is it good to work in the IT sector?

Ans: Yes, the IT sector of India is a thriving industry that has a future of tremendous growth rate and learning opportunities. To be a part of this industry means to be a part of the change.

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