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Started at - 30 Oct 2020 8:00 PM IST
Ended at - 01 Nov 2020 8:00 PM IST
Duration - 2 days
CodeDrift: Arrays

Started at - 30 Oct 2020 8:00 PM IST
Ended at - 01 Nov 2020 8:00 PM IST
Duration - 2 days
About Contest

CodeDrift is a coding marathon to challenge programmers with several programming questions of varying difficulty levels over 2 days. Bring to light your logical minds by solving algorithmic programming problems.

It challenges you with 4 problems on Arrays which will be live till Sunday at 8 pm and will go live on:

Oct 30, 2020 (Friday) 8pm:

Problem 1 & Problem 2

Oct 31, 2020 (Saturday) 8pm:

Problem 3 & Problem 4 

You can Practice Array questions here.

Update (1st Nov 2020): The contest is now available in practice mode and the editorial can be found below,

Day 1 Video Solution:

Day 2 Video Solution:

Please note:

- If you start the test on Friday at 8:00 pm, you will get the full 48 hours

- If you start at any time after 8:00 pm, you will only get time till Sunday at 8:00 pm.

Eligibility for CodeDrift: 

This CodeDrift is open to all for participation.

Earning these prizes isn't going to be easy. You'll first have to take up the CodeDrift challenge and face off against thousands of other programmers who are taking up this challenge!

Rules and scoring:

- This is an individual participation competition

- Please refrain from discussing strategy during the competition

- All submissions are checked by a plagiarism detector. Any case of code plagiarism will disqualify both users from the competition

- InterviewBit decisions are final

- Prizes will be awarded to those participants who have given consent to share their information with us.

- Current InterviewBit employees are not eligible for prizes

- Please expect 6-8 weeks post competition to receive your prizes

- Each challenge has a predetermined score

- Each submission for each problem will be scored based on the number of test cases it passes

- A participant's total score is the sum of the scores earned for each problem attempted. If you submitted more than one solution for a problem, only the highest score achieved will be used in this calculation

- Participants are ranked by score, with the cumulative time taken (between the competition start time and the time of your correct submission) used to break ties.


Alexa Echo Dot!

Scaler T-Shirts up to the top 5 participants.


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