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Free and Anonymous Mock Interviews

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Mock Interviews

During mock interview we ensure that your identity is not revealed

Peer Matching

Based on your availability, experience, education, practice topics, we match you with someone of equal expertise.

Interview Questions

Hints, solutions and interviewing tips enable both you and your peer to interview each other like pros.

1-on-1 Session

Give mock interviews anytime with collaborative real-time code editor and inbuilt audio calling.

How It Works

We match you with the best suitable peer available.

  • Calendar

    STEP 1

    Fill your preferences.

    Provide the time-slots
    and programming languages you are
    comfortable with.

  • Mock Interview matched

    STEP 2

    Get Matched

    We will match you with
    the best peer according to the details
    provided by you.

  • Mock interview session

    STEP 3

    Give/Take Interview

    The interview period is for one and a half hour.
    For the first half, you interview your peer and in the second half you get interviewed by your peer(or vice versa)

  • Mock interview feedback

    STEP 4

    Read your feedback

    After completion you will be evaluated
    by your peer. Work on the areas you lack
    and then repeat until you are confident

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