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Started at - 19 Jul 2019 6:30 PM IST
Ended at - 22 Jul 2019 9:00 AM IST
Duration - 2 days 12 hours
ZS Data Science Challenge - 2019

Job Profile

Data Science


Pune/New Delhi/Bangalore


Best in Industry

Started at - 19 Jul 2019 6:30 PM IST
Ended at - 22 Jul 2019 9:00 AM IST
Duration - 2 days 12 hours


The challenge is a unique opportunity for you to put your coding and machine learning skills to test. You will get to solve a real-world data science problem and also get a sneak peek into the kind of problem statements being solved by ZS’s Advanced Data Science team. The offered problem statement is designed to evaluate:

  • your knowledge of machine learning, optimization and statistics
  • your proficiency in identifying the right technique to approach the solution
  • the way you translate the findings from a business context
  • Online Phase (July 19-22, 2019)
  • Offline Data-A-Thon(August 2-3, 2019)

You would be expected to come up with a scalable approach using the provided sample dataset/s. You're free to use any method or tool of your choice and upload your predictions in the prescribed format.

The challenge will be conducted in two phases:

Online Phase: You will be assigned 60 hours to work on the real-world data science problem statement. You will be provided with the past data (Train) and expected to make predictions on the hold-out (Test) data. Based on all the submissions we receive, the top 50 participants will be invited to Phase 2 of the challenge.

Offline Data-A-Thon: The top participants will compete during Phase 2 of the challenge, hosted at our ZS Bengaluru office on August 2–3, 2019. Along with solving another interesting data science problem, you get a chance to interact with our Advanced Data Science leadership team.

PS: ZS will take care of all the travel and stay arrangements for the Offline Data-A-Thon.


Top 3 submissions in each phase will win exciting prizes and a pre-placement interview call letter. Exciting goodies and certificates are in store for all the Top 50 participants.


Final year students from any discipline of graduation or post-graduation/PhD based in India are eligible to participate in the challenge.

If you are an experienced professional, you can still make it to the list of the top 50 data scientists of the country, bag a pre-placement interview letter and participate in our offline Data-A-Thon.


ZS is a professional services firm that works side by side with companies to help develop and deliver products that drive customer value and company results. We leverage our deep industry expertise, leading-edge analytics, technology and strategy to create solutions that work in the real world. With more than 35 years of experience and 6,000-plus ZSers in 23 offices worldwide, we are passionately committed to helping companies and their customers thrive. Our most valuable asset is our people- a fact that's reflected in our values-driven organization in which new perspectives are integral and new ideas are celebrated. We apply our knowledge, capabilities and innovation-oriented approach in industries ranging from healthcare and life sciences, to high-tech, financial services, travel and transportation, and beyond.

ZS’s Capability and Expertise Center in India houses more than 4,000 ZSers across three offices in Pune, New Delhi and Bengaluru. Our teams collaborate with onshore colleagues to serve our clients and their customers in the areas of business consulting, business operations, business technology and software development.

To learn more, visit or follow us on  Facebook ,  Twitter ,  Instagram  and  LinkedIn .


ZS’s Advanced Data Science track is focused on creating practical impact for clients across various industries such as Healthcare and Bio-Tech, Hi-Tech &Telecommunication, Financial Services and Travel through advanced analytics and emerging data sources. Emerging datasets include both unstructured datasets (for example, text, voice, image, etc.) and semi-structured datasets (for example, patient-level records). Advanced analytical techniques span a range of innovative machine learning, artificial intelligence, advanced statistics and optimization approaches. 

Being part of the ADS group at ZS will be an opportunity for you to work on cutting-edge solutions, utilizing new age data sources to shape innovations across multiple areas, for our clients and the broader ZS community.

Learn more about how we bring the power of science and business together to unlock the value of big data.



  • Only one account is allowed per participant. Submission from multiple accounts will lead to disqualification.
  • Privately sharing code or data is not permitted-any case of code plagiarism will result in disqualification of all users involved.
  • It is compulsory to submit well-commented and reproducible source code that you would generate as part of this contest in .zip or .tar compressed archive or the submission will not be considered.
  • By participating in this challenge, you agree to comply by the terms and conditions of InterviewBit.


Q. How should I submit my output?

  • You will have to upload your output on the problem page in the format given in the problem statement.

Q: Is it compulsory to upload the source code?

  • Yes, it is compulsory to submit well-commented and reproducible source code that you generated as a part of this contest in .zip or .tar compressed archive failing which we will not be able to consider your submissions.

Q: Do I need to submit anything other than the output file?

  • Yes, in addition to your output, you will also have to submit a text file explaining your approach to the problems as well as the source files that you developed to build the ML models. All these files should be submitted as a compressed archive in any of the common formats (zip, tar, tar.gz etc).

Q: What is the evaluation process?

  • Your output will be evaluated only for 50% of the test data while the contest is running. Once the contest is over, output for the remaining 50% of the data will be evaluated and the final rank will be awarded.

Q: What is the evaluation criteria?

  • We consider your overall performance in the challenge and not just the leaderboard ranking. Your final ranking is based on leaderboard scores, source code and approach document. Our team evaluates all the above for all the participants and basis your performance across, you get your final rank.

Q: What tools can I use for building my solution?

  • You can use any tools or libraries for building your solution. There is no restriction on the tools that you can use; however, open sources are preferred.

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