Amazon Software Engineer Salary – For Freshers & Experienced

Amazon Software Engineer Salary

‍The demand for software engineers is at an all-time high, and this has led to average salaries for these professionals increasing as well. The market for software engineers is so hot right now that it’s raising the pay for software engineers. With so many companies and startups looking for software engineers, the demand has risen to the point where it has made software engineering a lucrative field. In this blog post, we’ll give you an overview of the salary you can expect as an Amazon software engineer.

Who is Software Engineer?

A software engineer is a person who designs, develops, and performs the operations of computer software. The software engineer works in teams, specializing in a certain domain of computer science, such as artificial intelligence, computer programming, computer architecture, or software engineering.  Software engineers are responsible for developing computer applications that are used by the public. They can work in different industries, including government, healthcare, retail, and many more. They also have the opportunity to have a huge impact on the way certain industries function.

What are Software Engineer Duties and Responsibilities in Amazon?

Software engineers in Amazon lead the way for the company’s digital transformation by inventing, creating, and leading teams in the application of computer science and engineering principles. They partner with their engineering teams to build solutions that will improve customers’ lives. They are ultimately responsible for the successful delivery and launch of the company’s technology solutions like websites, and applications.  Amazon has been operating in the online retail business since 1994. During this period, they have grown to become one of the world’s largest online retail companies. To keep up with the demand, they have to continue to hire software engineers that can help them create new and better solutions for their customers.  Amazon engineers work in different teams and projects at the company. Their daily work involves helping customers by making their lives easier. They do this by building solutions for drivers, for example, and by creating user interfaces that make it easier for people to shop and order goods.

Key Reasons to Become a Software Engineer

  • Excellent Salary and Benefits – Since the demand for software engineers is high, and salaries have been rising, there are many advantages that you can enjoy as a software engineer. One of the major advantages of becoming a software engineer is the high salary that you can earn. You can expect to earn anywhere between $100,000 and $150,000 annually, depending on your experience and industry. Another advantage of becoming a software engineer is the excellent benefits you can receive. You will be eligible for healthcare coverage, and you can also expect to receive generous vacation time, free food allowance, and much more.  As an engineer, you can even get your salary paid upfront to become accustomed to a comfortable monthly lifestyle.
  • Public Speaking Opportunity – Knowing and enjoying one’s profession is important for reaching top positions at the company or even winning jobs in bigger corporations. Amazon provides one of the best skills training programs that teaches you to be a better public speaker. You will not only learn your rights and wrongs as a professional but also be able to sell yourself by handling tricky situations.
  • Experience in Tech Companies – Although software engineers are seen as modern-day wizards that master the art of coding, they need some kind of knowledge and experience before they start their job at Amazon. The company invites fresh graduates of engineering faculties repeatedly so that they can get sufficient hands-on experience with the system at hand, thus making them more qualified when they try to move up the ladder.
  • Benefits – Even though the salary and bonus rate at Amazon are similar to that of many employers, a large perk list favors its employees. You can get health insurance for a specified period, offer a place in a fully-furnished home, and even get stock options to future-proof your investment at the company. Being one of the top employers worldwide also sets Amazon apart from your average company. Doubling in size every 10 years, there is no doubt that you can get great returns from working here.
  • Work from Home – Another advantage of becoming a software engineer is that you can choose to work from home. This means you can set your own schedule and be at home whenever you choose. In this way, you can be more productive and have more time to spend with your family. Working from home can also help you save money by reducing the cost of gas that you would incur if you drive to an office every day. Furthermore, the work-from-home option can also help you manage your work schedule better. You will be able to schedule your work and spend more time on what is really important to you. As a result, you can feel more accomplished and productive.
  • Management: Scalability – Will your app be used by hundreds of thousands of users or millions? Because not all web applications scale as well as others. Because technical requirements matter, you need to become far better at investigating how much a given product will grow for usage than relying simply on some random estimate you heard about from a very cool person.

Amazon Software Engineer Salary

Amazon pays handsomely for its software engineers, and they also have the best-paid roles. The typical software engineer salary at Amazon is $153,164 per year. This is not only good compared to other companies but also good compared to other industries.  Salaries are higher in Seattle, where Amazon is based, than in other cities. New York City, in particular, has been experiencing a shortage of software engineers and their salaries have consequently risen. The best-paid roles in New York City are software engineer salaries that can go as high as $180,000 per year.


Amazon Software Engineer Salary by Experience:

In 2021, the average salary for a software engineer getting hired was $117K in the United States and $111k in London. The new Amazon Software Engineer Salaries on average by almost $106K per year. If the Software engineer with 1 to 4 years of experience earns an average salary of 124K per year.

According to Payscale’s report on anonymous user-submitted data: At Amazon, beginning software engineers make about 33% more than other companies’ senior software engineers—180% higher than entry-level roles! But why? Well, median salaries aren’t always the best indicator of how much you can expect as an Amazon software engineer as most people get a bonus – higher salaries are likely with time in rank and responsibility. In order to up your earnings at Amazon, you’ll need to place some serious elbow-grease into technical rockstar skills such as AWS Technology, Go, DevOps Skills Set, and Machine Learning Skills to name a few that come highly regarded.

The salary structure of a software development engineer at Amazon can be divided into three parts:

– Base Salary: Base salaries are typically determined based on the function and location of the employee, but can rarely exceed $160,000.

– Bonus: Bonuses are awarded on an annual basis and vary between employees.

– Stocks: Amazon offers RSU, a part of their compensation package, through which some shares of the company are given to employees.

SDE1 – An SDE-I is a new hire with around 1-3 years of experience in their career at Amazon. This level is the most common starting point for corporate positions, as it typically has to do with experience and company culture, not technical or functional expertise.

SDE2 – SDE-II is an individual with 3 to 10 years of experience. This includes experience with large codebases.

SDE3 – To achieve the level of Senior Software Developer, one must have at least 8-10 years of experience in software development. After achieving this milestone, you will be qualified to lead projects for bigger companies and receive a promotion that is equal to two levels beneath yours.

Principle Software Development Engineer: An individual who begins their career at Level 4 of Amazon rarely reaches this position. But, what about those with 10-15 years of experience? They are ranked on a separate level here in the company and hold a lot more respect than those just starting out!

Years of ExperienceTotalBaseStocks(/yr)Bonus
1-3 Year$162K$123K$19K$20K
3-10 Year$223K$150K$59K$13K
8-10 Year$327K$163K$151K$12K
10-15 Year$656K$168K$423K$64K

Amazon Software Engineer Salary by Location:

36 percent of Amazon’s workforce is located at its Seattle headquarters. You can find a list of Seattle job openings on their website. But will recruiting top developers in San Francisco, Austin or New York really prove to be that much more difficult? Perhaps tellingly, Amazon confirmed late last year that it will begin splitting its corporate office space between Bay Area and Seattle-doubling down on Seattle for long-term growth. And if you’re wondering which side of the country is best to land a software development gig, just take note of average pay rates: According to PayScale, Washington State’s median state salary is $170K as compared to California in terms of pay among the high-flying jobs-slashing off $10K (+12 percent) from household earnings.

Amazon Software Engineer Salary by Skill Set:

Tech Pro Research recently predicted that certain software developer specialties including UX/UI (user interface/user experience – UI/UX) engineers and cryptography developers will be among the hottest programming roles in demand. Prospective SDE Amazon recruits will require a minimum computer science degree with specialties including cloud computing or AWS, Microsoft or PHP web development, Big Data, and business intelligence to code software designed specifically to handle massive amounts of data in the system(s) environment(s), information management platforms and analytics.

Web Developer$1,28,234/yr
Amazon Web Services$1,39,336/yr
Software Development Engineer In Test I$1,29,095/yr
Data Scientist$1,40,662/yr
Machine Learning Engineer$1,69,286/yr
Data Analyst$93,764/yr
Data Engineer I$1,23,343/yr
Devops Engineer$1,22,954/yr

Amazon Software Engineer Salary by Level:

The salary levels of a Software Engineer at Amazon range from L4 to L10 (Distinguished Engineer), with the average salary for an engineer on this level as high as $941,000. Sharing in company stock options would further increase one’s earnings potential and make you eligible to participate in the long-term equity incentive

Benefits at Amazon

Amazon offers a wide range of benefits for its employees. These benefits can be used by people who work for Amazon full-time, part-time, or as independent contractors. Benefits that are offered by Amazon include healthcare insurance coverage, 401(k) retirement plan, generous parental leave, stock options, education reimbursement, and more.  Amazon also has a flexible benefits program called AWS AMAZON REWARDS. This program gives Amazon employees points that can be redeemed for gifts, including gift cards to restaurants, retailers, and more. The program is available to employees who work with AWS.

How to Crack the Amazon Software Engineer Interview?

When it comes to interviews at Amazon, you will be put through a rigorous evaluation process. You must show your employers that you can handle the skills and knowledge required of a software engineer at Amazon. Therefore, you should prepare thoroughly for the Amazon interview.  When it comes to preparation, you should be ready to answer any and all questions the interviewer might ask you during the interview. You should also prepare to talk about your past work experience, your educational background, and your hobbies.  You should also be ready for an interview that could last for up to one and half hours. You should keep in mind that Amazon interviews are very thorough and are intended to determine whether you have what it takes to be a software engineer at Amazon. It is therefore crucial that you show your potential employers that you can handle the rigours of a software engineer at Amazon.

You should arrive a few minutes early, so you will have enough time to make yourself comfortable. Bring with you the necessary materials such as pencils and pens. One of the vital requirements of a software developer at Amazon is creativity, so be prepared to imagine beyond the routine. You should be ready to use everything you have heard during the interview in designing software!

When it comes to preparing for the Amazon Software Engineer Interview, here are tips on what you need to do:

  • Your focus must be on reading through any important coding questions and/or scenarios that might come up during your interview.
  • You should be ready for surprises in an Amazon Software Engineer Interview because computer programming is an advanced field.
  • Although questions intended for technical expertise will always come up in interviews, these questions have different meanings specifically for Computer Engineers with regard to their role at Amazon.
  • The following lists of areas empower a Software Development Engineer at Amazon:
    • Programming—Data Structures, Algorithms, Theory (a favorite branch of study among Amazon Software Engineers at the entry-salary level)
    • Design—Problem Solving and Design (a means by which new code additions can be improvised on the fly)
    • Debugging and Testing—Programming Weaknesses (a crucial skill of a Software Engineer at Amazon)

I hope these tips will help you be successful in your interview with one of the top technology companies, like Amazon. You can also check the full list of amazon interview questions from here.


Amazon is a company that provides a wide range of products, from groceries to streaming services. It is also a place where software engineers can make their mark and earn a good salary. If you want to work for Amazon, you should note the following:

  • The demand for software engineers is high, and salaries have been rising. As a result, competition is also high and you can expect to receive a good salary as a software engineer at Amazon.
  • Another major advantage of working for Amazon is the excellent benefits that are offered by Amazon to its employees.  Amazon offers a wide range of benefits, and they are easy to use as well. You can also redeem your points for gifts and other things as well.
  • The work culture at Amazon is also very friendly, which makes it a good place to work.
  • If you want to become a software engineer at Amazon, you should note the following: You can expect high pay as a software engineer at Amazon, excellent benefits, and a good work environment.


Q: Does Amazon pay well for software engineers?
Answer:  Amazon offers an excellent salary and benefits to their software engineers. The average salary for a software engineer at Amazon is $150,000 – $200,000.

Q: How many hours do Amazon software developers work?
Answer:  Usually, Amazon software engineers work about 45 to 55 hours per week. However, you can vary this to whatever hours you want if you want to work from home. 

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