Top 20+ Software Engineering Projects

Software Engineering Projects


Modern-day technology has changed the world into a global village, the internet and computers are an important part of it. Computer Science Engineering, thus, has become a very popular field, with excellent scope. CSE or computer Science Engineering has appeared as a very sought-after educational course. This stream concerns those candidates who have the passion to generate something amazing using computer programs and their creative minds.

The IT Industry is a thriving sector. India has demonstrated itself as a leader in the IT sector with its professionals much popular around the world. The software industry in India has registered exceptional growth in the last few years. The market for computer science engineers has been substantial both in India and overseas. The scope of computer science engineering students’ careers is phenomenal and prospects exist both in IT and non-IT companies for 

Why is Software Engineering Needed?

Software Engineering is much needed owing to the following reasons:

  • To handle large software
  • Cost management
  • For more scalability
  • For more useful quality management
  • To handle the dynamic quality of software

Creating development projects is essential to becoming a better software engineer. It also helps your resume in the shortlisting process while looking for a job. CSE or Computer engineering is a field of engineering that is centered around computer software development and research. Computer engineering is a very crucial field of engineering. Computer engineering projects related to electrical projects with a computer. Computer engineering-based projects have multiple applications in our day-to-day life. They are used in both domestic as well as industrial applications.

When it comes to software development activities, it is essential for those who want to become software engineers to work on projects. Creating real-world projects is the most suitable way to sharpen your skills and utilize your theoretical knowledge into practical knowledge. You will need to acquaint yourself with new mechanisms and technologies while working on a computer science project. The more you understand about edge development tools, environments, libraries, the more will be your test rating for your projects. The more you test with ideas for various computer science projects, the more you will learn about it.

We have listed a few beginner software engineering project topics to start with followed by intermediate and advanced level projects that might help you understand and get a job.

First, let’s take a glimpse at the things that you should not do. Most students tend to do the following and their resumes never stand out. Most common projects do not add anything substantial to your resume and can often leave a bad impression.

  • You should not copy someone’s code from GitHub and exhibit it as your project.
  • Do not design a project that only uses 10 lines of library code. Most students tend to do this for Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence projects.
  • Do not work only on “resume-worthy” projects. To make your resume stand out, you ought to have projects that are unique and not common in nature.
  • Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence projects are not only the best projects for your resume. These projects have become too mainstream to help you stand out.

Software Engineer Projects for Beginners

Multi-Object Tracking and Identification in Panoramic View in Real-Time

Computer vision has an important role to play to ease the problem of security. Ranging from identifying objects and people in pictures and videos to using post and pre and post-processing strategies to obtain valuable information is deemed essential to guarantee security. Image tracking over critical areas assists a lot in this respect. Though quite a lot of effort has been put into this realm, the concern is tracking the numerous objects and the processing speed of the input images or videos. In this project, we can make use of Open CV algorithms for stitching videos and for the purpose of tracking objects. These algorithms not only let quick detection, stitching, and tracking but also give very precise results. To create a panoramic view, you can stitch input live stream videos from numerous cameras together, creating a larger field of vision as well as ensuring ease of use. To make the usage of hardware seamless, you have to constantly test the algorithms on different machines, with different operating systems. Typically, the quickest and most precise outcomes are accomplished with HADOOP clustering where we have one fronted and numerous computing nodes. 

A Smart Security Surveillance System

Smart Security

Our country’s prevailing security situation requires that all sectors contributed to some extent to facilitate measures that prevent evildoers from carrying out their deviant activities. Surveillance via IP cameras is one of the most important processes that are essential to safeguard various sensitive places all over the country. Presently, the systems that are used rely too much on a constant human watch, which can lead to negligence and error. The requirement here is to use contemporary AI techniques to guarantee exceptionally watchful surveillance round the clock. We hope to accomplish that with a system that lets users choose an area of interest on the available streams, any movement within that region will be scanned, the objects within it will be categorized based on an available database and any suspicious activity will generate an alarm, alerting the authorities. The algorithm is created in Matlab and its software implementation is accomplished in open cv. A Voice recognition system can also be incorporated here.

E-Learning Platform

In this project, you will create an online e-learning platform, which is shareable. This e-learning platform backed by cloud computing would let the independent LMS (Learning Management Systems) implanted in different e-Learning standards to share their learning content. Cloud computing will facilitate the sharing of a broad spectrum of learning objects, letting learners avail themselves of those easily. The project has a three-layer architecture to enable sharing learning modules, and interoperability among various learning content effectively. The middle layer of the infrastructure includes a metadata transformation module and an indexing module to facilitate the transfer of metadata among recognized e-Learning standards.

Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Management is to handle the customers’ experience by the service provider themselves. It has an important role to play in lessening a load of management for several mobile service providers. This project is solely associated with Mobile Networks. This project will allow the service providers to enhance their service quality. With this, the service provider will have less irritated customers and more satisfied customers. The solution can observe and control elements of significance for CEM on all customer-related KPIs and indexes like their network and channels experience, segment performance, geographical alerts, etc. KPI’S are ‘key performance indexes’ on which the calculation of CEM is based. All the details will be shown on a dashboard portraying all the outcomes in different forms. The database will have all the customers’ CEMs results and are saved and used as per the needs of the dashboard.

Android Local Train Ticketing System

Train Ticketing System

In this project, you will create a ticketing application for local trains. Customers can look into the app to make reservations for local trains and acquire online booking receipts. Customers can print these receipts as proof for traveling. The app comprises two accounts, one Admin account, and the other being a user account. With the help of the Admin account, the Admin can view all the booked tickets of a user. While using the application, users have to fill a ticket booking form to make the reservation. 

Android Task Monitoring 

This project topic idea is solely created to streamline the monitoring and tracking of everyday activities through an Android app. Considering our daily schedules, it becomes impossible to keep a track of our daily appointments, events, meetings. To handle this issue, this project concentrates on creating a Weekly Task Alerting System for Android devices that can remind users of all the tasks and appointments that are scheduled for the day. The project is essentially a reminder app backed by an AI chatbot that alerts users of all the daily tasks.

Android Women Safety App 

Women Safety App

Women’s safety is a major issue that has been the most significant topic to date. Most females these days have smartphones with them, so it is essential to have at least one personal safety apps installed. This is a user-friendly app that can be availed by anyone who has it installed. The app offers you the quickest and easiest way to contact your nearest help. The user needs to fill in three contact numbers, in case of trouble on shaking the phone up and down thrice, the system alerts the numbers fed into the system with the location by sending an SMS. 

Intermediate Software Engineer Projects

Let’s Grow Smartly 

This project topic idea focuses on creating an app in which child specialists and nutritionists are added to a single platform. Parents can get guidance from the doctors. Also, there will be a community garage where parents can share their creative insights about parenting and answer questions about those.

Setting-Up Personal Home Cloud

What if we have a central repository for all our photos, videos, and music that are already stored on various devices so that these files are available on not only the devices on the home broadband network but anywhere in this world? All members of the family with access to the network would be able to access the files, creating a common space for sharing content. A network access storage (NAS) drive with a home Cloud setup will come to your rescue.

This project is accessible at Setting-Up Your Own Personal Home Cloud

Daily Route Planner 

Daily Route Planner

Many small business owners have to drive cars from one place to another. For drivers who are about to deliver any parcels or people who rely on this app to use direction, they can make use of this daily route planner. This makes road trips more effortless and quicker. This route optimization application will guide your entire route in a stop-by-stop sequence, from beginning to end. With this application, you can cut down your traveling time and multiple places can be visited on the planned day. Many last-mile delivery companies rely on systems like these to optimize the route of the delivery agents. 

E-Parking Challan

E-Parking Challan

The primary idea for creating this project is to make an application that can be utilized by the traffic police in the event of wrong parking. Oftentimes, the car owners park their cars at places they are not supposed to. If a car is parked wrongly, the police can take a picture of the car and its license plate. They can send the pictures into the central database from where the owner of the car will be fined and will receive an auto-generated SMS regarding it. This application would also provide the violation history of the violator with one click. One can pay the challan via e-payment or can be added to the annual tax of the car.

Personality Analysis

Personality Analysis

A person is always very much keen to know about themselves and their personality. So there is a need for a medium where people will get an ideal analysis of their dispositions based on some research work. This project concentrates on analyzing one’s personality on the basis of what a user shares on their social media sites. Let us take Twitter for example, a user’s tweets are gathered from his profile, pre-processed, features are pulled, and then sent to a personality prediction algorithm. The best part of this project is that the person can comprehend the outcomes with 8 various types of graphs which are rendered as output displaying percentages of each trait. 

Online Election System 

Online Election System

This online election system would include contender registration, verification, auto-generated customer ID, and pass for contenders and voters. Admin login is managed by Election Commission. Candidate Login is managed by a contender, voters will be given a unique ID and password, with the help of which they can vote for a contender only once per election.

Doctors on Hand 

The principle idea of this project is to create an app via which patients will not have to look for doctors. This app will find you the most suitable/expert and nearest doctor according to your disease.

Software Engineer Projects Projects for Experts

A Liar Robot

A Liar Robot

Robots always tell us the truth. But the concept of this project is to create a smart robot that can tell a lie as humans do, mimicking pure human behavior.

Batch Advisory

Batch Advisory

This project idea can be an online portal to assist batch advisors. With this portal, batch advisors will be capable to determine if a student is competent in choosing the course he wishes to opt for. This portal will reduce the time and workload spent in looking at students’ schedules, classes, clashes, prerequisites, ability to pick a course.

Analyzing sentiments of Facebook Users: A Software System 

Analyzing Sentiments

Social media applications excessively reflect upon people’s sentiments. An interpretation of this craze will help to recognize the harmful factors that need to be eradicated as well a suggestion system can be proposed. The focus will be to create an app for getting data of Facebook with the help of Graph API, explore the trend of data, and offer a complete system that will be constructed based on the theory of Artificial Intelligence, Statistics, and Human-Computer Interaction.

Detecting Evil Applications on Online Social Networks

Online social networks (OSN) have grown to be the biggest platform for interactions. Many applications are designed for the OSN, nevertheless, the true intentions of the apps may differ from developer to developer. Some apps may have evil intentions of which users may not be conscious. Machine learning and algorithms can be utilized to find the malicious applications offered to OSN users.

Revenue Recovery System

This project helps the departments with greater clarity, convenience, promptness, responsiveness. This software module renders different reports on the basis of revenue recovery collection entries. It also provides a graphical presentation of the data and it stores and backs up the data efficiently. This software module also offers web-based dissemination. This project is accessible in the Revenue Recovery system.

Secured Mail System

Secured Mail System

To guarantee security to the organizational data, an organization itself creates its mailing system, and the complete database lives at the organization head. The employees of that company must intercommunicate with the admin via this mailing system only. As the database resides at the organizational head, a person can look through the database and the activities of every employee. Whenever an employee quits, the admin of the company can get the information and the transactions done by him.

Virtual Class Room

Virtual Class Room

Virtual reality will be at its peak in the coming years. The suggestion is to create an idea that could virtualize a classroom environment, utilizing the abilities of Kinect and HTC VIVE or any other VR platform. Students from different locations could connect to the class and feel just like in a classroom environment and learn from the teacher delivering a lecture in front of them.


This list is in no way a comprehensive list of these IT projects. New ones keep coming up every other time. These projects cover a wide variety of Software Engineering concepts, helping you learn. We expect that these software development project ideas motivated you to start working on software projects to sharpen your skills and ace the next interview. 


Q. What are the types of software projects?

Answer: Ideally, there are two important classifications of software, namely Application Software and System Software.

Q. How do you get ideas for software projects?

1. Concentrate on a real problem or need
2. Qualify every problem from the list
3. Find out possible solutions
4. Narrow down
5. Garner feedback and dive deeper
6. Сome to a decision

Q. Which project is best for software engineering?

1. Android task monitoring
2. Sentiment analysis for product rating
3. Fingerprint-based ATM system
4. Employee management system. 

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