Top 15 Java Projects With Source Code [2023]

Java Projects


“Our world, moved by Java”, Take a moment to contemplate this phrase. Java is one of the most commonly used programming languages. It is also used as the server-side language for most of the back-end development tasks, like those concerning Android development and Big Data. Java is also used for desktop computing, other mobile computing, games, and numerical computing. The popularity of Java is further evidenced by 90 per cent of all Fortune 500 companies using Java. In this article, we’ll be looking at 15+ exciting Java project ideas/topics for you to explore and practice.

Why These Projects?

Any layman can be a good developer, no matter if you possess a certain gene code to accomplish this or not. That being said, putting in the effort and harbouring the correct mindset is inevitable to accomplish this. Creating Java projects will assist you to hone your skills on real-life projects and amplify your spirit as a developer. This is the sole way to know if you own a pragmatic grasp of the theory you’ve learned. Functioning on these Java projects will let you equip yourself for a job.

The theoretical knowledge that you have is not of utmost importance, employers are interested in how you are able to translate the knowledge in a practical setup. You should create a portfolio of the tasks you have accomplished so far. So, when you interview for the role of developer, you will have solutions, code, apps, and projects, to exhibit to the recruiters.
The portfolio will emphasize your strong points and recognize flaws that need modification.

Reasons why software companies choose Java for developing enterprise applications:

  • The software industry adopted Java as it made development a pleasure, resolved problems with distribution, and lessened the pang of continuously porting across platforms.
  • As Java is an object-oriented language, it is huge and secure. Java programs are composed independently of the platform in bytecode language, which lets the same program work on any machine that is equipped with JVM. It is a realistic and practical approach to software design. Java objects envelop data and behaviour so that code can be used again, thereby making the process of testing and troubleshooting easier.
  • Java’s popularity grew when people learned how Java could solve their hardships on servers – making productivity, execution, and scalability reach new levels.
  • Java has demonstrated its supremacy over other languages from server-side scaling of multi-tier architecture to internet distribution of software, to the cloud-native deployments, to taking benefit of continuously upgrading hardware architectures and a whole lot more.

Java Projects For Beginners

Here’s a list of ideas for beginners to try with Java

1. Password Generator using Java

Password Generator

With the growing trend of hacking attacks, everyone should create different and complex passwords for their diverse accounts to keep them secure. Remembering every password is not humanly possible and noting it down somewhere is not a wise idea. Hence, people take the help of Password generators to create strong and complex passwords for their accounts. To generate such functionality all by yourself, you can take advantage of the function that java offers. Whenever a user is developing an account on a new website, you can use that program to develop a password. To take the safety of the password a notch above, you can enforce such functionality so that it saves passwords in encrypted form. To incorporate this, you need to study the fundamentals of Cryptography and Java Cryptography Architecture.

2. Online Survey System

Online Survey System

The idea of this project is to create a core java project that can accumulate the viewpoint of a targeted audience of a survey through the Internet. Based on that, the app can send the targeted audiences promotional emails and can launch online surveys. Any business can make use of this type of software to assemble feedback regarding the services or products they offer. We can build such functionality so that only registered customers can cast their responses. The main attributes of the app should be:

  • The apps are programmed in a way that they should be compatible with various databases like SQL and NoSQL.
  • Customers can submit their reactions anonymously.
  • Should be installed at a doable cost.

3. Online Resume Builder

Online Resume Builder

People find it challenging to build their resumes. The concept of this java project is to make this process smooth for the customer. The project streamlines the job of designing a resume for an individual.

We can choose a few industry-accepted, well-crafted resume templates, and request the user to incorporate the details he/she wants to add to the resume. After imputing all the necessary information, a personalized resume can be rendered in pdf and doc format by selecting a single button. The app should own the following features:

  • Engaging resume template.
  • Update each piece of information as per the user’s needs.
  • It should have the functionality to publish the resume instantly.

4. Snake Game using Java

Snake Game using Java

In our childhood, nearly all of us enjoyed playing classic snake games. Now we will try to enhance it with the help of Java concepts. The concept appears to be easy but it is not that effortless to implement.

One ought to comprehend the OOPs concept in detail to execute this effectively. Furthermore, ideas from Java Swing are used to create this application. The application should comprise the following functionalities:

  • The Snake will have the ability to move in all four directions.
  • The snake’s length grows as it eats food.
  • When the snake crosses itself or strikes the perimeter of the box, the game is marked over.
  • Food is always given at different positions.

Intermediate Java Projects With Source Code

5. Data Visualization Software

Data Visualization Software

Data visualization is a key part of the state-of-the-art business led by Data Science, Business Analytics, and Business Intelligence. It indicates the visual depiction of data in a pictorial arrangement. This is a powerful java project for apprentices. This information representation project is tied in with providing a synopsis of the plan and usage guidelines in information perception. The destinations of this task are to give clear and compelling correspondence of the experiences wrapped up in the information via appropriate graphical or pictorial depictions.

It depicts the hub availability in systems administration as information visualization. You can use a mouse or a trackpad to find it in different areas. The most useful part about the task is that you can enhance and modify the product highlights and capacities as demonstrated by your prerequisites.

6. Electricity Billing System

Electricity Billing System

This java project is a contemporary take on the classic electricity billing system where a person gathers data from our electricity meter. The primary objective of this project is to automate the entire process to make it seamless, convenient, and effective. The software can compute the bill amount on the basis of units of electricity consumed in a month. Electricity Billing System is considered one of the best java project ideas for beginners. The app should have the below-mentioned features:

  • Accurately calculate the bill amount.
  • Instantaneous sharing of data between local electricity offices and users.
  • Extremely safe to negate the chances of tampering.

7. Web Medical Management System

Web Medical Management System

The undertaking is called a “Virtual Medicine Home.” By using this application, patients can reserve online meetings with their preferred specialists. Specialists can recommend medical services, e-remedy, and consider the patient’s clinical records, lab reports, and many more. The app also lets users explore and interface with individuals who are donating their organs or blood. During the times of the pandemic, when it gets dangerous to visit the hospital, this JAVA project comes to your rescue. The application comes with two modules — an Admin and a Doctor module. The Admin module is responsible for the online programming framework, and the Doctor module allows specialists to communicate with patients.

8. Supply Chain Management System

Supply Chain Management System

This venture implies smoothening the inventory network cycle by religiously keeping the sellers and customers in check and always following the items via the different focuses in the inventory network. By using this application, the clients can directly pass on their item prerequisites to the maker, who at that moment reaches various merchants to obtain the basic assets for making the item. Per the items given to them, the vendors as a rule make a rundown of things, post which the maker selects the materials that best serve the particulars provided by the client. The selected rundown of items is sent to the stock division for handling, and then the assembling starts. When the creation is completed, the records office establishes the crude materials’ expenses and the expense of gathering to generate the full bill. Lastly, the item with the receipt is sent to the customer.

9. Exam Seating Arrangement System in Java

Exam Seating Arrangement System

This easy java project strives at building an automated seating arrangement of students for exams, on the basis of different inputs.

There are primarily two entities, the admin and the student. Both entities can log in and register to the system, and check and access the system as per the approval granted to them. The admin can see all the relevant details of the students and provide input to the system taking into consideration the need like the branch, semester, year, and subject of the student. Admin will input details like the total number of students, available classes with the number of seats, etc. After gathering all this information the system will generate a seating arrangement based on the row number and the students’ roll number.

10. Wordcount Tools in Java

Wordcount Tools in Java

This is another Java Project that is very helpful for engineering students to improve their learning in the File and String Handling concepts of Java. The programmer develops an interface on which customers can document their content and then obtain the total words in the content. The programmer strategies and saves the content in a file for the purpose of processing and then processes the content by String class to calculate the words. There are different choices that the programmer creates to make the project more creative and intriguing. You can also employ the Java APIs of formatting to format the content delivered by the client.

Core Java Projects With Source Code

11. Create a Consumer Relationship Management System

Consumer Relationship Managemen

This evolved Java project needs refined mastery in Java database connectivity, MySQL, HTTP, and JSpring framework. You ought to learn Spring core/MVC, ORM framework, and Hibernate to accomplish this project. You will develop a management system for the web platform that will let community managers revise and access consumer data for more satisfactory consumer relations. This project utilizes the Spring framework and offers the source sets for Java programming.

12. bFit Cognitive and Memory Testing Game

If you wish to be an Android developer, incorporating Java Android development application projects into your resume is highly advantageous. This project is an online brain exercise game, which experiments with your memory and cognitive skills. To create this application, you will put up the user interface, implement game logic, make a splash screen, build a game guide, and arrange the game screens. You will also have to develop an APK for the app’s release. The last step includes an automatic data processing scoreboard in the app that keeps a track of the player’s answers.

13. Network Packet Sniffer Analyzer Software

Network Packet Sniffer Analyzer Software

If you are curious about the system and network administration profession, then this project might benefit you. The objectives of this project are to develop system security rules and put up network packet sniffer analyzer software for the purpose of system monitoring.
You will construct a packet sniffer that comprises elements like 24/7 monitoring, solving network problems, packet decoding, protocol analysis, and storing real-time data. It comes with modules like statistics, packet analysis, and a user interface module.

14. Internet Service Provider Automation System

Internet Service Provider Automation System

This ISP (internet service provider) project needs you to build a system that delivers automated troubleshooting, and error messages to the consumer. The project also needs you to link the communication systems between the server and the ISP. It comprises four automation modules like the user login module, hardware and software modules, the service module, and a connection module. You will have to use Java technology, and J2EE to create this system.

15. Create a Criminal Face Detection System

Create a Criminal Face Detection System

If you are interested in face detection applications, then this project is meant for you. This project comprises eyewitness, investigator, and admin modules and needs you to create an effective image detection system. You will input sliced image data into the system and facilitate the instantaneous viewing feature on it.


To conclude, these are a few of the most-recommended Java projects that you can use to design as per your mastery and convenience. The projects will hone your programming skills and will prepare you for the tech industry by providing beneficial exposure. There are a bunch of other project ideas that one can incorporate with the help of Java. In this article, we have shed some light on the amazing Java project ideas for students who have started their journey with java as well as experts who are well versed with such projects. If you are an amateur, start with the fundamental projects, then slowly shift towards complex projects as you obtain knowledge in Java. Working on various projects is the best way to comprehend how things operate in real life, what hurdles that cross the path while creating an application, how to deal with those challenges, etc. Selecting a project that demonstrates the talents required for the specific job you are looking for will help you stand out to your potential employer.


1. What kind of projects is Java used for?

Ans. Java is mainly utilized as the server-side language for back-end development projects, including big data and Android development.

2. Where can I get Java projects?

Ans. One can download all the major java projects in Eclipse, Myeclipse, and Netbeans IDE’s.

3. Is Java worth learning in 2023?

Ans. Yes, as the world is racing towards mobile apps and convenience, Java has become more and more necessary as a language. It’s one of the strongest languages in today’s time.

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