15+ Web Development Projects With Source Code [2023]

Web Development Projects


As per an estimate, more than 1.7 billion websites exist, the number fluctuates daily. The web is super massive and 4.5 billion people across the world contribute with online interactions. All credit to the rapid development towards taking our businesses on the web and the digital revolution. The development did not take place all of a sudden, it was a rather slow process.

The users entered the era of the World Wide Web only when the visual-oriented web browsers came in the 1990s, and since then there has been an exponential increase in web technology, the craze for web development is at its peak now. Sounds pretty exciting, right?

This blog will help you to make your career in the field of web development by guiding exactly what you need to study, and how to implement them by making projects and starting your career in this domain. The blog covers web development projects and web development project ideas for you, by making these you will be able to master all the skills required to master web development and next to a successful career in the field. So what are you waiting for?

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What is Web Development?

Before working on the projects it is essential to know what web development is.
Web development is the work involved in developing a website or web application for the internet, it mainly covers the non-design markup aspects of building websites. The professionals divide it into three categories:

  • Front-end web development
  • Back-end web development
  • Full-stack web development

While front-end web development deals with the visual aspect of a website, what users see its look and feel, back-end web development is concerned with the connection to the server, databases, etc. And full stack web development is a combination of both the frontend and backend types of web development.

Use of Web Development

Well, we know what web development is, but what are its uses of it? Obviously, to make websites!

Making websites is the most important use of web development. However, there are many other reasons as well for which people learn web development:

  • Building real-world projects.
  • A great income source
  • Creative and fun.

Whether you’re an aspiring or junior front-end, back-end, or full-stack developer, building real-world projects is not only one of the best ways to learn and improve your coding skills but is also crucial for you to build an attractive portfolio to advance your career. But what projects can I work on? Will they be unique enough?

Don’t worry we have got you covered, we will provide you with the list of 20 web development projects and ideas that you can develop independently.

Top Web Development Projects

Let’s explore the top 20 web development projects and ideas.

Web Development Projects for Beginners

One-Page Layout or design

How about building an attractive one-page responsive layout by using Simple HTML and CSS. Sounds great, right.

In Fact, this is the simplest web development project that you can start with. The conquer template can be used to build this project.

Source Code – One Page Layout
Skills Required – HTML, CSS, Responsive Layout.

Product Landing Page

Product Landing Page
Product Landing Page

You now know how to make a simple one-page layout, how about building a product landing page then as a second step??

But how does it differ from the above project? The answer is in a product landing page you will use columns and align the components of the landing page within columns. Basic editing tasks like cropping images and making use of design templates are also covered in this.

Source Code – Landing Page
Skills Required – CSS, Image editing.

Netflix Home Page Clone


Let’s master our CSS skills a little more by making a Netflix home page clone using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript This will not only help you to master your skills, in addition, you will also learn about Positioning, and CSS Grids as well.

You will also get a feel as to how developers work when they are given a design and are to make an exact copy of it.

Source Code – Netflix Clone
Skills Required – CSS Grid, Styling Tables, Tabs with JavaScript, Positioning

Background Generator

Background Generator
Background Generator

As a Next step, it’s time to have an understanding of some basic JavaScript. How about making a basic background or gradient color generator, where you will choose a color from the palette and that color will become the background.

This project aims to find the best-looking background gradient for your project. You just have to select the colors you want from the color picker and then copy the code displayed and paste it into your code as a background color. It’s That Simple!

Source Code – Background Generator
Skills Required – HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Quiz App

Quiz App

It’s time to master JavaScript with a minor project of making a quiz application.

Optionally you can add the ability to give a score to the user at the end of the game, if the score is above a threshold value you declare the player to be a winner, using some gifs corresponding to winning and losing the game. This can be a very interesting project to work on.

Source Code – Quiz App
Skills Required – HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Temperature Converter Website

Temperature Converter
Temperature Converter

You can make a simple yet attractive temperature converter website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as a next step.

It will involve validation of the user input, using the dropdown menu to know if the input is celsius or Fahrenheit. You can add more functionality to it.

Source Code – Temperature Converter
Skills Required – Input Validation, Form designing, HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

Restaurant Website

Restaurant Website
Restaurant Website

Do you always wonder how I design a Restaurant Website had I been given a chance to do so?

We cannot give you a chance to do so now, however, you can make one for yourself and add it to your portfolio using your skills.

This project aims to create a fully responsive restaurant website, you can add many pages and links to your website. You can extend the functionality by connecting it with a real-time database and allowing users to order food online.

You must also deploy this using Netlify or Github Pages to showcase to the world that you are a great web developer.

Source Code – Restaurant Website
Skills Required – Responsiveness, UX design, HTML, CSS

Basic Portfolio Website

Basic Portfolio Website
Basic Portfolio Website

After building a complete restaurant website by yourself, you should now be confident in your skills. However, Practice makes Perfect.

In the next step, you must try making your own portfolio website for yourself. Showcase your projects, your social media handles, your experience on the website. You can refer to some templates available for free on Google for that.

Source Code – Portfolio Website
Skills Required – Responsiveness, UX design, HTML, CSS, Icons

Responsive Blog Website

Responsive Blog Website

Let’s make another responsive website and add it to our portfolio. A blog website is the one where users can add a new blog, edit it and view other blogs published on the platform.

At first glance, it may feel that we will have to use some kind of database for storing the blogs. However, it’s not the case. Using LocalStorage you can store the data with no expiration date, even when the browser is closed. Alternatively, you can use the database for storing the blogs.

That means it will be available even when you close the browser and come back to the page.

Source Code – Blog Page
Skills Required – HTML & CSS, JavaScript.

Covid Awareness

Covid Awareness
Covid Awareness

It’s been so long since covid came, we witnessed the first wave, then the super dangerous delta variant and now there is the Omicron variant. All glories to the great scientists and doctors for making vaccines in such a short duration and to the government for making the vaccine available at such a large scale that we are in a safer state now than we could have been without the vaccines.

You might be wondering why I am discussing this now. Well, this is the idea for our tenth project, making a covid 19 awareness website. This will involve the general guidelines that people must follow, the need and importance of vaccination, and the need to stay in isolation in case one experiences symptoms. In short a general-purpose awareness website.

Source Code – Covid Awareness
Skills Required – HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

To do List App

To do List App

This is a common project that all web developers have done at least once in their lifetime. Not only will this help you to keep track of your daily tasks but is a good project too at least at the beginner level. You can connect it with a database to store the daily tasks, the benefit of storing daily tasks in a database will be, you can, later on, add delete functionality to it. If a user by mistake deletes a todo, you can give the privilege to restore it.

Source Code – To-Do List
Skills Required – HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Dear Fellow developers, fasten your seat belt if you are doing projects in the sequence we advised you, till now you have done a total of 10 projects. This deserves appreciation!!

So far so good, however, all the projects we did till now are easy ones, it’s time to level up our web development skills and make some even better projects.

Web Development Projects for Intermediate

So you have been using one or the other browser extension for a long and did not know that they are made using JavaScript.

You can make extensions to make your day-to-day tasks well organized. As an example, you can make a notes extension that would let the user make a note directly in the browser without opening any other application. You can also build extensions like finding the meaning of any word that a user enters it would help users to read online.

Github Explorer

Github Explorer

As a next step, you can make a GitHub explorer for yourself. This will fetch the details of the GitHub user just by entering his/her username. You can use the Github API to do so.

Using the API you can find details regarding the name of the user, the number of repositories, the number of followers, and so on.

In addition, upon clicking the username, you will be redirected to the GitHub profile.

Source Code – GitHub Explorer
Skills Required – Promises in JavaScript, API

Weather Forecast Website

Weather Forecast
Weather Forecast

In this project, you will make a web application to check out the weather forecast for the current day and for the next few days. You will use an API to fetch real-time data and then add it to your application. The user will input his/her location and the weather forecast for the next 5 days will be displayed. In addition, a feature to automatically detect the location can add to the versatility of the project.

Source Code – Weather Forecast
Skills Required – JavaScript, Node.js, ReactJS.

Link Shortener
Link Shortener

In this project, you will be required to make an API to build short URLs. The functionality will be similar to bitly. Using Node, Express, and MongoDB you can make your own URL Shortener service. However, you can use any backend language also depending on your expertise. The project is not specific to any particular backend language.

Source Code – Link Shortener
Skills Required – Node, MongoDB,JavaScript

Sorting Visualizer

Sorting Visualizer
Sorting Visualizer

The first step to learning Data Structures and Algorithms is to use Sorting Algorithms, they form the base for all the advanced topics ahead, However, it’s sometimes overwhelming to actually figure out how sorting algorithms work.

How about making a sorting visualizer?

A project that will help you to visualize how various sorting algorithms work. For example, in insertion sort, The array is virtually split into a sorted and an unsorted part. Values from the unsorted part are picked and placed at the correct position in the sorted part. This is something that college professors and all youtube instructors do in order to explain the concept. This is a great idea and making it live will help many students out there.

Source Code – Sorting
Skills Required – HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Sorting Algorithms

Web Development Projects for Advanced

Transcript Summarizer for Youtube

Transcript Summarizer
Transcript Summarizer

As a Computer Science student, you learn on a daily basis from videos, articles, documentation, and so on. A majority of learning happens through Youtube as well.
PS Youtube also provides entertainment.

A lot of time can be saved if you can summarize the content of the youtube videos. In this project, you will be creating a Chrome Extension which will make a request to the backend REST API where it will perform NLP and respond with a summarized version of a YouTube transcript.

Source Code – Youtube Transcript
Skills Required – Python API, Hugging Face Transformers, Flask.

DSA Tracker

Always want to practice a lot of DSA Questions, but failed to keep track of each and every question that you did?

In this project, you will make a DSA Tracker for you, wherein questions will be divided into different categories and upon selection of one, you will be able to solve that. The project features:

  • Topic-wise question search
  • Topic-wise progress
  • Complete local storage
  • Mobile-first design
  • Clean UI

Source Code – DSA Tracker
Skills Required – React, React-Reveal, Bootstrap, Localbase

Online Code Editor

Online Code Editor
Online Code Editor

Do you wish to build something Online Compiler?

Online code editors feature all the common functionalities of complete IDEs, they run on browsers. Building an online code editor for you after building so many projects is the right step and will ace your skills to the next level, If done well this can be ideal for your next start-up as a free online interviewing platform.

Building an online code editor and compiler seems too complicated, but we can break it down into two pieces.

API running on the backend server, which will take a piece of code and language as input and output the answer after running the code on the server
Frontend code editor, we can choose the language and edit and modify the code here. Then we make a post request to the backend API and show output on the website.

Keeping it simple, in the front end part, you can add a simple dropdown menu for selecting the language of your choice. Whenever a language is selected, the corresponding event listener will be triggered.

Source Code – Code Editor
Skills Required – HTML, CSS, ReactJS, Hosting Services

Slack Clone


Slack is one of the widely used communication channels used by corporates for work-related communication. Making a slack clone is a great project for your resume and will surely catch the eye of the recruiters.

For the frontend and core functionalities, you can use React. Use Redux for effective state management and Firebase for real-time databases.

Source Code – Slack Clone
Skills Required – Advanced React, Redux, Firebase, Web Application Development, Website Hosting.


In this blog we have presented you with the 15 web development projects that you need to ace your development skills, they were presented in a structured format and with increasing levels of difficulty. The objective was to make you realize that nothing is difficult if you take the right approach and truly want to learn something.


Q1) What are 3 types of web developments?
Ans 1) There are 3 types of web development:

  • Front end web development
  • Back end web development
  • Full-stack web development

Q2) Few unique web development projects for students?
Ans 2) You can try making your portfolio website, In addition, projects that require API Calls are a great way of impressing the recruiters, so you can try out making clones of popular social media websites like Instagram, Linkedin.

Q3) Is Web development a dying career?
Ans 3) Web development is still regarded as one of the most promising and rewarding careers in terms of professional growth as well as freelancing.

Q4) Is web development in demand in 2023?
Ans 4) There is an increasing demand for skilled web developers in 2023

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