Artificial Intelligence Salary in India – For Freshers & Experienced

Artificial Intelligence Salary In India

Intelligence refers to the ability to think, collect information and apply the same under appropriate situations. On the same note, artificial intelligence refers to the ability of a computer or a robot to apply the same. Through technology and programming, software that can comprehend the intellect of humans is developed. Although different, machine learning, deep learning, big data, and artificial intelligence are used in place of each other. Artificial intelligence has led to robust automation in the tech world recently. Artificial Intelligence is important because it analyzes data on a deeper note, achieves outstanding accuracy, and, most importantly, adds life to a nonliving product.

Who are Artificial Intelligence Specialists? What do they do?

Artificial Intelligence Specialists are Computer Engineers who simulate the computer to make decisions based on past data and understanding of the parameters. . Artificial Intelligence Specialists work in bringing in diversity within a system. The important role of an AI Specialist is to add cognitive behaviours into machines through various test cases.


  • Create and develop AI models and explain to the world its uses or benefits.
  • Understand the requirements of the client or company through personal interactions, surveys, data collection, etc., and consider the fruitful ones.
  • Convert the machine code into an Application Program Interface(API) for the smooth running of the AI and consumption by application teams to display the data.
  • Try to automate any and every possible task which requires data processing and cognitive thinking.
  • Make a statistical analysis and convert the results into human language.
  • Manage and improve any pre-existing artificial intelligence models.
  • Understand the administrative capabilities and develop the models according to the standards of the company.

Roles in Artificial Intelligence:

  • Research Scientists: They design and undertake analysis of pieces of information and data.
  • Software Engineer: They develop software and manage databases.
  • Information/Security Engineers: They protect or safeguard the data of the organization from breaches.
  • Quality Assurance Analyst: They run test cases and keep the software foolproof.
  • Software Development Manager: They keep the work organized and help others overcome the blockages.

Skills Required to Become an AI Specialist:

  • A career in Artificial Intelligence requires an impeccable academic record, strong programming background, a good profile with projects reflecting interest areas, fluency in computer system management, analysis, mathematical expertise, communication skills, psychology, etc.
  • Programming Language: A programming language(s) is the foremost skill required for an AI specialist. It is essential as almost all the work happens with computers, and one has to constantly work on the models. The more well-versed one is in a programming language, the better will be the roles. One can pick either or all among C++, Python, Ruby, Java, etc., and master them.
  • Linear Algebra, Statistics, and Probability: Almost all the models built will work based on mathematics. One must be capable of handling different equations, analyzing them, and giving an appropriate result based on the inputs or situation.
  • Big Data: Working with a huge amount of data is a day-to-day task of an AI specialist. Knowing technologies like MongoDB, Apache Spark, Cassandra, etc., will help in managing them.
  • Problem-Solving: The amount of different blockages that an AI specialist might face is innumerable. Thus, one must be extremely well at solving problems on the go.
  • Communication Skills: After having built a working model, converting them to human language is equally important. Excellent oral and written skills are thus pivotal skills of an AI specialist.

Artificial Intelligence Salary in India

Artificial Intelligence Salary in India

For the past few years, Artificial Intelligence has been a hot topic, not only in India but all across the globe. With the advancement in the field of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence is taking big leaps. Institutions all across India are engaging in a stream dedicated to Artificial Intelligence.

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Based on Experience:

Artificial Intelligence roles vary with the applications required. An entry-level candidate can expect a package of 6,00,000 INR annually. Reputed companies like Google, Amazon, Flipkart, etc., might stretch the same to 12,00,000 INR based on the skillset as AI is an in-demand field and companies are ready to go steps ahead to hire specialists. With 2-4 years of experience, the salary might range from 7-20 Lakhs INR annually. A senior-level specialist with 5+ years of experience has a median salary ranging from 30-50 Lakhs INR annually, with the highest salary crossing one crore INR per year.

Artificial Intelligence Salary Based on Experience

Based on Location:

The tech hubs like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Chennai are known to have most of the Artificial Intelligence Specialists in the nation. These cities encourage and have the national headquarters of companies like Google, Amazon, etc.

  • The average salary of an AI specialist in Bengaluru is 8.80 LPA. It is the top city of preference for AI specialists in India.
average salary of an AI specialist in Bengaluru
  • The city of Chennai stands next on the list with a lump sum of 7.32 LPA.
average salary of an AI specialist in chennai
  • Mumbai offers a relatively lower average salary of 6.44 LPA.
average salary of an AI specialist in mumbai
  • Other cities across the nation provide enough opportunities, with an average of 5.5 LPA.

Based on Job Roles:

As discussed earlier, Artificial Intelligence has discrete roles among itself. Every role is different from another and comes with a varied salary package.

RoleAverage Salary(per annum)
Principal Data Scientist17,11,180
Computer Scientist16,24,615
Machine Learning Scientist9,50,000
Data Engineer8,35,755
Data Scientist6,99,928
Research Engineer6,52,230
Algorithm Engineer5,40,220
Data Analyst4,97,550
Computer Vision Engineer4,50,000

Top Companies Hire Artificial Intelligence Specialists in India

  • Google: Google is the dream company for all computer engineers. Over the years, Google has been producing multiple next-gen products and stands ahead in the race for Artificial Intelligence. They recruit most of the software engineers and machine learning scientists in India.
  • Apple: In tough competition to leading artificial intelligence companies is Apple. Ever since its emergence, Apple has been determined in producing leading-edge products in the stream of artificial intelligence. They recruit data scientists, machine learning scientists, and other related engineers.
  • Accenture: Accenture has been constantly working on providing quicker solutions to its clients. They have been recruiting AI specialists for the same.
  • Amazon: Amazon is another company that has top-notch technology and works in making the world a better place with AI. They recruit engineers for different roles.
  • IBM: International Business Machines(IBM) is on the list of companies that look for data scientists and artificial intelligence specialists to build models and provide solutions to their clients.
  • Microsoft: Through Azure, Microsoft leads its artificial intelligence team and has been building world-class Ai models. They look for computer vision engineers and data scientists.

Artificial Intelligence Salaries in Other Countries

As discussed already, Artificial Intelligence is making news all around the globe. Every country looks for skilled professionals who can bring in breakthrough technology.

CountryAverage Salary(per annum)
United States of America110K American Dollars
Canada 85K Canadian Dollars
United Kingdom 60K Great Britain Pounds
Germany85K Euros
Australia110K Australian Dollars
Singapore75K Singapore Dollar


Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing in the tech world. It requires immense knowledge and skills to be acquired. If you’re a person who loves to automate most of the tasks and spend time having fun at your work, then Artificial Intelligence is the right place to join.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1: Is Artificial Intelligence tough?

Ans: If you’re a person who’s interested in AI, then it wouldn’t be tough at all. However, it requires a lot of time to understand and develop the skill sets required.

Q.2: Is AI Engineering in demand?

Ans: Artificial Intelligence is in high demand as every company around the world is working on bringing new things into the tech world.

Q.3: Is AI a good Career?

Ans: Artificial Intelligence is certainly a very good career. It requires persistent efforts to learn and work under high pressure. If you’re ready to give everything to it, then it’d be the best career too.

Q.4: Do AI jobs pay well?

Ans: AI jobs pay well in comparison to other computer software-related jobs. It starts with good pay and increases in multiple folds with time and experience.

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