Top 24 IT Companies in Bangalore

IT Companies In Bangalore


Cities have been continuously evolving for centuries because of many reasons. In recent decades, in some cities, transformations can be observed owing to the information technology industries. Information Technology (IT) has paved its way into all spheres of society necessitating structural shifts similar to that of the 19th century’s industrial revolution. These have rendered large-scale economic transformations. Progress concomitantly is indeed remarkable, continuous, and unprecedented. The article throws light on the rapid growth of the IT industry in Bangalore. The city has been deemed a pacesetter in the world regarding IT and IT-enabled services and is considered a high-tech city and India’s IT capital. Cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Pune are evolving at a faster pace. This is mirrored by manifest changes in social, spatial, and economic spheres. These cities have welcomed this new technology to enhance their economy. The economic activity of this genre has caused the development of cities and is competing on a world scale. 

Bangalore is often deemed as the ‘Silicon Valley of India’ as many of the largest number of Information Technology (IT) firms in India thrive in Bangalore. The city has a long history of preferring science and technology and has several higher educational institutes, and top-notch research establishments like the Indian Institute of Science, Raman Research Institute, Indian Institute of Management, etc. Recently, Bangalore has been considered a national focal center of software development. Despite competition drawing in from other cities, Bangalore remains the number one IT destination. The city is often compared to the original Silicon Valley based in Santa Clara Valley in California, a major hotspot for IT companies in the United States.

This article strives to highlight the top IT companies in Bangalore and the reasons for Bangalore’s triumph in drawing in both foreign and domestic IT industries. Most of the IT firms demonstrated an evident reason for being situated in Bangalore. Talking about the sustainability of the Bangalore situation, when firms were asked if they still regarded Bangalore as an attractive city for the site of IT firms in India since they initiated their operations, the answers received were positive. It has been observed that more than 78% of the firms still considered the city as an attractive location for putting up IT business in India. The most noteworthy reasons to back that answer in order of significance are: more suitable data communication infrastructure and telecommunications than any other place in India, the best city for IT business in India, and more and more IT firms prefer Bangalore as a production base, all of which reveal Bangalore’s continued competitive position. 

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Software Companies in Bangalore

Bangalore is abode to big and small businesses, dozens of industries, and numerous who come from different parts of the country with different cultures. Bangalore is not just the IT capital of India but also accommodates aeronautics, biotechnology, automotive components, electronics machine tools, science research, space research, defence science research, and the silk industry.

In the highly competitive market, it is a difficult task to choose top software companies in Bengaluru that guarantee to deliver the most promising custom-based software. The IT industry has grasped a large part of the market with the growth in multiple software, enabling companies to work efficiently. It often becomes challenging to employ the best software partner. Therefore, we have made this possible by drafting a list of leading software players in the industry. But what is pushing the success stories of industries of Bangalore? The rapidly developing Bangalore has a few of the best companies to work for, with a distinctive workforce, unique company culture, and high employee engagement. Join Scaler’s Software Development and Data Science Machine Learning Course to gain the expertise that top companies demand and become part of the thriving tech scene. In turn, these benefits help employees feel valuable and valuable, which results in excellent work and employee happiness. 

Below are the 25 best companies to work for in Bangalore, which has been placed in the top 100 best places to work by Great Places to Work.

1. Google India Private Ltd.


Industry: Information Technology| Software

Google, a renowned global technology company that specializes in Internet-related products and services is primarily aimed at web-based search and display advertising tools, cloud computing, software, and hardware. Google assists customers worldwide. Google is the place where it all starts and ends with the people and is placed among the top echelons of cool workplaces. The Googlers have the privilege to enjoy several fun activities and employee benefits during their time at Google The management at Google feels that the relaxed mind can only deliver fun-filled innovation. Google acknowledges its employees for its creative story of success and thus the company organizes ‘bureaucracy buster’ day where employees can recommend changes to be a part of policymaking. Google also offers academic scholarships to future leaders in technology and supports employee resource groups like Women@Google. No doubt, why Google has retained its position the top spot in the list of best workplaces always.

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2. SAP Labs India Private Ltd

Industry: Information Technology| Services

This global brand, SAP Labs India Private Ltd is one of the best software companies in Bangalore and has garnered an impressive advancement in employee engagement and employee happiness. SAP offers business software applications and services to businesses of all sizes in more than 25 industries. With subsidiaries in more than 50 countries, the company employs more than 48,500 people in more than 50 countries. Currently, over 89,000 companies in over 120 countries make use of SAP software. SAP Labs has loads of endeavors to keep employees’ motivation high. SAP has more than 30 interest groups, each looking after specific fun activities to support employees pursue an interest of their choice. Are you familiar with the concept “Breakfast with Bosses”, where the employees get to enjoy the first day of the meal prepared by the senior management and with the managers? SAP employees have the privilege to enjoy this interactive experience daily.

3. Intuit Technology Services

Industry: Information Technology| Services

Intuit is a global technology platform that enables customers and communities to overcome their most significant financial challenges. The company allows over 100 million consumers, small businesses, and self-employed customers around the globe to thrive via products including Mint, Credit Karma, TurboTax, QuickBooks, and Mailchimp. Intuit is one of the best companies to work for in India as it facilitates a culture of motivation and appreciation among its employees. Committed to having a high employee engagement within its organization, Intuit has enabled a work culture that offers every employee an opportunity to evolve, discover and develop their personal and professional horizons with the help of an effortless transition between their roles at home and office. Other than regular awards and perks, Intuit management has embraced some of the employee-friendly techniques. The company lets women technologists return after a career break. To prepare leaders of future generations and to deliver a collaborative atmosphere that allows them to give their best each day.

4. Cisco Systems (India) Private Ltd

Industry: Information Technology| Services

Cisco is the world leader in networking for the Internet. Founded in 1984 by two computer scientists from Stanford University, Cisco offers an easier way to link different types of computer systems. Now, it is the networking foundation for various service providers, small to medium businesses, and enterprise customers including government agencies, corporations, utilities, and educational institutions. Cisco’s networking solutions keep people connected, allow people to access or transfer information anytime and anywhere Cisco believes that taking care of little things brings a world of differences in the lives of its employees, thus making it one of the best places to work. Cisco has designed a place where employees can enjoy the freedom to innovate and make a meaningful difference. Balancing the commitments and joys of life are personal to every individual. Cisco doesn’t believe in “one size fits all” and believes that work-life balance at Cisco is at the discretion of each employee.

5. Adobe Systems India Private Ltd.

Adobe Logo

Industry: Information Technology| Services

The global leader in digital marketing and digital media solutions, Adobe’s marketing, creative, and document solutions empower everyone. From rising artists to global brands, Adobe brings digital creations to life and offers immersive, exciting experiences to every person at the right moment for the best results. In a nutshell, Adobe is everywhere, and it is transforming the world via digital experiences. Adobe believes that if you want your organization to evolve as one of the titans of the industry, then the initial step is to make it one of the best companies to work for all of its employees. Adobe’s interesting work and its passion for the arts are some of the driving factors that motivate employees. With its employee-centric framework, Adobe has already adopted a culture of camaraderie, trust, respect, and pride among its employees.

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6. Infosys


Industry: Information Technology| Services

One of the greatest software development companies, Infosys with its comprehensive experience of nearly four decades has empowered global businesses to steer their digital transformation and remain on top of their game. The company assists enterprises accelerate time-to-market by lowering time spent across all steps of the software development lifecycle with the help of automation and licensed third-party tools. Using their global agile methodology, companies benefit from curtailed development lifecycles and faster project completion. The key services offered by Infosys are application development and maintenance, digital marketing, data analytics, and blockchain Infosys is dedicated to their employees and as they have adapted to the new norm in the world, Infosys has provided employee well-being interventions. 

7. Wipro


Industry: Information Technology| Services

A popular worldwide IT, counseling, and business process service association, Wipro was formed in the year 1945 and is headquartered in Bangalore. They adopt more up-to-date advancements, for instance, cognitive computing, mechanical technology, cloud, and Hyper-automation to support their customers. They deliver services like portability, infrastructure management, cloud services, BPO, product and engineering services, counseling, and software application management. Wipro believes in culture and how it is a shared set of values, beliefs, and practises?” Wipro’s culture is the foundation of its success and it is completely employee-oriented, touching lives and creating a difference for its stakeholders, customers, employees, and partners alike. The company swears by greatness, that excellence is not a goal but a journey of continuous improvement and they keenly encourage an open culture, facilitating feedback, and actively transforming it into action.

8. TCS 


Industry: Information Technology| Services

One of the most popular Indian Multinational IT services and consulting companies housed in Mumbai, Maharastra is Tata Consultancy Services Limited(TCS). This organization is impeccably led by Rajesh Gopinathan. 

It is the largest Indian company in terms of market capitalization and ranks among the top IT companies’ brands around the globe. TCS’ assertive outlook on climate change and award-winning work with communities around the world have gained a place in being the torchbearer of sustainability indices like the MSCI Global Sustainability Index and the FTSE4Good Emerging Index. Another significant aspect that draws the workforce towards TCS is the organization’s work environment. Often, people functioning in the software industry find it very difficult to retain a work-life balance. Nevertheless, 23% of people acknowledge that TCS allows them to balance their work along with their personal life. About 16% of employees voted for TCS for delivering a promising and healthy work environment. 

9. Accenture 


Industry: Information Technology| Services

Founded in the year 1989, Accenture is headquartered is in Bangalore. Being one of the top IT companies in Bangalore, Accenture offers different services like Consultancy, technology, framework, BPO, system integration, and infrastructure outsourcing. They are serving more than 505,000 individuals in over 120 nations. Accenture embraces the power of change to build value and shared success for its customers, people, shareholders, partners, and communities. Being one of the world’s biggest consulting and technology firms, Accenture is continuously on the lookout for decisive minds to help clients enhance their performance, which could imply redefining strategies and operating with new technologies, to increase market share and deliver better customer experiences. Accenture harnesses the latest innovations to empower the clients, preparing solutions that keep them ahead of the game.

10. Oracle


Industry: Information Technology| Services

Oracle is the biggest database software and technology company which is headquartered in Redwood Shores, California. The work done by Oracle is not only changing the world of business but assisting defend governments, and advancing scientific and medical research. Companies of all sizes, several people utilize Oracle’s tools to simplify supply chains, make HR more human, quickly shift to a new financial plan, and connect data and people across the world. Oracle’s differences are what makes them strong, they believe that various points of view are important for innovation. At Oracle, you’ll be a part of an inclusive culture where individuality prospers.

11. IBM


Industry: Information Technology| Services

International Business Machines Corporation(IBM) is the leading specialist in design, coding, consulting, etc. IBM is the leading cloud structure company, set up in the year 1911 and today it is having more than 350000 employees serving customers in over 170 nations. IBM offers different types of assistance like the IoT (internet of things), frameworks service, experience configuration, research, and cloud services. At IBM, they are committed to narrowing the gap between technology and people, giving people the opportunity to make accessible tech a reality for everyone. IBM’s systems power the world’s most crucial industries and its clients are the designers of the future. The greatest invention of IBM is their IBMer. IBM believes that with the help application of intelligence, reason, and science, business, society, and the human condition can be enhanced, bringing the power of an open hybrid cloud and AI strategy to life for their clients and partners across the globe.

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12. Cognizant


Industry: Information Technology| Services

Founded in the year 1994, an American MNC, Cognizant is to a great extent into tech and business counseling, application advancement, frameworks combination, IT foundation Services, and research.

The company has four branches in Bangalore and is deemed to be one of the IT leaders in India. Cognizant helps modernize technology, reimagine processes, and change experiences so they can stay ahead in the fast-changing world. Together, they are striving to improve everyday life. Cognizant believes in a culture in which your ideas and entrepreneurial spirit are valued. Just like employees, they take social responsibility seriously and attribute great significance to work-life balance.

13. Capgemini

Industry: Information Technology| Services

Founded in 1967, Capgemini is a worldwide pioneer in consulting, technology, designing services, advanced digital transformation, and operated in contribution administrations like business information management, artificial intelligence, custom solutions improvement, application management, counseling, outsourcing, and digital services. Capgemini is guided every day by its intent of unleashing human energy via technology for a sustainable and inclusive future. It is a reliable and diverse organization of 300,000 team members spread across 50 countries. Going beyond work, life at Capgemini is full of a dynamic and fun environment, one where people not only give their best in their field of expertise but also deliver meaning to their passion. Accenture provides prospects for you to thrive and excel in your career and beyond. Along with making an impact on technology, you also have the opportunity to unleash your full potential at every step of your career with Capgemini.

14. Mindtree

Industry: Information Technology| Services

Founded by ten IT experts in 1999, currently headed by Rostow Ravanan, Mindtree is an outsourcing company. It is headquartered is in Bangalore, India, and New Jersey, USA. Mindtree has a total of 20,204 employees and has 43 offices in 17 nations, having a gigantic presence in Bangalore. Mindtree uses its deep domain knowledge to more than 260 enterprise client engagements to break down silos, make sense of digital complexity, and usher in new initiatives to market faster. Mindtree enables IT to move at the speed of business, employing emerging technologies and the effectiveness of Continuous Delivery to stimulate business innovation. Functioning in 24 countries around the world, Mindtree is always regarded as one of the best places to work, manifested every day by the winning culture made up of over 27,000 collaborative, entrepreneurial, and dedicated “Mindtree Minds.”

15. Dell Technologies


Industry: Information Technology| Services

Dell Technologies, a unique family of businesses provide the necessary infrastructure for companies to create their digital future, change IT and save their most meaningful asset, information. Flexibility is a way of life at Dell, from team structure to the spaces people work, everything is to empower the team members on how they work best. Technology makes it feasible to work from almost anywhere and Dell Technologies’ Connected Workplace program lets eligible team members do just that, by selecting the work style that best suits their requirements on the job and in their personal lives. Dell’s journey towards a more relaxed work culture started in 2009 and it newly extended its Connected Workplace Program to all countries where Dell operates.

16. American Express India

American Express India

Industry: Information Technology| Financial Services

For generations, the key to Amex’s success has been the perseverance and stability of the American Express employees. Currently, as a globally integrated payments company, Amex functions together to offer clients access to products, insights, and world-class experiences that enhance lives and create business success. With more than 90% millennials of the total workforce, Amex has instilled a work culture of gratitude and fondness for each other among its employees. American Express is one of those organizations that have cultivated a corporate environment that is interactive and winning at the same time. 

17. Ujjivan Financial Services Private Ltd

Ujjivan Financial Services Private Ltd

Industry: Information Technology| Financial Services & Insurance

There were many microfinance institutions operational in rural India, but very few cater to India’s urban population. To narrow this gap, Ujjivan concentrated on the urban poor. This is a fast-growing segment that is moderately new to India’s microfinance industry. Headquartered in Bangalore, this micro-finance company’s primary target clients are women as research has shown that they are a more suitable population segment for microfinance. Ujjivan Financial Services Private Ltdconsiders that employee happiness and engagement are directly proportional to an increase in productivity, loyalty, and financial growth. In the endeavor of evolving as one of the biggest microfinance units with the most extensive geographical footprint, management at Ujjivan has always related its policies with its core belief of “employees first, customers second”. 

18. HCL


Industry: Information Technology| Services

HCL Technologies Ltd, a top global IT services company, enables global enterprises re-imagine and change their businesses with the help of Digital technology transformation. The company is mainly committed to providing a range of infrastructure services and software services business process outsourcing. The company uses a comprehensive offshore infrastructure and the company’s global network of offices in different countries and professionals to provide solutions across the best verticals like manufacturing, financial services, telecommunications, media, publishing, Life Sciences, Healthcare, etc. Work ambiance is another aspect that entices and retains employees. Nearly 17% of the candidates analyzed this factor to be one of the motivations to work for HCL. 

19. Amazon


Industry: Information Technology| Internet

The cloud computing giant and the biggest e-commerce company, Amazon was established in 1994 by Jeff Bezos. Amazon was founded on the notion of a virtuous cycle focused on the consumer. The notion remains a living and breathing part of Amazon. Amazon’s focus on efficiency describes why it is ranked among the first e-commerce companies. The extent and scale of Amazon’s mission compel them to seek various perspectives, be resourceful, and steer through ambiguity. Developing and delivering things that were never thought feasible isn’t simple, but Amazon adopts this challenge every day. By working together on behalf of their clients, they are designing the future of one unique product, service, and idea at a time. 

20. HP


Industry: Information Technology| Services

Hewlett-Packard Co. offers technologies, products, software, services, and solutions to individual customers, small and medium-sized enterprises, and large businesses, including consumers in the government, health, and education sectors. It runs through seven business segments: Printing, Enterprise Group, Personal Systems, HP Financial Services, Software, Enterprise Services, and Corporate Investments. The work of HP is significant and difficult owing to the fact that they have the drive to build a technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere.

21. Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra

Industry: Information Technology| Services

A customer-centric software development company, Tech Mahindra offers best-in-class technological solutions. The organization operates with highly qualified programmers and technicians who seek to design meaningful and sustainable ventures for clients. Tech Mahindra goes beyond conventional IT services by offering a comprehensive range of design-led services such as user experience design, cloud & infrastructure management, DevOps, and quality assurance. At Tech Mahindra, bringing forth positive change means creating a favorable, lasting, and sustainable difference in the lives of all employees, stakeholders.

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22. Mphasis


Industry: Information Technology| Services

A progressive software development agency, Mphasis offers a broad gamut of infrastructure technology, outsourcing services, and business consulting. Over the years, the company has eased the process and offers expert services that enable the customers to stay on top of their digital game. The markets operated by the company are insurance, manufacturing, retail, finance, logistics, healthcare, and transportation. Mphasis utilizes the power of the cloud and cognitive to create highly customized solutions for their clients and end-users.

23. Honeywell


Industry: Information Technology| Services

The 112-year-old company, Honeywell manufactures various consumer-facing products as well as equipment for the aerospace industry. Honeywell is considered among the top software companies in India, providing a myriad of consumer and commercial products. It has helped consumers belonging to various industry verticals, like aviation, chemicals, and defense and space. The company provides digital transformation services around multiple operating systems and a broad range of platforms. The software engineers and Programmers work with cutting-edge technology, including virtual reality, AI, sensing, and more.

24. Trigent Software Pvt Ltd

Trigent Software Pvt Ltd

Industry: Information Technology| Services

Trigent Software is a renowned expert in delivering end-to-end software development services. The company specializes in the latest technologies including Automation, AI, IoT, Cloud, and Big Data, has been invariably recognized for its leading solutions, excellent execution, and strategic insights. Trigent’s primary goal is to help all its clients to overcome the barriers of technology complexity and budget with the help of its unique offshore software development services.


IT companies are expanding every day and new companies are making their advent into the startup land of Bangalore. All the companies mentioned in the article are top IT companies in Bangalore. If you are a techie, then Bangalore is the right place for you.


Q.1: How many IT companies are there in Bangalore?

Answer: Bangalore brags of 67000 registered IT companies making it the largest IT hub of India.

Q.2: Which is the biggest software company in Bangalore?

Answer: The five biggest software companies in Bangalore are

  • Google.
  • SAP Labs India.
  • Amazon.
  • Intuit.
  • Infosys

Q.3: What is a good salary in Bangalore

Answer: Depending on whether you are a single professional or your salary has to be anywhere between Rs 50,000 and Rs 80,000 per month. Most of which depends on your consumption habits, lifestyle, and expenses

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