10 React Projects to Build (With Source Code)

React Projects


React is one of the most famous front-end JavaScript libraries. A Facebook software engineer named Jordan Walke invented ReactJS. It was first deployed on the Facebook newsfeed in 2011 and deployed on Instagram in 2012. It is mainly used by developers because react js projects help us to build or create large applications that are capable of changing data without reloading the page.

React is an open-source front-end JavaScript library maintained by a community of a group of developers and Meta. React is primarily used for building application UI.

  • It is mainly used for developing single-page applications and mobile applications. For making reusable UI components, react is very useful.
  • Rendering of the front end of web applications has become very simple, quick, and scalable. React has many features for which using React is very helpful for building the front-end
  • React uses a concept of virtual DOM, basically, the replication of the web application in the Virtual memory of the browser is facilitated by this algorithm. This virtual speeds up the whole process of app development and also enhances the flexibility of our application. Whenever there is a change or any modification in our application components, the UI is rendered again by the virtual DOM and it modifies the particular change of the components instead of refreshing the whole page.
  • One of the key features of React is that it uses JavaScript XML or JSX, JSX is mainly used for developing the building blocks of the front end, it is quite similar to HTML syntax.
  • We can also build mobile applications using React Native. Our React code is transformed by this feature to render it compatible with platforms like ios and Android. Access to the native features is also provided by this feature.
  • In the case of React, the data flow is unidirectional, which means if there is any change in the data of the component, that change will be reflected in the view and if there is any change in the view, that change will also be reflected in the component’s data.
  • The other feature is, component-based architecture is generally used by React. In React, the user interface is a combination of different components, where each component has a different logic. Without the DOM being impacted, using this component-based architecture the developers relay the data across the application.

There are many advantages to React Projects, such as :

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  • The creation of custom components is facilitated by React Projects.
  • The developer’s productivity is also boosted by the React Projects.
  • React provides a quick rendering feature.
  • Because of the quick rendering feature, the load time of a page is brought down drastically, hence we can say that the React Projects are also SEO friendly.
  • React has robust community support. There are many tutorials and videos available for React and React projects. These videos and tutorials are contributed by the React developers to help other developers. In this way, the community is growing day by day.
REACT Native

Top 10 React Projects

Now, let us go through some of the React Projects. We will discuss some important React projects and we will divide the section into three parts, beginner-level React projects, intermediate React-level projects, and advanced-level React projects.

Beginner-level React Projects

1. React Notes Application

Make a simple beginner-level application in React, where the users can write or create their notes, and they can save their written notes after clicking the save button and the notes will be visible within the note boxes in our UI. Users can also delete their notes by clicking a delete icon on the notes boxes. You can make a functionality such that the users can also search their notes by typing in the search box.

Source Code – Notes App

2. React Pokemon App using PokeAPI


Most of us have been huge fans of Pokemon since childhood. You can make a very simple and fun React project using PokeAPI. Here you can fetch the Pokemon details or their characteristics through this API and you can make a fun project using this. Make different cards for each Pokemon and on each card show their pictures, their names, etc. You can make a “read more” button on a Pokemon card, by clicking those buttons users will get to know more things about each Pokemon. To generate more and more Pokemons, create a button too much that on clicking that button, users will get to see more Pokemon cards.

Source Code – Pokemon App

3. React Weather Application

A weather application is a very good beginner-level react project. You can create this using a free API from OpenWeather. Create a weather application where the user needs to enter the state name and as a result, your application will show the temperature and the weather condition on the user interface. Though you can show other things too like date, month, year, etc. You are going to get all the weather details from the weather API, the API automatically updates with the weather condition.

Source Code – Weather App

4. React Cryptocurrency Application

Cryptocurrency is always popular among young stars. What if we make a React Project where the users can get daily price updates of the crypto coins. There are many free API available, using one of those API, you can get the crypto price details and everything in JSON. You can also implement a search bar where users can search coins by providing the coin names.

Source Code – Cryptocurrency App

5. React Password Generator

Password Generator
Password Generator

Whenever we need to create a password for any website or any kind of Mobile application, it becomes hectic for us to think about a strong password at that moment. So using react, you can create a password generator where you can create your strong passwords and can copy them to your clipboard. Users can select what to include in their passwords like small letters, capital letters, special characters, numbers, etc.

Source Code – Password Generator

Intermediate-level React Projects

We can build an intermediate-level React project by creating a photo gallery Application. In this application, users can view, search, and store their images. This project will also use NodeJs as its backend. We can add pagination to load more images on our user interface. We are also going to create a NodeJs server that will connect to React front-end through API.

This project is a good intermediate-level full-stack project using React and Node. This application will be a great example of connecting with the third-party API.

Source Code – Photo Gallery

7. React Chat Application

You can create your chat applications like WhatsApp clone using React and Socket.io. This is a very good intermediate-level React project. Here in this application, users can get access by creating a new id. Where another user can send a text to the former user by adding his /her id through new contact. Here in this application, we will have a NodeJS server, this server is for handling all the communications among the users.

Source Code – Chat Application

8. React Movie and Series Application

This is a very good example of an intermediate-level React Project. Here you can show all the trending Movies and Series.

Users can also select series and movies based on their preferred genre and they can also get the details about the specific series or movie. Create a section where the user can search for movies and series as well, users can search by the movie name or series name and they will get to see all the results related to that particular name.

Source Code – Movie Application

Advanced-level React Projects

9. Instagram Clone

Nowadays everyone is crazy about social media! So you can create your own social media application too. You can create an Instagram clone using MERN(MongoDB, Express, React, and Node) stack. This can be a very advanced level React project. Add all the functionalities like user logs in, user registration, add user authentification on user login, and user registration. Add functionalities for uploading posts with captions, for commenting on posts, for following other users, and many more. Store all the user details in your MongoDB database.

Source Code – Instagram Clone

10. E-Commerce Application

We all love shopping via online E-Commerce applications. You can also create your full-stack E-commerce application using MERN(MongoDB, Express, React, and Node) stack which can be considered as a great advanced level React Project. You can add all the functionalities like user registration and user login, users can search items by filtering out their preferences, they can add the items to their cart and they can buy it by providing an address and they can also pay online. Users can also give reviews and stars to the bought products. This project is going to add a huge value to your resume.

Source Code – E-Commerce Application


React is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries. Successful Companies like Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb, Discord, Skype, Bloomberg, etc are using React. So learning React will be a great advantage for all of us. Adding React projects to your resume will add great value and this will be helpful for your placements as well. Using React the developers can utilize the individual parts of the applications on the client side and server-side. React helps us to boost up the speed of the application development process. In companies, different developers code for different components. The user experience becomes way too better because of virtual DOM. In React we are also allowed to reuse components which saves us time. Stable code is provided by ReactJS because of its one-directional data flow.


Q.1: Is React well for small projects?

Ans. React is mainly helpful for large projects. For smaller projects like static sites, using react will not be an efficient option because it uses many functionalities which can quickly attribute to a lot of code and that takes a huge amount of space.

Q.2: Is React still used?

Ans. Yes. Many big tech giants are using React and making profits. Not only in the present but even React also has a great scope in the future too because of constant investment in building new features and a thriving community.

Q.3 Can you build anything with React?

Ans. Though React is a very impressive library, using only React, we can build front-end projects. It’s not possible to make a full-stack project with only React, for that we must include other frameworks.

Q.4: Is React for frontend or backend?

Ans. Well, React is a front-end JavaScript Library. It is mainly used for building front-end user interfaces. In React, the UI is made of different components and the UI updates with page reloading which is one of the key features of React.

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