14 Data Mining Projects With Source Code

Data Mining Projects


In today’s digital era, data has become the most important tool. All the computing processes right from the inception of collecting, tidying, analyzing, and finally interpreting it according to the business strategies is done on data. Every second, billions of data is generated to understand customers’ necessity for new offers, analysis of market risks and much more. With technological advancement, businesses and firms tend to follow data mining programs to develop all the future schemes.

What is Data Mining?

The process of extracting the most useful information from lots of data to quickly identify all the present trends and patterns for businesses and huge firms to understand customers and make out important decisions is called Data Mining. In simple terminology, data mining is a way to recognize hidden patterns from the extracted information of the data required for the business with the help of data wrangling techniques to categorize important data stored in proper data warehouses with the help of data mining algorithms to generate maximum revenue for a business. Data mining, also known as knowledge discovery of data (KDD), uses highly complex mathematical algorithms for segregating data to evaluate the probability of the future decisions for the company’s business.

If you are planning to build your career in data mining, regardless of the fact that you are a student or a professional data analyst, it is always beneficial to have some outstanding data mining project ideas on hand. Not only building projects on data mining will help in building a strong portfolio, but also it will enhance skills.  

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Undeniably, data mining is an amazing career option and for that, following are outstanding data mining project ideas for beginners, intermediate and advanced students along with source code for additional help.

Data Mining Projects for Beginners

Let’s look at some data mining project examples for beginners.

1. Housing Price Predictions

In this data mining project, a housing dataset is used which includes all the prices of the different houses. In this project, the dataset for prediction of price is added along with location, size of the house, and additional information required for it. Depending on the level of sophistication, you can follow a predictive model with simple techniques such as regressions or machine learning libraries. The application of this project is in the real estate companies. This project utilizes algorithms and techniques for price predictions of the houses based on different housing datasets. Either you can carry out linear regression with a data analytics tool such as Tableau or Excel, or you can choose a machine learning library along with programming language “R” or Python.

Source Code: Housing Price Predictions 

2. Smart Health Disease Prediction Using Naive Bayes

Nowadays, medical care is something that anyone might need immediately, but unavailable due to various reasons. The smart health disease prediction is an end user support system that allows users to get guidance immediately with the help of an online intelligent health system. The system holds complete information about symptoms and the diseases associated with it. The system analyzes diseases associated with the symptoms for the patient and advises them for X-ray, blood test or CT scan as requested by the system. Users can also directly get in touch with the specialist doctors for any ailment and share your reports. It is not just one time, rather a proper login detail is shared for future use. 

Source Code – Smart Health Disease Prediction

3. Online Fake Logo Detection System

Each year, thousands of brands lose a huge portion of the sales due to unauthorized knock off brands and their counterfeits. These counterfeit products are made up of inferior quality and hence damage the credibility of the brand. Moreover, consumers feel cheated with their hard-earned money while shelling it out for just a mere counterfeit. Online fake logo detection system will distinguish between original product and forgeries for the consumers. Along with helping users to fight against the forged products, it also helps brands to combat piracy.

4. Color Detection

Color Detection

There are around 16 million colors according to different RGB color values, but a human mind can only remember quite a few. It is common that after seeing the color, you are still not able to name the color. In this data mining project, you are going to build an amazing app which is going to help in recognizing color from any image. All you need is a labeled data of available colors and then the program runs to evaluate which color resembles most with the selected color value and helps in detecting colors easily. You can use the Python programming language in which Codebrainz Color Names dataset will be used for the project.

Source Code: Color Detection 

 5. Product and Price Comparing tool 

With the increase in popularity of e-commerce portals, shopping websites are magnifying to a great extent to enable online shoppers to purchase anything with just one click and get it delivered at your doorstep. To purchase an item, people tend to spend quite a lot of time in searching a product and comparing it with other websites by themselves. In this project, you can compare product and price of a product to buy cheap and best deal available. Also, it will track consumer demand and inform when the commodity price is lowest and notify consumers proactively. 

Source Code: Price Comparing tool

Data Mining Projects for Intermediate

Let’s look at some data mining project examples for intermediates.

6. Handwritten Digit Recognition

One of the best data mining projects is the Handwritten Digit recognition project among the data scientists and all the machine learning enthusiasts. In this project, machine learning algorithms are used to distinguish and classify images of the digits written by hand. With the help of computer vision AI model, machine learning techniques and Convolutional Neural Networks, this project can be created which will have a nice graphical user interface to write or draw on the canvas and for the output a model is good to predict the digit. Python and R, both are good languages for this project. Python’s Scikit-learn model using algorithms such as K-Nearest Neighbors and a Support Vector Classifier will be apt for the project.

Source Code: Handwritten Digit recognition 

7. Anime Recommendation System

Looking out for data mining projects with source code? The Anime Recommendation system is one of the best projects as it includes a data set containing information regarding user preference from 73,516 users on 12,294 anime. Every user in the database will be able to add anime to the list and share ratings compiling a data set with those ratings. Anime recommendation system project helps in creating a system that produces efficient data based on the user viewing history and sharing rating.

Source Code: Anime Recommendation System 

8. Mushroom Classification Project

In this data mining project, details of the samples related to the 23 species of gilled mushrooms from the Lepiota and Agaricus Family of Mushrooms available in the Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Mushrooms (1981). Each mushroom variety is categorized as edible, poisonous, unknown edibility or not recommended. So, in this project you will be able to distinguish mushrooms from the respective group although there is no rule “leaflets three, let it be” to define if it is edible or not.

Source Code:  Mushroom Classification

9. Evaluating and Analyzing Global Terrorism Data 

Global Terrorism

Terrorism has mushroomed due to its deep roots at certain locations of the world. With increase in its activities, it is important to stop its spread or analyze the global terrorism data to identify the terrorist activities. Internet plays a major role in spreading terrorism by way of videos and speeches among youth to join the terrorist organizations. This project will help in detecting, evaluating, and analyzing global terrorism data and flag them for human review. Data mining helps in scanning and mining from all the unorganized and unstructured pages or data available that promotes terrorism and flag them. 

Source Code:  Evaluating and Analyzing Global Terrorism Data 

Data Mining Projects for Advanced

Let’s look at some data mining project examples for advanced learners.

10. Image Caption Generator Project

In this interesting data mining project, image is an easy and memorable task for human beings, but for computers just a bunch of numbers for each pixel of color value. In this project, the most difficult task for the computer is to understand the image and then generate the description of it. If you are planning to go with Python programming language, Keras framework would be perfect with Flickr 8K data set.

Source Code – Image Caption Generator

11. Movie Recommendation System

Movie Recommendation

Top-Notch companies such as Amazon or Netflix use this system to recommend their customers with the movies in their database. To design this movie recommendation project, you can choose any one approach out of two. First option is a content-based filter in which the system finds some similarity around different projects in terms of features or attributes that could be actor, genre or director of the movie. Another option is collaborative filtering that compares tastes of two accounts and suggests based on the user ratings. This system helps companies to engage their customers to the respective platforms. You can use MovieLens dataset if opting to go with the R programming language.

Source Code:  Movie Recommendation System 

12. Breast Cancer Detection

Breast Cancer

Data mining projects hold a special place in medical contributions. In this project, breast cancer is detected using the Python programming language. In this IDC_regular dataset helps in detecting actual presence of the commonest form of breast cancer i.e., Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. In this form of cancer, it targets milk ducts invading the fibrous or fatty breast tissue outside the duct. If you want to build this project using Python language, you should use Keras library for classification and IDC_regular dataset.

Source Code: Breast Cancer Detection 

13. Solar Power generation forecaster

Solar Power generation forecaster

With the help of extracted data from two solar power plants over a period of 34- days, two pairs of files are available. Each pair includes one power generation dataset, and another is sensor reading dataset. In the power generation dataset, each inverter extracts information which has several lines of solar panels connected to it. An array of sensors optimally located at the plant collects the sensor data. In this project, you will be able to get answers of the amount of power generated in a month, any faulty performing equipment in the plant or panel cleaning/ maintenance update.

In this project, the dataset is evaluated based on a transparent open box (TOB) network for data mining and predictions. It provides accurate information from the hourly data record from power generation dataset and sensor reading dataset.

14. Prediction of Adult Income based on Census Data

The following project is the classification project to predict the income level of an individual that exceeds 50K based on the census data available at the repository. The dataset that is used in the projects are variables such as age, type of work, working hours, sex and many more. It helps in understanding the standard of living of the city, benefit of setting up the business or bank loan eligibility. Also, it helps in understanding the real estate preferences by average income of the people residing in the area. In this project, you will also be able to figure out the type of tourist places that people from other countries would like to travel.  

Source Code: Adult Census Income Level Prediction

Why Are Data Mining Projects So Important?

In this data-centric world, data mining projects hold great importance in everyday life. It provides us a reliable source of resolving tough problems and different issues in this challenging world. Some of the benefits are: –

  • With the help of new and legacy systems, data mining helps in making well-informed decisions.
  • It offers cost-effective solutions compared to other applications designed with other technologies.
  • It helps data scientists to deal with huge amounts of data and scrutinize the essential data out of it.
  • It makes businesses make profitable production and operational adjustments according to the demand.


To cut the long story short, data mining is the process of analyzing huge chunks of data to discover business intelligence which helps in solving problems, seizing new opportunities, and mitigating long term risks. The process of discovering useful patterns and relationships in large volumes of data helps in understanding a problem deeply and tactics to deal with it diligently. It is widely used in research, medical, business and security to turn large data into useful information. Get started from the above list of projects from beginner to advanced and sharpen your skills. These data mining projects with source code will help in learning new abilities.


How do you create a data mining project?

To create a data mining project, follow these steps

  • Understand business and project’s objective
  • Understand the problem deeply and collect data from proper sources.
  • Cluster the essential data to resolve the business problem.
  • Prepare the model using algorithms to ascertain data patterns.
  • Evaluate the data according to the business goal or to find a remedy for the problem.
  • Last, deploy the solution and get the results to make decisions.

What are the 3 types of data mining?

The 3 types of data mining are

  • Hypothesis testing
  • Directed data mining
  • Undirected data mining

What tools are used in data mining?

Top tools used in data mining are

  • Rapid Miner
  • Orange
  • Kaggle
  • Rattle
  • Oracle Data Mining
  • IBM SPSS Modeler
  • Knime
  • Python
  • Weka
  • Teradata

 What are different tasks associated with data mining?

The following activities are performed for data mining.

  • Classification
  • Clustering
  • Association Rule Discovery
  • Sequential Pattern Discovery
  • Regression
  • Deviation Detection


Data mining is a process of analyzing big data and creating business intelligence decisions. You can pick data mining projects to strengthen your skills and climb the success ladder. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced learner, this list will help you in proving your mettle.

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