Software Engineer / Developer Salary in India – For Freshers & Experienced

Software Engineer Salary in India


As we are moving in the world of digitalization, software engineers — the creative and technical brains who create and program everything from smartphones to spaceships — are more sought after than ever. This is already a well-paid job and in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, the fast spread of technology should increase software engineer’s salaries even more over the next several years.

So if you’re a skilled programmer and a problem solver, this might be the right path for you.

In this article, we’ll give you a detailed guide about the salary of a software engineer in India and other countries while covering the points mentioned below-

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Who is a Software Engineer/ Developer? What do they do?

The technology sector is quickly evolving, leading to ambiguity across many related titles. In reality, many titles are commonly used interchangeably in this domain and are rather distinct. This is also applicable to software engineers and software developers.

Software engineers generally use the concepts of software engineering in the design, development, maintenance, testing, and evaluation process of software. Regardless of the specific skill area, engineers are trained to understand and analyze an issue using their training, learning, and engineering principles. They deal systematically with all challenges and use the scientific method to identify different alternatives and solutions.

In addition to providing the code required for software development, software developers document features, evaluate concepts, and, in certain circumstances, design, dev testing, debug, and optimize the programs to ensure that it performs well in all aspects. Individuals in this role collaborate closely with other experts, such as graphic designers, product managers, customer representatives, senior managers, and many other decision-makers, during the creation of a product.

Though there are differences between a software engineer and a developer, in most cases the work they do and the various functions they perform often overlap and it becomes difficult to differentiate them both.

A software engineer is an essential person in the field of software design and development. The engineer is generally the individual who contributes to the development of how software functionalities established by a software design team will function.

The software engineer collaborates with designers to bring different program functionalities together as single software.

The engineer also works with programmers and coders to help map out numerous programming processes and smaller functions, which are subsequently integrated into bigger, working programs or new features for existing applications.

Software Engineer/ Developer Salary in India

According to InterviewBit, the average salary for a Software Engineer in India is ₹0.8M/year.

When it comes to the software industry in India, one thing is certain: the software development business is developing at a rapid rate and has witnessed significant progress since the 1990s. This progress has undoubtedly resulted in various career possibilities in the Indian industry, with Software Engineering ranking as the top position in India. The average software engineer salary in India is continuously increasing as the competition between different companies rises.

India has emerged as the world’s top software engineering consultancy hub, with a large number of trained and certified Software Engineers willing to take on several roles in this field.                                                                                                                   

average salary for software engineer in india

Software Engineer/ Developer Job Roles and Responsibilities

The domain of software engineering is diverse, with multiple job roles depending on the application’s complexity. As a result, different kinds of software engineers work in distinct engineering functions.

The following are some of the most common types of software engineer job roles:

Front-End Developer

A front-end engineer is a software engineer who specializes in the creation of user interfaces (UI). Front-end developers work on cross-browser compatibility and bug fixes to provide an outstanding visual presentation of the user interface.

As a result, they work with code that works on various consumer devices, browsers, and operating systems. Creating a responsive application falls under this category as well.

Back-End Developer

A back-end engineer is a software engineer who specializes in the application’s underlying logic and performance. They frequently design and execute the basic logic while keeping scalability in mind.

They accomplish this by interacting with data systems, caches, and email systems through the use of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Back-end engineers are also involved in the creation of different APIs.

Full-Stack Developer

A full-stack engineer is a software developer who can handle both front-end and back-end tasks. They have the necessary expertise to develop a fully working web application.

Quality Assurance Engineer

Engineers who work in quality assurance (QA) write, evaluate, test, and maintain the software. These engineers are in charge of ensuring that the development team creates consistently high-quality code.

They develop standards and procedures to guarantee that all code is efficient and functional.

Security Engineer

A security engineer is a software engineer who specializes in developing systems, techniques, and procedures to verify the security of a software system to exploit and resolve security issues. This category of developers frequently works as a “white-hat” ethical hacker, attempting to access systems to find loopholes.

There are also other types of software engineer roles specializing in specific technical tasks. Eventually, they all strive to provide a unified user experience for their program.

To become a software engineer/developer in India, you should have the following important skills-

Data Structures & Algorithms

Most organizations put a high priority on this expertise when evaluating problem-solving and coding abilities. You may become a good software engineer/developer if you understand how data can be structured and used to address real-world problems.

Programming Languages

To become a software engineer/developer, a person should be proficient in at least one of the programming languages listed below-

Source Control Softwares

Source control supports developers in the management and storage of their code. Today, the majority of organizations are seeking a developer that is skilled in version control systems such as Git and can work with other team members.


Understanding how to work with databases is an important skill set for developers. Software developers/engineers should be able to do all types of operations, such as creating, inserting, updating, and deleting records. Developing any type of business application or software requires an understanding of databases. As a fresher, you should be familiar with basic SQL queries.

Operating System and Networking

A software engineer/developer should have basic knowledge of operating systems and networking concepts. While working on any project, any issue regarding memory storage, or tool conflicting may arise, which can be solved with prior knowledge of OS concepts. Also, it is important for a software engineer to know how the application works on different server models.

Required Qualifications for Software Engineer

The basic required qualifications for Software Engineer are:

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Computer Science/IT or related field
  • Proficiency in any one of the programming languages- C++, Java, Python or any other, object-oriented design skills
  • Knowledge about data structures and algorithms
  • Analytical and reasoning skills

Software Engineer/ Developer Salary Deciding Factors

Some important factors that influence the salary of a Software Engineer are-


Software Engineer Salary Graph by Experience

The salary for a Software Engineer increases gradually as a person’s level of experience increases with time. The average salary structure for a software engineer based on years of experience and service or product based companies is given in the below table. 

Less than 1 year1.2M/year
1-4 years1.5M/year
5-9 years2.3M/year
10-19 years3.2M/year

Source – InterviewBit


The below table shows how the salary of a Software Engineer in India varies according to the job location.

LocationComparison by National Average
Bangalore18% ▲
Pune3% ▼
Chennai9% ▼
Hyderabad5% ▲
Mumbai8% ▼
Noida9% ▼
New Delhi10% ▲

Source: Payscale


Generally, product firms pay more than service-based firms. Service companies rely on clients to determine the total cost of a project and then release payments based on the funds available. This is not the case with a product-based firm. 

In general, product-based companies established in the United States pay the highest salaries to their Indian counterparts. In addition, in a product firm, you would be working closer to your core abilities, but in a service firm, you would be able to explore different skill sets.


Most organizations, particularly product firms, need strong technical capabilities in a software developer; programming languages such as Java, PHP, Python, Laravel, Ruby, C++, JavaScript, Node.js, and others are required.

For example, you may have mastered C during your graduation, but a person with Java or Python experience will be given priority over you since these technologies are in more demand in the market.

The salary for a Software Engineer / Developer is determined by a mix of all of the above-mentioned criteria For example, if you work on web technologies, you will have an advantage over those who are focusing on less popular topics.

Companies visit college campuses to recruit students, and in addition to computer science applicants, they choose communication, electronics, and electrical students who have an understanding of the programming languages C, C++, or Java and can develop simple programs. However, because they will not be familiar with other aspects of computers, few corporations will pay less than they would for a student with a CS background.

Top Companies Who Hire Software Engineers/Developers in India

As per Payscale, Tata Consultancy Services Limited, HCL Technologies Ltd., and Accenture are the top three companies hiring for the job role of Software Engineer in India. The highest reported salary is at Cisco Systems Inc, where the average compensation is ₹1,273,520/year. Other organizations that pay well for this position include Accenture and Accenture Technology Solutions, which pay about ₹5,02,372/annum and ₹4,66,577/annum, respectively. Capgemini offers the lowest salary, estimated to be about ₹340,472/year. Tech Mahindra Ltd. and HCL Technologies Ltd. pay at the lower end of the range as well, at ₹385,928/year and ₹398,686/year respectively. 

SAP, Google, Microsoft, Persistent Systems (India), Robert Bosch India are some other top companies hiring software engineers/developers in India.

Software Engineer/ Developer Salary in India: Based on Job Titles

The below table contains the most popular job titles and their corresponding average salary for a Software Engineer/Developer in India.

RoleAverage Salary (per year)
Senior Software Engineer₹9,55,727
Software Developer₹5,05,143
Sr. Software Engineer / Developer / Programmer₹9,08,907
Software Engineer / Developer / Programmer₹4,94,107
Web Developer₹3,10,587
Associate Software Engineer₹4,24,365
Lead Software Engineer₹15,14,039
Java Developer₹4,59,055


Software Engineer/ Developer Salary in Other Countries

The average salary for a software engineer in the US is $78,501/per year.

A software developer in the United Kingdom earns approximately £31,033 per year.

Source: Payscale

Career Options for Software Engineers

Many new and experienced programmers are unaware of the multiple employment prospects available in the software development field. Every day, new technology or something new is introduced to improve and simplify our lives.

There are several opportunities for pursuing a career in software development. Each position presents a unique task, and it is up to the candidate to decide what type of job he or she is willing to take.

Here are a few career options that a person can take if he or she is in the software development industry.

Mobile Engineer

Every day, a new application for our phones is released. These programs, such as voice recorders, music players, and so on, are created by mobile engineers or developers. Mobile developers collaborate closely with designers, and they give attention to every single pixel. They specialize in several platforms such as Android and iOS.

Cybersecurity Engineer

In recent times, when industry leaders have been exposed to and witnessed a wide range of data breach challenges and threats, other firms have taken a particular interest in making their goods and services resistant to such prospective attacks.

Game Developer

These programmers create the coding for the games we enjoy playing on various platforms. Most game developers specialize in certain gaming frameworks or game engines such as Unity, Unreal Engine, CryEngine, Corona SDK, SpritKit, and others. 

Diverse gaming frameworks enable you to design different games for various platforms. If you enjoy playing video games, sketching, or 3D graphics programming, and working with graphics or animation, this is the profession for you.

The true determinant of your income is the talents you possess, the mastery you have acquired over them, and how rapidly you grow and help the firm thrive. The income of a software developer is determined by a variety of factors, many of which are discussed in this article.

The salary of a software engineer/developer in India is among the highest in the country. Your worth is determined by your talents, experience, and the city in which you live.


1. What is the salary of a software engineer in India?

The average salary for a software engineer in India is INR 5,59,899 per year.

2. Which engineering has the highest salary?

Computer Engineering is the highest-paying engineering branch in today’s market, for both freshers as well as experienced candidates.

3. What is the salary of a CS engineer in India?

A CS engineer in India earns INR 5,89,581 per year on average.

4. Is it hard to become a software engineer?

It is determined by your background and ability. It demands a talent that some individuals are born with while others have to learn it. If you have it, you’ll find it quite easy to perform practically everything. You may go to a boot camp, acquire a college degree in computer science, or just learn on your own.

5. What is the average salary of a software engineer/developer in India?

A software engineer/developer in India earns an average of 0.8M/year.

6. Why are software developers paid so much?

The reason for this is pretty straightforward. Software engineers’ high salary is related to the fact that their services are in extremely high demand by practically everyone. Software developers appear to be a sought-after commodity in the Internet era.

Nowadays, it’s difficult to picture a world without millions of applications and software accessible to us or the internet’s variety of websites.

All of these products are made possible by software engineers.

7. What is the salary of a software engineer in the USA?

A software engineer in the USA earns  $78,501/per year on average.

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