Simplified end to end campus hiring

Source & Manage Campus Applicants

On Campus Hiring
Manage all on campus applicants at 
one place. Access to their performance on InterviewBit.
Off Campus Hiring
3-Step process to reach out to all relevant
InterviewBit users. Numerous filters to
 fine tweak the target audience.
Hiring Interns
Manage Intern applications from 
colleges. Reach out to InterviewBit users
 who are available for Internships.
Interviewbit Addons
> 1
Noise less sourcing
Get applications only from candidates who are an ideal fit for you.
Rich Profiles
Profiles with data around Internship,
GSOC, CGPA, DS/Algo Score. Filter 
applicants on these parameters
> 3
Manage Applicants
Manage all On, off campus and internship
 applicants at one place. Track interview
Test Applicants
Integrated with InterviewBit Tests,
you can roll out tests to all applicants 
that match your filters and track progress.