Source and hire top talent faster

Today, it’s hard to quickly build pipelines

You are not alone. Almost everyone struggles to hire good experienced talent.


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Strong Sourcing Solution

Mix of inbound outbound sourcing which helps you create a pipeline of relevant people faster

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Accurate Filtering Mechanism

Helps you assess and rate people in pipeline by reducing the noise of below par candidates


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Start hiring with ease
Inbound Applications
Use the strong community on InterviewBit to drive inbound applications of pre-filtered candidates. Only matching candidates can apply.
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  • Resume Strength
  • Extensive information about 400k+ software engineers.
  • Problem Solving Ability
  • Skills Mapping
  • Architechtural Design
  • Reach active or exploring candidate first
Automated Outbound Campaigns
with smart content to relevant people
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  • Reach out to candidates with personalized content created using Machine Learning.
  • Automated follow up emails as well integrated into the product incase of no replies.
  • Ability to intelligently filter existing candidates in your ATS and engage them
End to End Solution
Very customizable inbuilt assessments to help effectively filter strong candidates for interviews.
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  • Very customizable inbuilt assessments to help effectively filter strong candidates for interviews.
  • Remote interviewing tools make taking interviews a breeze.
  • Integrated mini-ATS to manage pipeline and feedbacks.

How it works

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Source or Import candidates
Source fom a pool of 400,000+ candidates. Easily Import / Export candidates to/from your preferred ATS.
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Follow up through personalised email campaigns
Bulk reachout with smart and personalized content to candidates to ensure higher conversion percentage.
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Track Feedbacks, stages & roll out offers
Track feedbacks, stages and roll out offers from within the lateral hiring tool
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One time setup effort and then little to no intervention to build the pipeline.
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Reducing Cost
Easy on the pocket - One time subscription fee (renewed annually)
Transform your hiring process
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