Expectations from the site and the student :
We expect people to know basic programming in one of C / C++ / Java / Python. People should have a good understanding of loops and if - else constructs. They should understand about the scope of variables and size of each data type.
For a regular user ( devoting 2-3 hours everyday or achieving 200 points per day in a smaller timeframe ), the course is designed to take 3 months. As you increase / decrease your intensity, the time will decrease / increase. Do note that we highly recommend maintaining a streak, as learning becomes much faster if you are consistently practicing everyday.
Based on the pattern we have seen in most technical interviews, same set of questions tend to get repeated. We have covered most of the questions here on the site itself. So, you should be VERY comfortable with a tech interview after completing the course. We found that a lot of candidates who knew about the approach to solving a problem failed because of bad implementation skills. That's one of the reasons, we make it a point for you to write code and practice, so that over time, you write bug-free code in one go.
  • You will become awesome at programming and algorithms.
  • You will easily crush a typical tech interview.
  • Depending on your preferences, we will refer you to tier 1 companies for software engineering positions.
Site Nitty Gritty :
You set daily goals based on the time you can devote each day ( More details given above ). We calculate streak as the continuous number of days when you hit your daily goal. If you do not meet you goal for a day, your streak is reduced to half.
We are using Ace editor as the code editor. The editor depends on using a monospace font. So, if you have set a custom font for your browser, we request you to kindly disable it for this site.
This is known to occur if you have AdBlock installed. AdBlock blocks 3rd party images (Facebook images in this case).
We recommend opening up the hints if you don’t know how to solve the problem within 15-20 minutes. That's exactly what happens in an interview. If you are still stuck after seeing the hints, feel free to use the seek-help feature provided on the top-right of your code-editor.
If you are stuck at a problem even after seeing the hints, you can use the seek-help feature to receive help from others who have successfully solved that problem.
Each help request will cost you ten coins. If you are not happy with the help response form the helper, you can reopen your help request to be answered by someone else. No extra coins are charged for reopening the help request.

Additionally, each user has a help request board that you can access from the dropdown menu at the top-right corner of any page. This board shows all the open help requests by others for all the problems that you have successfully solved. You can claim the help request by clicking the help button. Once a help request is claimed, it is locked and hidden for everyone except the help seeker and the help claimer. As a help claimer, you are supposed to submit your help response within 30 minutes. You'll be granted ten coins on every successful help response that you submit.
Note that if you do not respond to the help request that you claimed within 30 minutes, or do not unclaim it either, you'll incur a penalty of five coins.

The coins in your treasury can be redeemed later in exchange for some exciting gifts/goodies/privileges.
We strongly believe that debugging is a critical and essential skill, that only comes with practice and experience. If you can't debug you're pretty much not a programmer at all, let alone a good one. Be generous, and help yourself by helping others in need.
Even basic topics like “Array” have very challenging problems (Problems with higher scores are more difficult). That being said, we have checkpoint problems, solving which, you can jump to your desired topics.
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