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What to expect at Flipkart Interview?

Flipkart's Interview Process

  1. 1 Online Coding Interview/ Telephonic Interview Candidates are usually asked to solve 3 questions within a time duration of 60mins. Problems usually featured are based on recursion, strings, trees and graphs.
  2. Technical Interviews mostly starts off with Data Structure and Algorithmic problems. There would be a machine coding round where a problem is given and you are expected to come up a complete working code with error handling within approx 90mins followed by a discussion on approach of question in Machine coding Round.
  3. Onsite Interview: questions pertaining to data structures and algorithms, design questions and culturally fit questions are usually covered.
  4. Manager Round this round usually covers problems of DS and algos specifically from trees, graphs and linked lists. You would also be asked questions about projects worked on and technologies used in them.
  5. HR Interview features questions about one's self, strength and weakness, discussion about your role in the company.

Where to Prepare

  1. Coding rounds: Material in the programming section of InterviewBit is pretty comprehensive. For your reference, the section below has some of the questions which are frequently asked in Flipkart's Interview. Make sure to try and solve most of them.
  2. Design rounds: InterviewBit System Design prep has you covered here. Make sure to go through some frequently asked interview problems listed on the page.
  3. Cultural fit rounds: In most cases, this should not be an issue. However, go through Cultural Fit Interview Guidelines to make sure you don't make common mistakes.

Solve Interview Questions asked at Flipkart

Gas Station
Given two integer arrays A and B of size N. There are N gas stations along a circular route, where the amount of gas at station i is A[i]. You have a ...
Distribute Candy
There are N children standing in a line. Each child is assigned a rating value. You are giving candies to these children subjected to the following re...
Merge K Sorted Lists
Merge k sorted linked lists and return it as one sorted list. Example : 1 -> 10 -> 20 4 -> 11 -> 13 3 -> 8 -> 9 will result in ...
Design Twitter
Q: What are some of the Twitter features we should support? A: Let's assume that we are looking at posting tweets, following people and favoriting twee...
First non-repeating character in a stream of characters
Problem DescriptionGiven a string A denoting a stream of lowercase alphabets. You have to make new string B. B is formed such that we have to find firs...
Meeting rooms
Problem DescriptionGiven an 2D integer array A of size N x 2 denoting time intervals of different meetings. Where: A[i][0] = start time of the ith meet...
Pair With Given Difference
Problem DescriptionGiven an one-dimensional unsorted array A containing N integers. You are also given an integer B, find if there exists a pair of ele...
Pair With Given Difference
K Largest Elements
Problem DescriptionGiven an 1D integer array A of size N you have to find and return the B largest elements of the array A. NOTE: Return the largest B...
K Largest Elements

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