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Scaler Academy Review

Atishey Jain: Review of Scaler Academy

There is no better feeling than contributing in someone's success. A big congratulations to our Scaler "Atishey Jain" on cracking his dream offer at Amazon.

The Scaler reciprocates his journey in his own language quoting:

"I have always loved computers since childhood and since 6th grade I knew I wanted to become a Software Engineer(though that time i only knew that it has something to do with computers). Since everyone in my family are from commerce background i was asked to take up the same. But I made the decision to take up science so that i could pursue engineering. Today, I am Programmer Analyst at Amazon.

I used to seek guidance from my seniors about programming. I studied HTML on the 10th, I got an assignment to create a website in HTML. I designed a complete website and it was my best accomplishment that time. Later, for high school studies and JEE preparation, I went to Bokaro. During JEE preparations I realised that hard work has no substitute. I studied hard and secured 95.4% in my 12th board exams. I also cleared JEE Mains that year but couldn’t get CS in a good NIT so I dropped my idea of joining via JEE and chose a reputed college in Bangalore to continue my passion of coding.

In the first year of college, I got to know about competitive programming but didn't realise its importance back then. Since i had very short semester break i didn't get enough time to do an internship and consequently i didn't realise what product based companies expected from fresh college grads. It was only when Microsoft came to our college for placements i realised the importance of competitive programming and since then started practising religiously on Interviewbit and other platforms.

I kept practicing harder, improving my competitive programming skills via InterviewBit.One day I received this mail that introduced me to the Scaler Academy program. I decided to apply for the batch that time but my college exams clashed with the entrance test so I couldn’t clear. I prepared hard and applied again. I got selected for the May 2019 batch. It enhanced my confidence in coding.

I faced rejection from a lot of companies during my last year at college. I finally got an offer from a startup which I accepted. What I found out from my rejections was that if I could get through with the referrals and have good projects on my resume, I would be able to secure a job at top companies. Scaler Academy helped me out a lot on that front.

I started my startup job in July when I was still in the Scaler Academy program. I got several referrals from Scaler Academy. I couldn’t clear a few interviews from the referrals as my preparation wasn’t on point. I got referred to Amazon but due to certain health issues I stepped back from interviewing for it. My motivation dropped significantly.

My mentor was from Amazon, he helped me with the mock interviews. He guided me throughout my program, helped me during my low phase, shared his experiences with me which motivated me a lot. The best part was that 70% of the questions being asked in the interviews were already taught to us during the program. I appeared again for the Amazon interview and my hard work finally paid off.

Scaler Academy program helped me a lot with my overall enhancement of competitive coding skills. I finally secured a job at Amazon with a 4x salary hike. I can’t be more grateful to Scaler Academy for helping me get a head start towards my dream career."

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