InterviewBit Academy is now Scaler!
InterviewBit Academy is now Scaler Academy!
800+ Offers from Top Tech Companies in Two Months
What's in it for you
Customized Plan

We offer tailored action plan based on your current preparation and goals.

Interview Coverage

Solve almost all coding interview problems with community mentors and other aspirants.

Get Referred

Referrals to top tech companies with access to free mentorship and recent interview experiences.

Select the Best

Expert advice on offer evaluation and the choice of right company for you.

Offers from

Israel Tsadok
Sergey Kharagorgiev

InterviewBit Academy is now Scaler

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Highly Qualified Industry Expert

Get mentored by a highly qualified industry expert. Our mentors come from

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Guaranteed Referrals

Guaranteed referrals with top tech companies. Get referred to

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No upfront payment a27f9b98fae40f252561b5644618acfeb6c9eeaf72cfdc66ef31833d36b45093.svg

No Upfront Payment

No upfront payment. Pay us once you get a job a payment plan of your choice

Explore Jobs

Know How

Global Opportunity

Get referred to the best opportunities across the globe. We find the relevant profiles and the best of companies.

Coding Interview Experience

Get recent interview experiences before your interview along with free mentorship for interview preparations.


It's absolutely free.

Master Coding Interviews

Solve Interview Questions

We show you the way

We organize a plan for you to get there with topics and interview problems in the right order of difficulty.

Smooth Sailing

With carefully designed hints, access to failing inputs and community help in debugging your code.

Reach your destination

Interviewing for Amazon? Worry not. Practice on the questions previously asked in Amazon.